Marriage Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

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Have you just got married and don’t know how to manage Marriage certificate? This is a very simple procedure, and the necessary requirements are minimal, in addition to having the corresponding Offices throughout the national territory.

You will know what this Certificate is, the steps to follow to acquire it, what it is for, the benefits it provides. Also, its cost, where it can be obtained and much more information.

Documents Needed for the Marriage Certificate

The management to acquire the Marriage certificate or any diligence that has to do with Family Allowances, can be carried out in 3 ways: In person, online or online and through a phone call.

  1. In person, the necessary documents will be consigned in the Office of the SRCeI (Civil Registry and Identification Service), preferably the one closest to the home address.
  2. If it is done online or online, you must enter the website of the Civil Registry Service, the document has an electronic signature and has the same validity as the one issued through the office. Another way is downloading to the cell phone by App Store or Google Play, the Civil Digital App and carry out this management through it.
  3. Through a phone call to the following number 600 370 20 00, pressing option 3.

NOTE: The 3 aforementioned ways to acquire the Marriage certificate, are available throughout the year.

There is only one requirement to process the Marriage certificate, both in person and online, is to know the number of Unique National Role (RUN) of one of the spouses, pay the value of this if they apply. Regarding the documents that are needed to carry out this management, none is required.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Marriage Certificate

The steps to follow to acquire the Marriage certificate, they are mentioned here below:


Through this route or what is known as online, the new modality for the platform of Online Civil Registry ServicesIt has a «buy online» form similar to another of this type. The certificates you want to buy are loaded into a supermarket cart:

  • Enter the web portal of the Civil Registry service.
  • Choose the Marriage alternative.
  • Expand the options it presents.
  • Choose the required certificate:
    • The Marriage certificate, the total cost of the diligence with the respective inscriptions is 1,820 pesos.
    • Report of cessation of coexistence.
    • The Marriage certificate for the Family Allowance, which has no cost.
    • Marriage certificate, total cost of the procedure without registration is 710 pesos.
  • Instantly a screen will appear with the value of the management and an area where you must put the number of the Unique National Role (RUN), select «Add to Cart».
  • Review the data that is presented on the screen: The cost in the shopping cart and specifications of the certificates that have been chosen.
  • Fill in the necessary information: The email address in both spaces.
  • Press the option Continue.
  • Confirm the data that appears, Tesorerí is shown selected.
  • Choose Continue.
  • Later choose the payment method.
  • Continue with the stipulated guidelines to make the payment of the management.
  • After completing the previous application steps, the certificate will be sent to the email address which was provided instantly.


  1. Go to an SRCeI Office (Civil Registry and Identification Service), the most next to the residence address From applicant.
  2. Ask the employee for the Certificate and point out the patent.
  3. Cancel the cost of processing the Certificate that is used.
  4. Once this application is completed, the Certificate will be received expeditiously.

Below is a list with the Regions, Addresses and telephone numbers of the Offices that can be accessed, according to the convenience of each applicant:

  • The National Directorate, phone number: 2261 15001.
  • Regional Directorate Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, Rancagua, telephone number: 72 2977001.
  • The Bío Bío Regional Directorate, Concepción, telephone: 41 2184501.
  • Ñuble Regional Directorate, telephone number: 42 2836330.
  • The Regional Directorate of Valparaíso, phone number: 32 2189301.
  • Regional Directorate Arica, Parinacota, telephone: 58 2572401.
  • The Maule Regional Directorate, Talca, telephone number: 71 2534850.
  • Regional Directorate Coquimbo, La Serena, telephone number: 51 2674915.
  • The Regional Office of Los Ríos, Valdivia, telephone: 63 2672501.
  • Magallanes Regional Office, Punta Arenas, phone number: 61 2722620.
  • The Regional Directorate La Araucanía, Temuco, telephone number: 45 2658500.
  • Regional Directorate Atacama, Copiapó, telephone: 52 2543002.
  • The Regional Directorate Aysén, Coyhaique, telephone number: 67 2582335.
  • Regional Directorate Antofagasta, telephone number: 55 2417901.
  • The Metropolitan Regional Directorate, phone: 2261 14301.
  • Los Lagos Regional Office, Puerto Montt, telephone number: 65 2774201.
  • The Regional Directorate Tarapacá, Iquique, telephone number: 57 2510901.

