Lien Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

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The Assessment certificate It is a document that certifies the legal status of a property or property at the registry level. Therefore, in said certification the taxable aspect, restrictions or prohibitions that fall on the property are outlined.

If you need to carry out any legal matter in Ecuador with your property and you need this certificate, don’t wait any longer, keep reading. In this sense, in this article you will find what you need to obtain this type of guarantee.

Documents Needed to Request the Lien Certificate

Continuing with the above, we inform you that the Property Registry Offices in each province are in charge of issuing the Lien Certificate. For this purpose they normally use an RPC-01 digital format.

Always remember that this accreditation is used to demonstrate that a certain registered property has or does not have obligations or restrictions that may prevent any negotiation. The necessary precautions to obtain this guarantee are the following:

  • Copy of the identification document.
  • Suffrage card.
  • Original and photocopy of the property title.
  • Proof of solvency of the Property Tax or, failing that, the cadastral code.
  • Have a username and password to access the digital link of the Property Registry Office in Ecuador.

  • Have the personal data of the owner of the property or interested in the accreditation.
  • Provide the registration data of the property to be certified.
  • Report the characteristic data of the property under review for its endorsement and its coordinates.
  • If the property is subject to a successor estate, indicate the date of registration of this legal condition, provided that it is required to expose in the accreditation.

Later, if you have any questions or queries about the requirements to request this certificate, you can contact the contact centers that we will indicate:

  • Customer Service Center, using the number 1800 510 510, by dialing option 4, during office hours.
  • Write to the electronic address of the Registry Office in the Ecuadorian province that corresponds to you, according to the digital link indicated above.

Step by Step to Request the Lien Certificate

On the other hand, with the benefits of technologies in digital platforms, the Provincial Offices for property registration provide time and convenience for this process. If you still do not know the procedure to remove your Assessment certificate, Follow us!

  • Find a computer, tablet or laptop in your home or office.
  • Verify that you have a good Internet connection.
  • Enter your trusted browser such as Google, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Access the official link of the Property Registry according to the province where the property is located.
  • Enter your identification code, RUC or passport number and password.
  • Click on «new request».
  • Then press the certificate icon.
  • Look for the option of Assessment certificate Property.
  • Record the data of the property.
  • Select or typify the subject that requires the certificate (legal person, natural person, foreigner, etc).

  • Indicates the identification number or Taxpayer Registry of the owner of the property.
  • Indicates the marital status of the owner at the time of acquiring the property.
  • It indicates the origin of the purchase of the property, identifying the seller of the property and the date of the property registration.
  • If the owner is deceased, record the date of registration in the registry as indicated in the will or successor document.
  • Then type «purpose», there you must indicate what the certificate is for and who is the person who requires it.
  • Proceed to conform the terms and conditions.
  • Then type «add certificate».
  • Check all the information included and the email address where the certificate will be sent to you.
  • Click on «generate the proforma».
  • Next, look for the «my procedures» route and choose the payment method to cancel the accreditation, either digitally or at a banking agency.
  • Please allow 5 business days for the Assessment certificate.
  • Review it and proceed to download and print it to use it in your legal procedures with your property.
  • Remember that this certificate is valid for one month.

What is the Lien Certificate for?

In accordance with the aforementioned, this type of guarantee given by the Registry Office can be used to put the legal situation of a property first. In this regard, with this certificate it can be verified that a property is solvent or has registration-level restrictions.

The foregoing assumes that there are no liens, mortgage obligations, provisions of possessions that could prevent or delay a transaction to buy or sell a property. In the case of the capital of Ecuador, the property is checked and processed at the Registry of the Metropolitan District of Quito.

Who endorses it?

In another vein, this type of accreditation is certified by the Property Registry of each Province, depending on where the property is located. In addition, at present said entity authorizes the extension of the validity of the certificate for up to two months.

The foregoing is done in order to give the interested parties the opportunity to carry out their legal procedures before the various public or private offices with more time. Likewise, these registry offices recommend that the certification procedures be made virtual due to the health crisis.

For this reason, in the case of the Metropolitan Registry of Quito, any query about said procedure can be made through the following ways to avoid unnecessary mobilizations and crowds at the service points assigned for this purpose:

  • By calling the User Service Center, according to the telephone number 1800 510 510, a number available 24 hours a day.
  • Enter the email of the Metropolitan Registry of Quito and make the pertinent queries.
  • Ultimately, enter the digital link of the Quito Registry and look for the appointment scheduling so that they can assist you with the relevant biosafety measures.
  • Keep in mind that you must inform yourself about the restricted hours of attention to the user at the following coordinate: Avenida Amazonas with Mariana de Jesús. No. 31-181.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lien Certificate

On the other hand, many users have some doubts when they go to process the Assessment certificate. For this reason, we show you some frequently asked questions about this management for a better orientation if you decide to get this document:

What is the content of the Lien Certificate?

In the first place, this accreditation is granted by the Property Registry in each Ecuadorian province. The document describes the property, the owner’s data, the property’s registration status and the obligations that affect the property.

Can this certificate only be required by the owner of the property?

Negative. This type of accreditation can be requested by anyone, since it is a public document to show that there is no reservation of ownership on the property.

How long does the Property Registry take to grant the Lien Certificate?

Approximately 1 to two days. Consequently, that will depend on the Registry Office in each province.

If I want to consult something about the procedure, where do I contact?

  • You can call the User Service Center, according to the telephone number 1800 510 510, a number available 24 hours a day.
  • Use the email of the Property Registry in the province where the property is located and make the pertinent query.
  • Avoid as far as possible moving to the Registry Office for now and if you do, comply with the Biosafety regulations.

What is it?

In Ecuador, the different Real Estate Registry Offices have mechanisms and virtual platforms to issue the Assessment certificate. As we have explained throughout this article, this document indicates the situation of reservation domain and restrictions on real estate.

Therefore, the accreditation issued by the Registry of Property is important to show the legal status of the home in the face of mortgages, prohibitions and guardianship conditions. In this regard, these situations must be analyzed to give the go-ahead to a property sale.

Additionally, this certificate is necessary for everything concerning legal and registration procedures when dealing with properties to be sold. It also serves in the cases of managing debts, applications for housing loans, releasing mortgages, among other procedures.

Now, we take the opportunity to offer you some recommendations when you are carrying out this type of procedure, in order to optimize time and your management to conclude successfully. Keep reading:

  • The most advisable thing is to fill out the certificate from the digital page of the Property Registry and also send it in the same way.
  • You must be attentive to your email in case they send you messages with the Certificate of Assessment authorized or some kind of observation to correct.
  • If there are objections to the certificate via email, you have 48 hours to make the respective corrections.
  • If so, you must consult your PC continuously, since if the 2 days pass and the repairs are not made, the system closes automatically and you must start the management again.
  • In case you require the Assessment certificate in original, the most convenient thing is to go to the Property Registry in the corresponding province so that they can sign it.

With the Lien Certificate buying a home in Ecuador is safer!


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