Large Family Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Large Family Certificate It is a creditable document for multi-member households. In this sense, a family that possesses this certificate can enjoy various economic and social benefits. If you have a big familyDo not wait more! streamline your certificate.

In Spain, in accordance with Law 38/2015 for administrative procedures, you can go to the town hall or the nearest family care office and request information about this accreditation. In addition, you can not only get it personally but also in digital form for your convenience

!Keep reading, this will interest you!

Requirements for the Large Family Certificate

According to Spanish legal regulations on social matters, any head of the family or member of the same legally empowered can do the application procedures for this type of certificate. If you live near a registry office or postal activities in your town hall or province, go and know the requirements for this document.

However, here we are going to save you time so that you can learn about these provisions on large families. Pay attention to the information in this article, so that you can comfortably collect your requirements:

  • Make a family committee so that you agree on the conditions, characteristics and particular needs in your family.
  • Consign the original and copy of the certificate application form duly signed by the head of the family or the delegated relative.
  • This form can be obtained at the Family Support Office of your town hall, community or province or via digital means.
  • Registration form issued by the census and social affairs authority.
  • Photocopy of identification cards of all family members, except in the case of children under 14 years of age.
  • If there are family members who are foreigners, present the corresponding identification document or valid passport.

  • Marriage certificate, family book, birth certificates.
  • If the nuptials took place outside of Spain, the legalization must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Relations at the Spanish diplomatic office of the country where the act was held.
  • If applicable, present proof of disability, letters of studies if there are students over 21 years of age, registration payment receipts, divorce letter, liquidation or tax declaration, death certificate, etc.

In any case, each Receiving Office of these collections reserves the right to request a particular document, according to the special conditions of each family nucleus.

Steps to Obtain the Large Family Certificate

If you are interested in obtaining the Large Family CertificateYou should look for the Family Attention Office in your Autonomous Community, Province or City Council. In addition, you must bear in mind that each region of Spain has its own issuance scheme for this document.

However, the general procedure to obtain this certificate is as follows:

  • Address personally as head of family or family member delegated to the Family Attention Office in the autonomous community, province or town hall.
  • Request information on the process of issuing the Large Family Certificate.
  • Request the form to request accreditation, fill it out and sign it.
  • Compile in a folder all the precautions indicated above, duly ordered.
  • Choose the modality that best suits you: prior appointment, attend in person or by electronic certificate.
  • If you choose the electronic certificate, you must access the official link from the competent office.

Remember that the term to validate the certificate depends on the evaluation criteria in the social affairs office of your region. Consequently, the assessment of the case is made based on the characteristics of each family nucleus. Therefore, the time to approve the document is on average about 180 days.

When is a Family Considered Large?

Next, according to the legal order 40/2003 and its regulations, large families have specific characteristics. In this regard, this type of family group must be made up of the parents or, failing that, the duly authorized mentor or guardian and a number of no less than 3 children, common or not.

Likewise, according to Spanish law, there are cases where a large family is considered when the parents have only two children, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • That one of the ascendants has a level of disability from a range of 65% or, failing that, there is a degree of disability of 33% for both parents.
  • When the children present a 33% disability that does not allow them to study or work.
  • In case one of the parents has died.
  • If there are two siblings in orphan conditions, who are under guardianship or living with other relatives.
  • That there are three or more siblings who are orphans and are of legal age.
  • In the event that there are two siblings under the same roof, but one of them has a disability situation and is financially dependent on the other sibling.
  • Also, when the family is made up of more than 3 children of separated ancestors, who live in different family groups and who depend on their parents economically, according to a court ruling.

What is the Large Family Certificate for?

On the other hand, if you have your Certificate of Large Family, you can receive a number of benefits. if you do not know these benefits, don’t you worry, keep reading, below we are going to point it out:

  • Obtaining the identity card or passport at no cost. This benefit is valid if the document is taken out for the first time or in case of replacement due to expiration.
  • Tax deductions. This means meeting the provisions of the 2015 amending regulations on large families.
  • Therefore, discounts of more than 1,000 euros are generated for large families in general and of more than 2,200 euros for large families of a special type.
  • Other tax deductions of more than 1,100 euros, in the cases of families with children with disabilities.
  • Also, in families with only one parent and two children, whenever it is evident that there is no financial or food support from the other ascendant.

  • Access to increases for economic benefits of social security, if the parents have minor children.
  • Discounts on basic services such as electricity, gas, water, depending on the criteria of the autonomous regions.
  • Aid with study grants, support for enrollment tuition reductions, discounts on book purchases.
  • Discounts in the payment of university tuition if applicable.
  • Subsidy for public transport and school canteens.
  • Special attention when evaluating the scales to enter public schools.
  • Preferences for housing rental or to access financing for protected housing solutions.
  • Enjoy help to expand the spaces of the homes, as long as they are protected and also a member of the family with disabilities is evidenced.
  • Discounts on car registration taxes adjusted to large families.
  • Discounts on land, sea and air tickets. They can also take advantage of discounts of up to 50% in recreational and sports activities.

Large Family Card

In another vein, when you request the Large Family Certificate Either by prior appointment, attending the family support offices of the autonomous communities or entering their official link, normally you simultaneously obtain the card of this condition.

The Large Family Card is issued to parents and children who have an identification card. Consequently, with this instrument you can access various benefits such as discounts on recreational activities, sports, transportation, education, among others.

If you need to request this card, the safest thing is that they will give it to you together with your Large Family Certificate. Therefore, you must follow a series of steps well concrete:

  • Find a PC or smartphone with a good internet connection.
  • Access your trusted browser such as Google, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
  • Enter the services of the autonomous community.
  • Look for the option «individual card» and enter «request»
  • Follow the procedure indicated by the system, accompanied by the identification document of the family members of legal age and the card application form.

App for Large Families

In addition, with the advantages of digital technology, you can already have an App application to keep track of both the Certificate Large Family in electronic format such as the individual card or card. In this way, with your smartphone you can use a digital card that acts as a card.

This way you will not only be able to access discounts and benefits such as those indicated above. Also, you will receive notifications from the Family Attention Office of the autonomous communities, news, information about certificate renewals, accreditation download, etc.

If you are interested in completing the application process, you just have to download the application, with the following information:

  • Identification card of the head of the family or delegated family member.
  • Large family electronic certificate number.
  • Expiration date of the document.

What is the Certificate of Large Family?

In Spain, Large Family Certificate it is a very important accreditation. In these cases, the family support offices in town halls, provinces and autonomous communities use this document to justify the status of a large family.

Therefore, the government body issues both the certificate and a card or card so that large families receive benefits at an economic, tax, social, recreational, and sports level, among others. In any case, if you require the certificate, you can obtain it like this:

  • Personally in the family care centers.
  • Making a previous appointment.
  • Accessing the digital link of the competent body in the region where you live.

Finally, this article can help you whenever you need to know the precautions, the procedure and the usefulness of the Certificate of Large family. Remember that at present and for reasons of the health emergency, the most advisable thing is to use the prior appointment modality on the digital platform of the large families section of the autonomous community or province.

A large family that is certified is a social commitment of Spain!


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