Legal requirements to Create a Virtual Store in Colombia: Step by Step and MORE

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To start the sale of products / services it is necessary to have the RUT or NIT, they are part of the legal requirements to create a virtual store in Colombia.

The RUT is the single tax registration, it is used if the store is registered for an individual and the NIT is the tax identification number, it is used for companies.

In addition to these requirements, the entrepreneur or investor must open a bank account adjusted for the type of company that he wishes to create (virtual store).

There are also other necessary requirements for the creation of a virtual store in Colombia, which will be described below. Before continuing, it is important to understand what a virtual store is. It is a space on-line where products or services are offered.

A virtual store is seen as a physical store, but with the distinction that the virtual store is not located on a physical site.

Legal Requirements to Create a Virtual Store in Colombia

Among the most important legal requirements is obtaining the RUT for individuals or a NIT in the case of companies.

Once the RUT / NIT is obtained, you can now start the creation of the virtual store, for which it is essential that you consider the aspects mentioned below:

  • Business legal registration on-line.
  • Become documented on the laws and regulations related to the consumer and electronic commerce.
  • Create and implement the store’s privacy policy on-line.
  • Create a space in the virtual store where the buyer is informed about prices, payment methods, shipping and return policy.

Legal registration of the virtual store

It is the registration of the company, the inscription in the commercial register. It is a necessary procedure for every person or entrepreneur.

Laws and regulations related to the consumer and electronic commerce

It is important to take into account the regulations that protect the consumer, since it gives them a unique coverage to protect them and ensure respect for their dignity and economic interests.

That is why the need to offer customers detailed and clear information about products / services, price and other details.

On the other hand, the normative referred to e-commerce, states that both the offer and the acceptance may be expressed through a data message. In this sense, data messages will be admissible as evidence, which will not be contested because it is a data message.

It is also necessary to remember that all the legal elements of any business are important and essential for a company to start according to the law.

Create and implement the store’s privacy policy on-line.

The privacy policy is essential since it protects customer data, so it must be available to all customers.

Notify the customer about prices, payment methods, shipping and return policy.

This information is mandatory in any virtual store, since the price and taxes of the products / services offered must be specifically indicated.

Likewise, it is important that the consumer take into account the costs associated with the purchase of the product for shipping.

On the other hand, it is necessary to inform about the return policy and if it includes any additional charges for the consumer.

Also the forms of payment is another aspect that must be informed to the client, clearly before he makes the decision to buy.

Operation of the virtual store

It is necessary to indicate to the potential customer who visits the store, what is the operation of this in order to take into account the conditions of purchase:

  1. In this sense, it is important to show the legal notice, which defines the person with whom you are contracting, as well as the terms and conditions of use.
  2. Regarding the general conditions of sale, in this section the main purpose is to detail how the sales process to customers is.
  3. Another important detail to include is the cookies, it is the seller’s duty to explain to his client, why the cookies.

For the aforementioned, it is necessary that the store’s operating information be exposed or easy to locate by customers.

For more information on legal aspects, the entrepreneur of the store should consult with a specialist in topics of laws.

Advantages of a virtual store in Colombia

Virtual stores have many benefits among which they stake:

  1. Greater Reach, with virtual stores geographic limits are eliminated. If a good strategy is used for the positioning of the virtual store, the client portfolio will not be limited to the local area.
  2. Minimize costs compared to a physical store.
  3. The store will be available 24 hours a day for customers, at a minimal cost.
  4. Greater visibility of the business, through social networks (RRSS) among other means.
  5. Possibility of creating a community, either through the RRSS or the website, in order to obtain opinions that will provide confidence to other customers and can serve to optimize the product catalog.

Step by step to create a Virtual Store in Colombia

If the virtual store is already legally registered, you must continue with a business plan, for which a step-by-step will be described below:

  • Open a bank account with the benefits required for virtual stores, since all banks in Colombia are prepared to work with online stores.
  • Create the store website by evaluating the best platform to display the products, these platforms are also called ecommerce.
  • The purchase of the domain on the internet and hosting. The domain is what makes the store web address work
  • On the other hand, the hosting It is the space necessary on a server to host the web with all its elements and the emails in the same place.
  • Likewise, it is essential to hire the payment gateway, is the service that makes the link between the banks and the virtual store.
  • Another important point are the payment methods, almost all virtual store gateways accept debit and credit cards.
  • Regarding delivery logistics, since there are so many options, you only have to choose the one that best suits the needs of the store. Shipping costs will depend on the chosen company.
  • The terms and terms of sale It is a mandatory aspect, since the customer must see transparency in the purchase process, in the shipping conditions and in the payment.
  • Finally, it is essential to start a digital campaign to promote the products and attract visitors to the store, through the RRSS or using search engines.

Payment methods for a Virtual Store

The payment methods related to banks are online services that make the link between the banks and the virtual store.

This online service that links the banks and the virtual store is called a payment gateway. Generally, virtual store payment gateways allow three forms of payment:

  1. Through debit card.
  2. With credit card.
  3. Payment with cash, in this case the payment gateway generates a barcode to the buyer when confirming his purchase, with that code the customer will go to a ballot point or success group, make the payment with which you report to the payment gateway through a link that is issued to the customer.

Payment gateways generally operate with all banks.

Legal Requirements to Create a Virtual Store in Colombia: What is a Virtual Store?

Also called an online store, it is a site or web page created specifically to offer a product or service, through the exchange or electronic commerce.

Now, what is needed for this type of store to meet the investor’s expectations? The most important aspects will be mentioned below:

  1. Web space, these types of stores need have a web space with a stable and secure platform. The store must use its own domain on the Internet or share it with another virtual store.
  2. Creation of the image must be in accordance with the image that you want to position, in order to show an attractive, easy and intuitive image, with contact information and RRSS.
  3. Products, must be clearly and simply described with photographs and features. The store must have a functionality that allows the customer to clarify doubts about the product and payment methods.
  4. Help menu, is a necessary functionality in the virtual store in case the product information is not enough, through this functionality the customer will seek to clarify doubts about their purchase or product.
  5. Shopping option, you must select a software that allows the customer to save the products you want to buy, it must also calculate the purchase amount and it must allow returns.
  6. Payment menu, it is necessary to offer secure payment methods, so it is mandatory that the security and confidentiality policies of customer data are available.
  7. Comments and evaluation of the shopping experience is a way to increase confidence, so it is a functionality that cannot be forgotten.


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