Marriage Certificate: Application, Cost and MORE

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The Marriage certificate It is one more step to complete this celebration of love that human beings adore so much. For this reason, if you got married in Spain and want to obtain this document, it is important that you comply with a series of mandatory requirements and collections.

In the same way, in this article you will have the opportunity to know all the ways to request this document and also a step-by-step guide for each of them. Next, we will provide you with information about the costs for requesting this type of certificate.

We congratulate you on this great step in your life, keep informing us!

Marriage Certificate Application

First of all, Spain is one of the European countries where most marriages are celebrated each year. In addition, it is known that the union of two people who love each other so much, is the best day of their lives, since it symbolizes the triumph of love and the beginning of a new stage.

That said, all the procedures that are carried out before and after the Marriage are essential to have a successful celebration. For this reason, it is crucial that you take into consideration a series of documents to legalize this ecclesiastical act, in front of the authorities of Spain.

It should be noted that the Marriage certificate It is one of the most important procedures to complete this process. Similarly, this document is issued by the Civil Registry of the Province where the marriage act takes place.

So there are different types of Marriage certificate that are tailored to the applicants’ conditions. However, to begin processing each one, the newlyweds must comply with a series of mandatory requirements and collections.

Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! Next, we will give you details of all the documents that must be consigned:


  • Identifications of both spouses.
  • Form to obtain the Marriage Certificate.
  • Minutes signed by the Justice of the Peace certifying the approval of the marriage union.
  • Registry books.
  • Document authorized by the Clerk of Court.
  • Other relevant.

Later, after each of the aforementioned requirements are obtained, they will be able to consult all the ways to process the Marriage certificate. Therefore, we recommend that you read in detail and choose the one that best suits your conditions.

Communication channels


  • Get a good internet connection and check the Web page from the Ministry of Justice, through a trusted scout.
  • Look for the option «Personal procedures and management» in the platform menu.
  • Then, select the option «Family» and then «Marriage Certificates / Certificate».
  • Now, click on «Application for Marriage Certificate.»
  • Fill in the required fields (especially the requirements mentioned above).
  • Click «Submit».
  • Finally, you must wait the requested days to receive the Marriage certificate.


  • Locate the main offices of the Civil Registry of your province.
  • Request «Customer Service» and then, ask the operator for the Marriage certificate.
  • Give in return all the documents associated with this institution.
  • Verify that this document is correct.

Electronic correct

  • Get the email address of the Civil Registry of your Province.
  • Issue a statement by email, enter all the necessary data:
  • Marriage Certification Application Model Form.
  • Names and surnames of the spouses.
  • Identifications of both.
  • Date and place of marriage.
  • Indicate the desired details of the Marriage certificate.
  • Click «Submit».
  • Wait for (15) days to get an answer.

Do you want to have more details about the Marriage certificate? So, check the following sections. As well as, we invite you to read in detail all the fields of the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Cost of the Procedure

Now, one of the points that you must take into account to carry out this type of celebrations: Costs associated with marriage. Yes, as you read it. This section will give you information about those costs that you must bear in mind to celebrate your marriage.

  • Issuance of the Marriage Certificate by the Civil Registry (€ 45 + VAT).
  • Consignment of other types of documents to obtain the Certificate of Mateo (€ 30).
  • Photocopies of compulsory papers (€ 20).

Likewise, there are other types of costs associated with the celebration of marriage, such as:

  • Salon rental.
  • Reception.
  • Banquet.
  • Hire a Justice of the Peace.
  • Lawyers to manage marital procedures.
  • Other costs associated with this type of celebration.


On the other hand, the broadcast time that the Marriage certificate, created by the Civil Registry, lasts approximately between 5 to 15 days. Likewise, it is essential that you keep in mind that everything will depend on the Civil Registry offices of your Province, court of peace, among others competent.

In the event that the spouses want to obtain this document to be recognized outside of Spain, they must wait more than (15) days. As well as, this document will need to be apostilled by the corresponding authorities.

Last but not least, if the couple wishes to order the Marriage certificate outside of Spain; that is, through the Spanish Consulate or Embassy, ​​more documents must be collected. Therefore, it is a more complicated process that takes more than two months.

Who Issues the Marriage Certificate?

On the other hand, the Marriage certificate It is issued by the Central Registry, in the event that citizens have married within the Community of Madrid. Next, if the spouses consummate the marriage in other Provinces of Spain, they must request this document at the Civil Registry corresponding to this location.

In other circumstances, it can be issued by the Justice of the Peace where the wedding took place. Don’t waste any more time, request your Marriage certificate in an original way! In addition, this will allow you to validate that your marriage union is authorized by the Spanish authorities.

Just as it is important to know who issued this document, it is essential to know which people can request the Marriage certificate. !Read everything here!

  • All Spanish citizens registered in the Civil Registry.
  • Those foreigners who have consummated their marriage in Spain.
  • Similarly, like all procedures, there are exceptions to request this document:
    • Non-marital adoptive filiation.
    • Causes of nullity, separation or divorce from the marriage.

What is it for?

The Marriage certificate It is a document that will legally endorse the union of two people. In the same way, this is a very important document when carrying out other procedures such as: inheritances, real estate purchases, adoption within marriage, among others.

For its part, the Spanish Civil Registry is in charge of issuing this document every time two spouses request it. As well as, if both individuals were married in another country, the Consulate of Spain abroad will be in charge of revalidating this document.

We know how beautiful the union is between two people who are so fond of each other; In addition, we know all the procedures that are needed to make this dream possible. Therefore, the Marriage certificate It is an essential document to conclude this celebration legally.

To make sure that you understand all the precautions and documents required by the Civil Registry, we will mention each of them again:

  • Identifications of both spouses.
  • Form to obtain the Certificate of Marriage.
  • Minutes signed by the Justice of the Peace certifying the approval of the marriage union.
  • Registry books.
  • Document authorized by the Clerk of Court.
  • Other relevant.

What is it?

As explained throughout the article, this document is important to legalize this ecclesiastical celebration, in front of the judicial authorities. Next, all the informative channels that the Civil Registry has to issue this valued document were mentioned.

Also, all the documents and essential requirements to make this type of procedure possible were detailed. As well as all the costs associated with obtaining this certificate. And of course, it was pointed out that this document will vary depending on the conditions of the spouses.

However, there is an interesting point that is of great interest to many readers: Marriage Certificate Modalities. Don’t you know what we are referring to? Simple, read this last section we have for you!


It corresponds to a summary or extract of all the details of the day of marriage. In turn, this type of Marriage certificate It is divided into several categories according to what is established by the Civil Registry of Spain:

    • Ordinary: They are issued only in Spanish.
    • Bilingual: Issued in Spanish and in a second language that the applicants wish.
    • International: Recognized for being multilingual, that is, it is issued in several languages ​​in accordance with the provisions of the Vienna Convention in 1976.


Represents that subscription or issuance of the Marriage certificate, that it is not registered in the Civil Registry where said procedure was requested.

Electronic Seal

Is he Marriage certificate Accredited with the official Seal of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries.

We congratulate you on your wedding, do not forget to process your Marriage Certificate!


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