Medical Certificate: Format, Costs and MORE

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If you suffer from any medical condition or need to have an endorsement that shows that you have a physical or health impairment, you will have to resort to medical certificate from a doctor or certified institution. For these cases it is essential to have this document, since it is the legal way in which you can show that you suffer from any disease or condition.

Now, if you do not know how to obtain a medical certificate to support your condition, this article can be very helpful; since we will talk about type of format that this document has and the costs that it takes to get one. Therefore, the following lines will help you to get the main information about this important certificate, so we invite you to continue reading this article and we hope to help you.

Medical Certificate Format

One aspect to highlight of the format of the medical certificate is the virtual option that is offered, to obtain and authorize the document through the website of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica. In this way, the paperwork of the document are streamlined and made easier for all citizens from the country. In addition, it benefits the transfer of information between doctors of the union.

This is due to the disposition taken by the college of create a nationwide medical record system. It was first applied for death procedures, and then it was used for other medical procedures. So, the electronic format favors all parties: doctors and patients.

On the other hand, data to be provided to fill out the medical certificate are the following:

  • Place; The location of the medical institution where you were examined must be entered.
  • Date; the date of the day the certificate was written and issued must be entered.
  • Subscription of the doctor-surgeon; the name of the doctor or surgeon who issued the certificate must be entered.
  • Code number; A code number must be placed that distinguishes the certificate from other similar documents.
  • ID number; the patient’s identification number must be entered.
  • Certification; The medical condition that the doctor certifies that the patient suffers must be placed.
  • Firm; the doctor who issued the certificate must sign the document to validate it.

On the other hand, a detail that you must take into account, to avoid inconveniences, is that medical certificates carry a red cross stamp. This is done with the intention of giving legal validity to the document, protected by the laws of Costa Rica.

If the document does not have its respective stamp, it can be canceled and disabled for future procedures that you want to do. Avoid these problems and make sure your certificate has all these aspects!

Medical Certificate Costs

Like almost all legal documents, the medical certificate has an established cost to cancel, so you can process and obtain it.

However, the amount to be canceled does not have unpayable figures; rather, it has a very affordable price for all Costa Rican citizens and foreigners residing in the country.

Then What is the amount you must pay? According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica, which governs the country’s medical area, set the following figures for the medical certificate:

  1. General medicine: To obtain medical certificates of the type of general medicine, you need to pay a few 10,000 colones (They are equivalent to $ 16.60 US dollars).
  2. Specialist Medicine: To obtain medical certificates from specialist doctors, you need to pay 15,000 colones (Equivalent to $ 24.90 US dollars).

Now, in addition to the amount of the certificates, medical consultations are charged separately; that is to say, each doctor establishes the own value of his consultations.

Therefore, getting the exact cost of medical certificates is a very complex task; as the value will depend on each case and condition. In that sense, we invite you to first inquire about the price of the consultations, so that you can choose those that suit your economic conditions.

Likewise, it is shown that the certificates themselves are affordable for almost all citizens of the country; especially if it is considered that the minimum wage of a Costa Rican should be in 291,958 colones per month.

Who can have it?

Since medical certificate too is governed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica, it could be understood that its conditions are similar to the death certificate.

This information could interest you: «Death Certificate of Costa Rica».

Therefore, the doctors who can issue a medical certificate are those who are registered and with an active status at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica. If this is not registered, the certificate will be canceled and will be without function.

So, we invite you to check the status of the doctor who is going to check you in consultation; so that you avoid going through bad times and falling into fraudulent actions.

Now, in the case of patients, the certificates are enabled for all citizens and residents in good standing that are in the country. If you are registered in the Civil Registry of Costa Rica, you become an act person to receive a medical certificate.

In addition, although it may be obvious, another condition for having a medical certificate is that you must have with a disease or medical condition.

What is the Medical Certificate for?

One question that may arise regarding this issue is: «What is a medical certificate for?» Well, in the following lines we will try to answer that question.

First of all, you should know that these documents can be requested by private or public companies or government entities, as a kind of requirement. So, on that side, medical certificates already take on a certain relevance.

Now, companies often request these documents; since it is a way of legally validate that people have the necessary physical conditions, to perform the work duties.

If you want to start a new job, make sure you have your medical certificate!

On the other hand, to carry out procedures such as: the renewal of the driving license, obtaining the permit to carry weapons or taking opposition tests; you will need to have a valid medical certificate.

Also, this document has become very important within professional sports; since it is beginning to request to validate the physical condition of the athletes before the law.

Therefore, we can say that the main function of the medical certificate is validate the physical condition of a person; to detail that you are in health or have a medical condition. In this way, citizens and companies reserve a legal letter for possible inconveniences.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica is the entity in charge of the supervision of the medical and surgical sector of the country; Therefore, all doctors who wish to exercise functions must be associated and registered in the entity’s registry. In addition, this will allow them to have access to the administrative and professional benefits that the school offers to its users.

Likewise, this governmental entity bases its services and attention on two very important guidelines What are they:

  • Deontology: it is a value that tries to rescue the duty that people have to achieve a common good.
  • The ethical code: it is a value with which they try to establish moral bases that every doctor in Costa Rica must follow, in order to do their job well.

So, if you are a citizen who belongs to the medical union, you must register in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica. In this way, you make sure you have professional benefits, such as the registry system to issue death certificates or medical certificates.

What is the Medical Certificate?

Finally, to end this article, we are going to make a brief summary of the information that has been presented so far.

So, let’s go back to the beginning. What is a medical certificate? It is the document that doctors or surgeons deliver, to leave a legal record of the health status of your patients. That is, it certifies that you may have a limiting illness or physical condition.

In addition, This medical certificate is usually requested by companies or government entities, for job applications or personal procedures. So, it is very important to be able to get this document out, whenever you can.

Finally, if you are a professional in the area or if you need this document, we hope we have helped you with this article about the medical certificate that is issued in Costa Rica.


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