Medical Certificate: Requirements, Step by Step and MORE

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In Peru, Medical certificate It is a document required in the workplace at the time of becoming ill or having an accident. It is where it is stated in what state of health or illness the employee is.

In this section, you will learn about the requirements, the step by step to obtain it and much more.

What is it?

The Medical certificate or also called Health certificate, it is a written document where the state of health of a person is detailed.

It is informed through this if you suffer from any disease and if this is the case, if it is of sexual or respiratory transmission, if it is contagious or not, and so on.

It is requested by companies or organizations, to any person of legal age and, who for personal reasons such as: marriage, travel, study, work or other, need to have this document at hand.

Types Medical certificate

Of the private or ordinary certificates

  1. Private medical certificate: in which the diagnosis, treatment, necessary physical rest and the duration of the same are certified. Issued by any of the authorized entities.

Of the public and official certificates

  1. Certificate of temporary incapacity for work: it is an official EsSalud documentation stating the type of reason why the employee is incapacitated (accident, maternity or illness) and the time for which he must be so.
  2. Physical and mental health document: document issued by a professional on the subject so that its veracity can be verified.
  3. Maternity medical certificate: it is a right that pregnant employees maintain. It allows them to enjoy 45 days of prenatal rest and 45 days of postnatal rest, depending on the conditions in which she or the child is found and, as long as it does not harm any of them.
  4. Medical certificate of vaccination: issued at the request of emigrants who need to demonstrate a poor sanitary condition due to certain already controlled pathologies. Example: yellow fever or measles.

In the event of delivering a falsified certificate, which the doctor has intentionally written, the doctor will be deprived of liberty with a penalty of no more than 3 years and will be disqualified from 1 to 2 years according to what the law indicates.

In the case of a false certification in which a person is sought to be admitted to a hospital, the penalty will be to deprive the doctor of freedom for a period of not less than 3 years nor more than 6 years.

Also, it will be disabled for 2 to 4 years according to the law.

Requirements for the Medical Certificate

To get the Medical certificate You must request an appointment in advance with the entity authorized to issue said document. In the same place, pay an amount of S / 13 soles, which is what the procedure costs.

Here are more details:

  • Call the following service numbers to request the appointment in advance: 942805726/942667538/942669550 (calls only).

If it is a company, contact this email:

  • The payment of S / 13 soles must be made for «Health certificate» in the box at the headquarters. Bring the voucher to the appointment.
  • Bring a passport or a photograph (passport size).
  • Present DNI.
  • It is not necessary to go on an empty stomach.
  • The procedure is personal so refrain from being accompanied and / or with minors.
  • Attend 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment at Ramón Herrera 273 – Cercado de Lima.
  • It will not be attended before or after the indicated time, so it must be punctual.

Step by Step to Obtain the Medical Certificate

Steps to follow to obtain your certificate on the day of the appointment:

  • You must register your data in the Health Certificates Service.
  • Have a medical evaluation done in advance on hand.
  • A serological test must have been done, which is used to rule out Syphilis through a blood sample that does not require fasting.
  • Obtain a Counseling for HIV – STD and family planning, to request a Pre-Nuptial Certificate.
  • Submit a photograph (passport or passport size to request a certificate due to work, study, travel or sport.

Characteristics of the Medical Certificate

The medical exams that need to be performed will have a cost depending on the medical center you visit. Generally, prices vary from S / 100.00 to S / 200.00.

The content of the Medical certificate it must be a specific one for each case. Next, we indicate what data you must include if it is granted due to disability caused by a common illness or accident:

– Name and Surname of the patient;

– Descriptive diagnosis;

– Start and end date of the disability period;

– Date of issuance of the certificate;

– Signature of the health professional according to RENIEC;

– Legible stamp of the treating physician;

In case of being issued abroad, it must be apostilled or endorsed by the Peruvian Consulate.

Legally, according to the Law of Modernization of Social Security in Health, the document for disability is obtained from the twenty-first day of disability.

Whereas, the first 20 days of disability the employer is obliged to pay the remuneration or remuneration. Medical breaks are structured in two periods:

First period

The first 20 days, where the employer continues to be obliged to deliver the remuneration.

Second period

From the twenty-first day, where the document for temporary disability is delivered, having submitted the requirements in advance.

In such cases, it is understood that for the delivery of the Medical certificate due to disability caused by common illness or accident, the respective document must include the aforementioned data.

Taking into account that, every time he is presented to any body and / or company, he will be trusted «PPrinciple of Presumption of Veracity”.

The Medical certificate It is public character when issued by a health professional working as a public official. Otherwise, when it is issued by a private physician, it is considered private character.

Legal Effects

Generally, the following would be found: Labor Effects, Criminal Effects and Capacity.

Labor Effects

They are those used to test deterioration in the health of the person. For instance:

Medical rest: physical rest time issued by the treating physician.

Necessary to achieve a physical and mental recovery to be able to resume your usual activity.

It can be in turn: absolute medical rest and relative medical rest.

Criminal effects

Damages caused violently to a person, which produces criminal effects.

Minor injuries: those that prostrate the person and force them to rest for 10 to 30 days.
Serious injuries: those that prostrate the person for 30 or more days.

Capacity effects

Certificates that ensure necessary health conditions and that allow access to certain licenses, services or jobs.

Example: License to carry weapons, to drive vehicles, military service, to marry, among others.

The treating physician who also signs the document must be a graduate and issue the diagnosis according to his or her specialty.

If the falsity of the document or the falsity of the diagnosis is discovered, the following can be done: Inform the Professional Association of which the doctor who signs the certificate is a member.

The sanctions to which workers who have misused the certificates or who have influenced doctors to negatively and intentionally modify their diagnoses, with the aim of fraudulently achieving medical breaks, are clear.

What is it for?

The Medical certificate complies with reporting and justifying absences from work for reasons beyond the control of the employee.

The document details the symptoms of the disease that the person may suffer, the causes of the accident, if applicable, and its proper treatment.

All this to demonstrate to the employer, or to any other person, that the worker is in medical rest.

And so that, the first 20 regulatory days, the person continues to receive their remuneration in a normal way and for as long as this remains in force.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to deliver the Medical Certificate?

If the management does not present any disagreement and complies with all the requirements and steps, the certificate will be delivered within 24 hours after the presentation.

  • What is the validity period of the Medical Certificate?

The document is valid for 3 months.

In the case of being a prenuptial certificate, it is valid for one month.

  • In case the management is supervised, what to do?

The person is instructed where to go with their medical history.

It would be to the doctor’s office so that it applies the appropriate treatment.


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