What is it for?

The Marriage certificate It is used in a particular way for the request for the payment of the Family Allowance. This is required for all types of procedures, and is issued for the same reason, which is why it is divided into 2 parts

  1. Unregistered Marriage: The registry of any marriage with errors or omissions, can be modified administratively. Although by rule the modification or variation of data is not allowed. In such a case, it should be done by order of a court sentence. Said variations can be made at any of the Civil Registry and Identification Offices.
  2. Marriage without Subregistration for All Types of Management: Once the couple is married, and some modification is made in the patrimonial regime of the bond, the Marriage certificate for all diligence (with Subinscriptions) and for Family Allowances. It is possible that if the marriage was married prior to 1950, it is not registered in the SRCeI system. If this is the situation, you can request entry through an email to SIAC (Comprehensive Citizen Attention System).

Marriage Certificate Benefits

Getting the Marriage certificate guarantees some benefits in terms of Family Allowances. There are Savings Banks where they provide marriage bonuses, that is, it is an allocation in money for affiliated people who have married, it applies to active and retired employees, with established agreements and conditions.

It is required to present it to manage the widow’s pension, and other benefits due to the death of one of the spouses, such as those that some private insurance can provide.

Taking into account the Labor Code, the enjoyment of a period of five uninterrupted business days is admitted, without danger of the days of enjoyment, vacation time or salary being deducted.

These days can be used freely, the same day of the wedding, prior to this or later. In the case of permanent residence for foreign citizens, have the Marriage certificate grants privileges and advantages, with the aim of keeping the family group together.

Normally, the benefits of this Certificate can be diverse, for this reason, it is worth having it when you need it.

That it is?

This Certificate is a document that enables the confirmation that a marriage was celebrated by notifying about the constituency number, name of betrothed, date, year and the office where the event took place.

It is necessary for Family Allowances and it also reflects the number of the Unique National Role, the date of birth of each member of the couple. In reference to the cost of this procedure, it can be said that it is variable. It is mentioned below:

  • If acquired through a phone call, or online has no cost.
  • In the case of being processed the Marriage Certificate, in one of the SRCeI Offices (Civil Registry and Identification), or online.
  • The cost of Marriage certificate all procedure without registration is of 710 pesos.
  • Yes it’s him Marriage certificate All procedures with registrations, the cost is 1,820 pesos.

Types of Marriage Certificate

There are different types of Marriage certificate. For this reason, you must be aware of which one you want to order. These are named below:

The Positive Marriage Certificate

It is the one that has the information in the Civil Registry, regarding the realization of a marriage and also about the identification of the interested parties. It is a compendium, however, does not show all the information. Additionally, you can request a certificate of marriage registration, which is a copy that has the information of the performance.

Negative Marriage Certificate

This certificate is used to authenticate that a marriage is not registered in the Civil Registry. It must be requested, when for some reason, the marriage between the couple it does not appear for the Civil Registry or the Consulate relevant.

The Marriage Certificate with Electronic Seal

The seal that this Certificate bears is that of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries. It is used to test any data that is in the digitized registry entries of the central database. This while the seats have been made after January 1, 1950 in the Municipal Civil Registry or the Central Civil Registry.

It is important, the processing of the Marriage certificate, since it is necessary to carry out other types of proceedings, such as Family Allowances. It is a Certificate that is obtained very quickly, and it is very easy to manage.

We hope we have helped you with the information you need, in order to obtain this Certificate and be able to present it where it is required. Good luck and success with your procedure!


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