Medimás Certificate: Requirements, Services and MORE

The Medimás CertificateIt is documents that must be respected to obtain this certificate that is highly demanded by Colombians. Medimás offers all its users a better service, not only to the people who belong to this health center, if not, it can also be added from another, offering the best quality.

In this article, we will learn some recommendations, steps to obtain this certificate, as well as how to register through its web portal to make any type of consultation and register to enjoy Medical Services.

Requirements for the Medimás Certificate

For any procedure, you must have an order of our files and you must complete a series of steps that are important in each streamlining.

Obtain the Medimás Certificate, it is important to comply with the necessary requirements where they demand the institution in charge to obtain the certificate.

Therefore, this series of roles required by the institution must be fulfilled, and they are:

  • Constancy as head of the family.
  • A report of the contributory regime must be submitted.
  • Take the code when registering by EPS
  • Comply with all the complementary data.
  • Present the score SISBEN
  • Present identity documents or passport

It is important that, to obtain this certificate, you must request an appointment on the Medimás portal through its website, you must first register by filling out a form with all personal data, when performing the first step, you must request, consult or cancel medical appointments in established areas.

In each Medimás area that it offers, it must be selected and the system will give a number for which it will be your appointment day and at the time you must attend.

To use this tool, we will explain it to you here:

  • You must enter the page of Medimas
  • At the start of the screen, go down a bit and press the icon that says «Medimás EPS Online»
  • Upon entering, an option will open saying: «Register here»
  • Where says «Validation of Personal Information» You must place the identity card, email / frequent use) your date of birth, validate the recaptcha and press the consult button.
  • Continue the process that indicates the page and ready. It’s that easy to register with Medimás.

What Service Does Medimas Offer?

This entity offers a number of incredible services, not only offering health well-being, but also a well-being, emotional, psychological, mental and familiar. This service center insures the health service, managing various risks in a reliable, efficient and humane, counting on a great team of professionals and guaranteeing for all users.

Always looking for a way to maintain in each one of the users the well-being that each one deserves, by using the different types of instruments that allow them to maintain a self-care where they guarantee the quality of life by taking responsibilities.

It offers its professional services in the different classifications, where various medical cases will be evaluated, such as:

  • Evaluation and contribution to the growth of children.
  • Assessment of nutritional status.
  • Eating routine.
  • Oral Health as: plaque control, sealants, reasoning, educational.
  • Visual Assessment
  • Psychological
  • Micronutrients
  • Family dynamics as support for personal growth
  • Communicative and auditory
  • Sexual health
  • Visual health
  • Information for minors, about their state of health, guaranteeing the well-being of the minor verifying that they are not running any type of risk

Service Agencies to Request the Medimás Certificate

If you have any doubts about getting the different agencies, in this article you will learn a little about it and check the closest one. They are located in several Colombian regions, so that all users where they can be found, want to access and perform any procedure, and enjoy the service.

  • Antioquia-Medellín- Antioquia Regional Building
  • Valle del Cauca-Cali- Valle del Cauca Regional Building
  • Sucre-Sincelejo- Sucre Regional Building
  • Tolima-Ibagué- Tolima Regional Building
  • Santander-Bucaramanga-Santander Regional Building
  • Norte de Santander-Cúcuta- Norte de Santander Regional Building
  • Quindio-Armenia- Quindio Regional Building
  • Risaralda-Pereira- Quindío Regional Building
  • Nariño-Pasto-Nariño Regional Building
  • Magdalena-Santa Marta- Magdalena Regional Building
  • Llanos- Villavicencio- Llanos Regional Building
  • Atlántico- Barranquilla- Atlántico Regional Building

Medimás benefits

One of its great benefits that it offers is through Medimas at the time of any emergency, offering great medical care at any time. People who are affiliated with this platform have an emergency that needs to be treated.

One of the greatest satisfactions where the medima teams can attend immediately, in case of suffering some type of incident at work or a type of treatment through Medimas operations, since, you must make your report to be treated.

You should go to the emergency rooms where you will request the service of the doctor of your choice, indicating the inconvenience of the patient and the doctor should take care of keeping a historyl, explaining the details in writing about the health problem to be treated.

Offering one of the best attentions towards the user, counting on a quality team, attending to the emergency of its affiliates instantly.

If additional and personal medical care is needed, it can be requested through the service providers through the personalized services network.

In case the doctor tries not to be on the network provider platform, invite them to join so that you can have their care directly.

What is the Medimás Certificate?

This entity was approved by National Superintendency of Health under the Resolution 2426 of July 19, 2017, with the purpose of society to have permission to provide health insurance.

The activities that the company carries out, begin with the activities on August 1, 2017, achieving that many Colombians may have options to opt for health insurance, in addition, it belongs to the affiliates of Cafesalud EPS SA

It should also be noted that Prestewco SAS primarily has the power to Medimás EPS SAS by which subordinate.


Medimás mission is get a management capable of preventing health risks, demonstrating reliability, efficient and, most importantly, treating people with the sensitivity that corresponds to the case. In addition, it has a great team prepared to meet the needs of those affiliated patients and in the best way.


This company seeks a goal that for the 2023 You can obtain the necessary results to be a much more reliable EPS, managing to earn the trust of all Colombians, without leaving your way of serving people as humanely as possible, with agility and integrity allowing you to be highly recognized throughout the country.

In the Medimás news, one of the largest medical institutions in the country, it has not been possible to overcome the different shortcomings that originated these special care measures with the impulse of the National Superintendency of Health.

They continue to meet their operational, technical, financial and accounting references that are placed in one of the risks, presenting each of the services in a large number of patients around 4.55 million affiliates.

Despite the great situations that he has had to face for the Covid-19, where great measures have been taken to attend to people on an urgent basis to guarantee better care. IgUsually, this process has been step by step.

In the same way, work continues for the well-being of the citizens of this country, in order to continue offering services to all its users who register in the network services.


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