Legal requirements to open a restaurant in Colombia: why open it, Permissions and MORE

The legal requirements to open a restaurant in Colombia, you can see this article, so we invite you to continue reading.

For all those people who want to work and undertake a new business plan, there are many ideas to start an interesting and emotional project.

For example, food establishments or restaurants are one of the most innovative options, since they allow us to work with different options for the public.

In addition, this type of trade does not have complications for its registration, you simply have to look for the legal requirements to open a restaurant in Colombia.

That is why restaurants have to be versatile, strategic, profitable and if possible to be throughout the Colombian territory, through the franchise model.

On the other hand, to position the business It is important to know that the logo, the words, the images, the colors, among other things, allow the establishment to be identified when opening.

Legal requirements to open a restaurant in Colombia

For the delivery of the legal requirements to open a restaurant in Colombia, there are two authorities through which the business legalization process is carried out.

For the Chamber of Commerce the entrepreneur must:

  • Verify on the page Unique Business Registry website, if he Name that you want to place at restaurant is it availabe.
  • Complete the form Registration and Enrollment, as well as making the respective payments.
  • Introduce the application annex of the NIT Before DIAN, this procedure can also be done directly at DIAN.

For the DIAN the entrepreneur must perform:

  • Registration in the RUTOnce you obtain the opening certification, you must go to the DIAN and request the final RUT.
  • If the establishment tare you planning to use music must request the Sayco & Acinpro certificate and present it to DIAN.
  • Request the sanitary permit, which is issued by the health authority of the town where the establishment is located. This entity will carry out an inspection of the establishment before issuing the permit.
  • Commercial registration, It is requested according to the location of the establishment by filling out a form on the RUES website.
  • RNational Tourist Board, for tourist services that according to article 12 of law 1101 of 2006 se find the restaurants with annual sales exceeding 500 current legal minimum wages (SMMLV).
  • Registration in the RIT, Food establishments must be registered in the Tax Information Registry.
  • Certificate of food handling, It is mandatory that all employees of the establishment have the food handling certification.

At the notary, it is necessary that the entrepreneur make the public deed, which must be presented to the Chamber of Commerce at the time of registration.

Required permissions

In order to open the restaurant, the investor must find out about permits necessary to start business activities.

That is why the following are the required permits By law to open a restaurant in Colombia:

  1. Sanitary permit, which can be obtained through the secretary of health or by the health authority in the locality where the establishment is located. This entity will carry out a control inspection of the establishment before issuing the permit.
  2. Firefighters permit, the firefighters deliver a document that certifies that the facilities are available and suitable for the restaurant to start commercial operations.
  3. Registration and DIAN single permit.
  4. Planning permission, which is obtained through the municipality where the establishment is located.
  5. Certificate food handling, it is mandatory that all employees of the establishment have the food handling certificate and must be renewed annually.
  6. Deposit of the trade show, it’s not mandatory.

Companies guarantee protection to the trade show making the deposit of this, which grants an exclusive right of industrial property.

This right is obtained from that the business is opened until the commercial activities of the same end or cease.

On the other hand, the investor must decide, according to the number of employees type of company legally it is the one that will register.

Legal requirements to open a restaurant in Colombia. Step by Step

The following will describe the step by step to legalize the business and thus be able to open a restaurant:

  1. If the idea is to open a successful restaurant, you need to do a market study, which allows to define the viability of the project through the characteristics of the area, the tastes of the diners, evaluation of the competition and economic availability, among other things.
  2. It is also necessary to determine the target customer characteristics: «The type of diner», which will allow you to establish strategies to impress the target customer. A gourmet food consumer is not the same as a fast food consumer.
  3. The ecost estimate To open the restaurant and start it up, this implies the furniture, kitchen equipment and to set up the premises, rent or purchase the premises, stock for preparing the menu, among other things.
  4. You also need to determine where the resources will come from to start the business: With own resources or by financing?
  5. The business profitability it is also a necessary estimate, as it will define the success of the restaurant.
  6. Define the type of company to be established: legal or natural.
  7. Elaborate the incorporation document of the company or public deed.
  8. Check in the RUE if the name that you want for the restaurant is available.
  9. Registration in the RUT.
  10. Fill the single form at the chamber of commerce.
  11. Request the commercial registration at the chamber of commerce of the region where the business premises are located.
  12. Pay rights at Sayco & Acinpro.
  13. Request firefighters permit region of.
  14. Process the sanitary permit.
  15. Complete the procedures to obtain the food handling act.

Advantages of opening a restaurant in Colombia

  • Mount a Restaurant in Colombia It is an attractive option for any investor, because it is a business model that is attractive to many.It is an excellent idea, since Colombia is considered by Business Chronicle as one of the countries more entrepreneurs.
  • The procedures to start a business such as a restaurant, it’s not complicated since you have access to bank loans by presenting a plan in any bank in the country.
  • One of the best options out there is to start with franchise-type restaurants.
  • The requirements to open a restaurant in Colombia, they can be processed easily.

  • In this sense, to get to get a franchise the investor is not due get carried away by false arguments, associated with the fact that this type of business needs a lot of money to acquire it.
  • For franchises, an independent, responsible, disciplined person who likes it is mainly required. teamwork and thus maximize the chances of business success.
  • The capital is circulating, since it is charged at the moment and the providers give time to pay.
  • A restaurant in Colombia, ensures that at the time of opening, the public is willing to try new things, which allows provide good customer service and add consumers to the business.

Types of restaurants in Colombia

Are many types of restaurants, thanks to the diversity of tastes: meat lovers, vegetarians, and others, that is why there is a range of restaurants to suit every taste.

However, one can speak of nine types of restaurants differentiated by the design, variety, supplies and styles:

  1. Fancy restaurantsThey are the ones that provide starters, main courses, specialties and desserts. They are characterized by a disciplined and properly uniformed work team, facilities with first-rate finishes, furniture adjusting to current trends, professional staff, among other details.
  2. First class restaurants made to measure, very similar to luxury restaurants, except for the utensils, exclusive materials while remaining sophisticated. In this type are: the Gourmet type, with highly experienced staff that allows you to prepare exclusive dishes.
  3. There are also the restaurants of a less luxurious level or second class, they are characterized by being tourist type, generally located in hotels.
  4. There is another type, which are companies that offer food service prepared for your employees.
  5. Third class restaurants, They offer a different menu every day and can be of a specific cooking style.
  6. Fourth class restaurantsThey offer a simple menu dishes and drinks with functional utensils offer modest services and low prices.
  7. Establishments fast foodThis is the most visited type of establishment and in great demand, due to the moderate costs and the variety of food, they attract many diners.
  8. Theme restaurants.
  9. Ethnic restaurants They offer typical dishes of a region in order to transmit the culture.

Why open a Restaurant in Colombia?

The Colombians they frequent restaurants a lot since around a table contracts, negotiations, family events are held, outings with friends among others.

On the other hand, going to restaurants in Colombia constitutes a important partas food is a frequent topic of conversation.

Also, because there are restaurants that through their owners have started other business model with party rooms, fairs and programs within it.

Under the economical point of view has good profitability, but you must be aware that restaurants have a competitive environment that forces them to adopt innovative strategies.

The food establishments in this nation, they have excellent qualityThey also contribute to food waste awareness and employ customer-focused technology.

On the other hand, carry out the procedures in order to gather the requirements to open a restaurant in Colombia, it is something simple.


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