Medical License Form LM-01: Format, Filling and MORE

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You are in Argentina and you need to do the Medical License Form LM-01. Next, we will indicate how you should carry out the process. In this article you will get all the information about it.

The Medical License Form LM-01, allows a worker in the training area to face a circumstance that requires them to handle an aid permit to take charge for their own clinical reasons or those of a close family member. Therefore, you must fill out this form and submit it to the competent body.

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Format of the Medical License Form LM-01

Medical License Form LM-01 It is an instrument that, in consistency with the agreement signed by the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Rosario, and the Ministry of Education, organizes the demands of the workers’ clinical permission.

The structure is openly given by the input of the Santa Fe government, anyone interested in handling a permit must download and submit it to begin their comparison strategies.

How to fill it?

Please follow the attached manual to complete the depicted structure, you must be sure that the main activity is to download the above-mentioned structure, check the connection: Medical License Form LM-01.

  1. Each worker must notify that they will be absent or absent from their workplace, the notice of non-appearance must be made in advance. It must be done with a stipulated time, in order to cover your absence.
  2. The candidate must educate the Staff on the Clinical Trials of the permit and for this, they can use any channel.
  3. If you want to do it by phone, contact: 0800-888-2798, 0810-888-2798, 0341 4354305, 4351207. Via web: entering the official website. The administration is accessible from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

These courses encourage the transmission of data by the school workforce, on the information identified with the prerequisite of their permission, the needs fluctuate if they did a previous clinical conference.

Now we will reveal how to finish the structure:

Section A

If the specialist conducted a prior interview with a private specialist:

  • Type of leave to request: individual sickness, annihilated relative or maternity.
  • Type and registration number.
  • Last name and name.
  • Actual area where the weakened individual is.
  • Telephone where they can find you.
  • Period and article / subsection of the permit corresponding to pathology or endorsed clinical finding.
  • Last name, first name and inscription of the private specialist who helped you.

If an occurrence of leave arises for the consideration of a sick family member: Last name and First name of the family member, relationship and age of the family member.


The citizen who carried out the process through the web, must choose the option «Request for full permission». Towards the end of the information transfer, the applicant will receive a confirmation of the activity carried out by receiving an email.

Section b

In situations in which the operator did not conduct a prior interview with a specialist:

  • Type of leave to request: own illness, family illness, maternity.
  • Type and registration number.
  • Name and surname.
  • Address where the weakened individual is located.
  • Telephone contact.
  • Period and article / subsection of the comparison permit.

In the event that the permit is for the consideration of a sick family member: first and last name of the family member, indicate the relationship and age.


In case you have made your report using the online interface, you have to choose «Inappropriate permission request». Towards the end of the information transfer, you will be confirmed by email.

Section C

You must realize that if you complete your structure with alternative B, you must go to a private specialist and then make a subsequent correspondence, it must be done within 48 hours after the main notification, and you must supply the missing information:

  • Type and registration number (in view of these data, the administrator retrieves the methodology).
  • Recommended clinical determination.
  • Period and article / subsection of the comparison permit.
  • Surname, Name and Seal of the private doctor who helped you.


If you do not make a second correspondence within 48 hours of the main notification, your cycle will not be ready and therefore your permission will be considered unjustified.

About Structure LM-01: The operator you mentioned is necessary to transfer Structure LM-01 to the private doctor so that the person can record the time of absence, the article and subsection and the pathology as indicated in the CIE_10 nomenclator (see reverse of LM-01).

The additional information mentioned must be completed by the candidate. Remember to round the same number of LM-01 structures as the number of foundations where it will be missing.

Section D

To close the cycle, the aforementioned operator must transfer the attached paper records to the training foundation (s), this must be done within 72 hours after the application:

  • Structure LM-01 finished and marked by the specialist.

In addition, and according to the permission that you have mentioned:

  1. Sick Leave or Sick Family Leave: Stamped clinical testimony, this need is avoided when the endorsement sponsor is a general wellness provider.
  2. Consider that only one declaration is mentioned, paying little attention to how many LM 01 structures you need to submit.
  3. Excuse me pre-delivery: send the pregnancy declaration, it must include the stipulated date for the birth.
  4. Sick Relative Leave of a Disabled Child: Copy of the certificate issued by the Directorate of Inclusion for People with Disabilities of the province.
  5. Maternity leave: Submit a birth declaration.
  6. Sick Relative Leave of a Disabled Child:
  7. License by Sick Family Member.Duplicate of the sworn explanation of the pavilions, must be marked by the administration of the Foundation.
  8. Each structure will be transmitted by each comparative base.
  9. This need is essential to Teaching Staff Licensing Regulation (Statement 4597/83).

In addition, only in cases of sick leave, and only once, you must submit said copies to the Faculty of Medical Sciences, by mail, scanned, to, or by Fax to 0341 – 4804556.

Individual disease. Full permit application

To complete this strategy, school teachers can do so using the Health Prevention and Promotion System, This component allows them to report their occurrences through the Internet.

Management Permit application system

As of now, another strategy has been implemented to require managerial licenses. The base need indicates that each operator must download the «LA» structure, complete it and then present it in person.

Permit Application LMedical icence

All representatives in the training area will have the option of assessing the status of their online systems by essentially visiting the entrance to the territory of Santa Fe province.

The administration can be accessible to the people who completed the transfer of information via the Internet, and can very well be improved after 48 hours from the underlying request.

What is the LM-01 Medical License Form for?

As we have mentioned, it is a record that allows formalizing the request for non-appearance of the work environment; It could be due to an individual medical problem, a family member in need, a weakened child, pregnancy or motherhood.

Subsequently, all these wellness disease measures put aside the effort to determine. In this way, the candidate must be missing to work for a specific number of days, depending on the idea of ​​the request.

In particular, due to this structure, it is possible for the influenced establishments to find substitute personnel to cover their non-appearance; Consequently, it must be entered at least 1 hour before departure, even though it is not ideal.

For each situation, this structure must be supported by the correct documentation of the veracity of reality; as well as, it must be accompanied by the survey and the resulting note from a registered specialist.

License Consultation

When all the media are done, remember that a duplicate of the structure must be sent to all establishments that you will not join. Afterwards, you can check the status of your application by going to the official page.

There, you must give all the information that is mentioned to find your methodology; Basically, it is prescribed to inspect the application somewhere between 48 and 72 hours after filing the administrative work.

Finally, the structure of the clinical leave is the clinical and authorized record that allows you to request and legitimize absences from work for welfare reasons. In this way, it is exceptionally useful for both educational foundations and experts.

Most importantly, when applying for these licenses, you can also demand payment of your compensation; since it is a completely legitimate and legally detailed non-appearance.

What is the Medical License Form LM-01?

The Medical License Form LM-01 It is a clinical and authorized report used to report absence from work; inspired by immediate and ambiguous ailments, the latter being the ailment of an immediate family member.

Which is based directly on the consideration of the individual who mentions the structure of the clinical permit. Therefore, an official warning of absence is given in your work region of the school area.

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