Legal Person Certificate: Documents, What It Is For and MORE

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The Legal Person Certificate It is an accreditation granted by the Royal Mint in Spain to those companies that carry out public or private negotiations through a legal representative. In this regard, with this certificate, the company acts through a front man for its operations.

On the other hand, in Spain, having this type of certification allows the favored company to establish limits of action for its legal representative. For this reason, usually, the custodian of business interests does not have unlimited powers, but rather conditional on certain activities.

Necessary Documents for the Legal Person Certificate

Based on the above, if you have a track record as a representative of corporate interests, you will most likely need your Certificate of Legal person. Therefore, continue reading this article so that you know the precautions required by the Spanish Government in these cases:

  • Identification card of the interested party (who will act as custodian of the company)
  • Identification number of the interested party
  • Present the international identity card or passport of the representative
  • Accreditation of the commercial register of the company to be certified with an issue date no greater than ten days before the procedure.
  • If the organization is not subject to registration in the Mercantile Registry, it must consign the accreditation of its formation in the Public Registry, with a date of issuance no greater than ten days before the procedure.
  • Any other type of civil or legal association, present the constitutive document before a public registry.
  • If the interested party is the administrator or legal custodian of the company, they must provide evidence of their appointment and position, according to the appointment document duly registered by the organization and issued no more than ten days before the procedure.

In the case of being a voluntary custody, a power of attorney must be presented that empowers the representative of the company to manage said certificate digitally in order to limit the powers of the representative to use his electronic signature in certain operations of the company.

Limitations with the Legal Person Certificate

In attention to the above, remember that the company must always consider the legality and security of the processes. Thats why he Legal Person Certificate You can limit the action capabilities of your representative for certain public or private events.

According to the above, the limitations indicated in the Legal Person Certificate They are carried out at the convenience of the company itself, according to its requirements and number of procedures. Therefore, the attorney-in-fact or representative must adhere to that scope in their functions.

In this sense, this accreditation will allow you to act as a representative or front man of the company for specific acts such as:

  • Tenders for business conference with the Spanish State
  • Business alliances
  • Private acts
  • Negotiation tables
  • Tax management
  • Contract public works
  • Process proceedings in tax matters
  • Reduce paperwork in various administrative procedures at the public or private level
  • Among other activities

How is the identity of the applicant verified?

The Spanish State, through its Mint and Stamp, requires for this type of requirement the assistance in person of the legal representative. However, there are two situations where the exception to the rule is allowed:

  • In those cases where the signature of the attorney-in-fact or figurehead is reflected in a duly verified notarial document.
  • There is a management history, where the interested party has previously attended the body that issues the Legal Person Certificate and their respective identity has been verified.

In any case, in order for you to do things as closely as possible to Spanish law and to demonstrate the agreement of the legal representative, you must consign to the Royal Mint:

  • All information related to the creation of the company or institution, public or private
  • The scope of the powers of the front man with the organization.

According to the foregoing, the evaluators of both the constitution of the company and the legal representation have the power to verify the information. Therefore, they will be able to review the files of the Public Registry, the notaries and the offices of the Mercantile Registry.

Always remember that the Royal Mint seeks to protect the legal security of this process. Therefore, the regulations on this matter must establish the steps for reviewing the documentation that clearly shows the legal representation of an organization in Spain.

Who can request the Legal Person Certificate?

In accordance with the aforementioned, the law in Spain is very clear when it comes to indicating to the subjects that they can process the Legal Person Certificate. As indicated, what is sought is to strengthen the legal security of this type of act. In this regard, these subjects are:

  • The legal representative of the corporation. In these cases, they are advisers with a track record and trust within the organization.
  • The person who has the position of Administrator of the assets of the company.
  • The figurehead of the institution, who with a power of attorney can act as a representative of the interests of the company for certain competences including the request for the certificate.

On the other hand, if you still don’t know which organizations may require this type of certificate!calm! In the following lines we are going to list them for your proper guidance:

  • Anonymous companies
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Cooperatives
  • Limited organizations
  • Collective type companies
  • Foundations
  • Political organizations
  • Trade unions
  • Civil associations
  • Sports guilds
  • Clubs
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Foreign companies
  • Cult organizations
  • State companies
  • Councils
  • Agrarian collectives and many others

What is it for?

Next, the companies that request the Legal Person CertificateThey are clear that they delegate limited powers to their legal representative. In this regard, the actions of the attorney-in-fact are limited to certain functions related to the economic, social or legal activity of the corporation.

According to the above, if you are a proxy for a company, the certificate allows the company or organization to empower you for acts such as:

  • Procedures with the Spanish tax authority.
  • Procedures related to commercial invoicing.
  • Signing of contracts with public or private companies.
  • Process other certificates, permits, solvencies, among other procedures with public bodies.
  • Hold meetings, work tables, strategic alliances, aimed at strengthening the economic activity of the company.
  • Complete the simplification of bureaucratic procedures before the Spanish State.
  • Minimize physical collections that generate delays and excess printed stationery.
  • Comply with the legal regulations established in the instructions to obtain certain accreditations.

Given the above, if you need to carry out the process of processing this type of certificate, it is now easier. For this reason, the Government of Spain offers you its virtual office in the official link.

In this way, you access the Royal Mint system and search for «Legal Person» and request the certificate. Then, you enter your tax identification number and an email address. Subsequently, follow the instructions indicated on the platform and you’re done.

On the other hand, today this type of certificate has an approximate cost of 15 Euros and its validity can be up to 24 months. Therefore, at the end of this period, you will have to process a new Legal Person Certificate.

An advantage offered by the platform of the Royal Mint is the possibility of being able to download the document on your computer or smart cell phone. So, you can save a file with the certificate in a personal reference folder and send it to print as many times as you need.

What is the Legal Person Certificate?

According to the above, it is possible that you tend to confuse the Legal Person Certificate with the Natural Person Certificate. If so, stay with usWe are going to tell you the difference, which is mostly at the level of form.

According to what we have been explaining to you, the Legal Person Certificate, It is a document issued by the Royal Mint to certify the action of an organization in general before certain acts through a legal representative.

However, in the case of the Natural Person Certificate, the accreditation is made in favor of a natural person who has the competence to represent a company in certain public or private acts. For this reason, the distinction marks the ownership of the document.

In general, the corporation when requesting the Legal Person Certificate does not grant full powers of representation in a custodian of their interests. For that, the same certificate indicates the limits or the scope of the accreditation, thus the legal representative acts only for certain institutional matters.

In short, Spanish Law seeks to preserve the legal security of these acts of representation. In this way, rules are enacted so that companies do not have greater risk and harm their interests or assets, whether public or private.

Finally, if you are going to assume the role of Administrator or Legal Representative of an entity, do not stop reading the content of this article. Here we have explained the precautions to deliver to request the certificate, the people that the Law allows to manage the accreditation and the importance of this document.

With the Legal Person Certificate, security is guaranteed in Spain to companies and their interests


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