Live Birth Certificate: Requirements, Where It Is Issued and MORE

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The Birth certificate it is an extremely important document. When having a child you must process this certification, due to this document other documents can be processed, since this is the basis. In this article we are going to guide you with all the information you need for the Birth certificate What you need to know.

Next, we are going to expand on everything that has to do with its procedure, validation, the functions that it fulfills and more. If you want to know more about these details, keep reading and in the following sections we will clarify all the doubts you have about it. Birth certificate.

How to Obtain the Certificate of Live Birth?

The process of obtaining Birth certificate It is an extremely simple and fast procedure since it involves a large number of people who are interested in carrying it out. In Argentina there is a fairly high birth rate compared to the rest of the Latin American countries. This is because a large number of children are born daily and the economic system remains under a traditional pyramid concept.

This is possible since the majority of the population is young, works and the birth of babies is continuous. It should be mentioned that measures have been taken to make the execution of all the procedures easier. This with respect to the birth and presentation of babies who are born constantly.

Also, the imposed need to have a record of all minors in an identified way is implied. The reasons why this is done is to maintain safety for minors throughout the Argentine territory. Until being able to carry out all kinds of legal procedures, since this is the basis of all other procedures.

Some things you should know to carry out the process of the Birth certificate are the ones that we are going to present to you below:

Data referring to the Live Birth Certificate:

  • This is the first document that a person obtains at birth. The affiliation for the custody of the minor is the proof. What is meant by this is that it cannot be handed over or taken out what corresponds to the national identity document for newborns.
  • By carrying out this procedure, the mother can immediately have a legal bond with her child. The custody of the baby is legally recognized.
  • In order to present the newborn, a period of time of approximately sixty (60) continuous days has been established. This from the day the baby is born. This procedure is done by the parents, the requirements to do the procedure have to be delivered by them.

Process for the Certificate of Live Birth:

  1. The first thing that is required to be able to do and request this procedure is to present the baby in the Civil Registry that is closest. It has to be with respect to the address where the people reside to execute this with the requirements.
  2. This process is done only in person, it cannot be done online. Either the mother or the father of the child must appear, depending on the case that arises.

In order to know more about this procedure and all about the first papers that you must take out of your baby at birth, you can do click here.

Requirements for the Live Birth Certificate

In order to process the Birth certificate Certain documents are required that are essential for the correct processing of this. This is because, as already mentioned previously, it is a document of great importance to provide a basis for others with respect to the rest of the minor’s identification.

The first thing to take into account is the differentiation of the type of birth to present, this since the requirements may vary according to what is presented. Next, we are going to present you the requirements to be able to execute the procedure.

Documents to execute the Live Birth Certificate according to the type of birth

The first type of birth to present the requirements in the case that it was with medical attention:

  • You will first need a check by your doctor, obstetrician, or midwife. That is, it must be issued by the person who was responsible for the birth of the child at the delivery in question.
  • Next, it is necessary to make an impression of the sole of the baby’s foot. The thumb of the newborn’s mother must also be shaped, this to make a check that was mentioned before.
  • In the event that the birth has occurred in a private clinic or hospital, what has already been mentioned must be presented with a seal, certificate and must also bear the signature of the professional association.
  • Finally, if the delivery was carried out in a public institution, the presentation of the certificate is not necessary. This is because everything is understood within the law.

Then we have the cases where medical attention was not needed:

  • In the first place, two witnesses must be taken, of the child’s birth, to the corresponding registry. These witnesses must refer to the delivery.
  • Additionally, you must also present a certification. It is in evidence of the signature of a doctor, who must ensure and verify that he saw the newborn.

Generally requested documents

Regardless of the two cases presented, it should be noted that those who are interested in carrying out this process must have some requirements that we are going to present to you below.

These are required as they will help complete the Birth certificate issued in the civil registry. These must be presented in good condition. So, we present each one of them:

  • Those who declare must present their DNI in current validity and in good condition. Here they also include the mother of the baby.
  • You must bring the marriage certificate, in the case of a baby born in a legally registered marriage, that is, before the authorities.
  • If you do not have the marriage certificate, you have the possibility that the person or couple present what corresponds to the marriage book. This to avoid any problems.
  • The people chosen as witnesses must present themselves with their respective ID, which must be current. This for the exact moment in which they are requested in a timely manner.
  • Finally, it must be remembered that, if one of the parents does not have their ID or this document is not valid, they have the option of bringing two witnesses to be witnesses of their identity.

Where is the Certificate of Live Birth Issued?

This is a very common registry, therefore, the way to do this procedure and to have access to it has been facilitated. The Argentine government has established that all civil registries can carry out the issuance of the Birth certificate. The only condition that is established is that it has to be in the civil registry that is closest to your location.

The delivery process will be faster and more efficient. You also want to avoid bureaucracy and that the waits for these documents are not so long, since it is a very common documentation. For this reason, it has to be from the civil registry closest to your address.

Through this process, population control can be carried out in a simple and more efficient way. Also, the government grants aid programs that are established by zone according to the population that is in it.

Among the facilities that the government offers, there is that of housing subsidies or you also have the possibility of being able to create a new company. This will make it easier for larger communities.

Other places where you can process the Birth certificate they are the courts of small causes, although it is not very frequent to do it from there. Since this process is not known to all citizens there, the process is faster. Although in the same way, the provisions regarding the location referring to the domicile must be applied.

Difference between the Live Birth Certificate and the Birth Certificate

This question is very frequent since, when doing any other procedure regarding the newborn, the two documents are requested. In the first instance, they can be similar in most things, they have some data that differentiates them, even at the level legal.

Due to the population control that is carried out at the legal level, each document has a utility that was established for it. For this reason, it is important that you know what goes into the Birth certificate, in the Birth Certificate or Certificate and the Birth Certificate.

It is easy to understand and differentiate. the Birth certificate it is what will indicate that the baby was born and left the process of childbirth alive. Regarding the Birth Certificate and the Birth Certificate are similar, both give proof of the birth as such, with difference in some details. Finally, with regard to the Birth Certificate, the difference is that it is a legal copy of the certificate.

What is it?

As we have already been able to read throughout this article, this certificate is the one that certifies the newborn’s experience at the time of delivery. It is the first sign of life of this, at the legal level before the civil registry of the population throughout the Argentine territory. Also, it is the basis to be able to obtain other identification documents that are necessary for the minor.

We can clearly see the usefulness and necessity of having this certificate. We hope that this article has been very helpful to you, everything we have told you about the Birth certificate.

We will read in a future article!

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