Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA: How is it, Completed and MORE

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Did you pay all the installments of your mortgage credit with the FNA and you are not sure how to release your mortgage? Well, do not worry, here we tell you how you are going to do it and we even digitally facilitate the Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA.

Colombia has at its disposal a set of forms, but without a doubt, the one that stands out the most is the Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FAN, It is very easy to obtain it, you just have to read what we present below, prepare a folder with the precautions and go to the FNA service office in your city.

Follow us and write down the most important things!

How is the Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA?

The Mortgage Cancellation form with the FNAIt is a document with basic information of the applicant who wants to release a property from commitments to third parties. It has a single page where the data of the applicant and the property to be de-mortgaged is placed. If you are interested in obtaining the form, we help you to obtain it by pressing here.

Filling the Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA

The filling of the Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA it’s simple. You must begin by indicating the date of the request and in which part of Colombia the property is located. Then you must indicate if the applicant is an affiliate, attorney or owner of the property. Once the above information is completed, you must enter the applicant’s data in the corresponding box.

The data requested are:

  • Full name
  • Type of document (Citizenship card or immigration card) and the document number
  • Applicant’s residence address, the city where he is located and the department
  • Landline and cell phone and email

Once these data have been provided, you must fill in the required fields with the affiliate’s information in case the applicant DO NOT BE AFFILIATED. If the applicant is an attorney-in-fact or holder of the real estate, you must supply the following:

  • Affiliate’s full name
  • Affiliate’s document type (Citizenship card or immigration card) and the document number

Once the above information has been completed, you must now identify the information of the real estate (s). For this you must indicate:

  • Address of the property to be de-mortgaged
  • City where the property is located
  • Department
  • Number of folios per real estate registration. The real estate registration is the unique identification that indicates where the property is located and the registry office where the property title is established. It is an alphanumeric number, that is, made up of letters and numbers.

Now that we have provided the required information, the applicant must sign the form and enter the number of their identity document to be able to enter the form.

What is the Mortgage Cancellation Form for with the FNA?

The Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA It is a requirement that begins the process of releasing your real estate to unhitch it. That is, to free you from legal responsibilities to third parties.

This process will allows you to obtain the deed of cancellation of the loan, which you must pass it through a notary’s office and then through the Treasury to have it sealed. Once sealed, you must present the deed in the corresponding property registry and request its registration.

When you have done all this, your property will be -and will appear- free of charge in the registry, with which you can accredit it to third parties.

Without him Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA You will not be able to start this process without which it is impossible to sell your home, even if you have canceled all the mortgage payments.

Requirements and Additional Documents to the Procedure

As he Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA, like the requirements requested below, can be delivered to any Service Point as long as they are duly completed and the following requirements are met:

  • You cannot have a current balance
  • The FNA must not seize the property
  • You cannot have active legal collection processes
  • The assignment of the credit must not be found -or have been processed- with another financial institution
  • If you have a current educational loan, it should not be backed by a mortgage. That is, to proceed with this procedure, the educational credit must be canceled (zero balance)

To the Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA you must attach the following documents:

  • A legible photocopy of the credit holder’s identity document
  • A simple copy of the first 10 pages of the public deed
  • The original or photocopy of the Certificate of Tradition and Freedom of the encumbered property (house, apartment, garages or warehouses). Said document may not be more than 90 days old and nor may it be embargoed by the FNA.
  • If the credit was in legal collection, you must also attach the Paz y Salvo certificate for fees paid to the lawyer who was in charge of the process.

Additional documents to the process

In case of processing the cancellation of the mortgage of a loan whose owner has died, the applicant must attach a photocopy of the death certificate. Said document must be authorized by the other heirs and PHOTOCOPIES of the documents showing link or kinship must be attached, such as:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Civil registration of children or siblings
  • Power of attorney that is duly granted and authenticated by a notary’s office
  • Declaration of coexistence extrajudgment granted by a notary

If the process is going to be by an authorized personDo not forget to present a photocopy of the power of attorney duly granted and authenticated by a notary’s office. If the property to be de-mortgaged is not in Bogotá, the applicant can present the documentation at the corresponding FNA service offices.

What is the National Savings Fund?

The National Savings Fund (FNA) It is originally a Colombian banking institution, which was created in 1968 through Extraordinary Decree 3118. Its mission was to administer the layoffs of public officials and official workers.

In 1998 it was transformed into a commercial and industrial company of the State of a financial nature, through Law 432. This transformation allowed it to expand the market towards the private sector and thereby contribute to the well-being of more Colombians.

Currently, the FNA has more than 50 years of experience in converting Colombian savings into their own homes and unemployment benefits. Being a State company, its purpose is directly related to its purposes, especially those that promote a dignified life for Colombians.

An important aspect that you should know is that the rating agency Fitch Ratings Colombia, granted the FNA the National AAA Rating Y F1. These ratings are the maximum that can be obtained for long and short-term assets.

In addition, he classified the FNA as Primary Administrator of Credit Financial Assets RMBS1. A rating that no other entity of this type has in Colombia, placing the FNA within an exclusive group of entities in Latin America.

What is the Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA?

The Mortgage Cancellation form with the FNA It is the document that starts the process to release your property from commitments to third parties. You must bear in mind that the procedure, once you formalize it in the entity, has a process of approximately duration 30 business days.

Remember also that to start the mortgage cancellation process with the FNA, it requires that your credit be canceled with a zero balance. Do not forget that you can process one or more mortgage cancellations that are indicated on the real estate registration folio by following the steps that we have described above.

Now once you have the Mortgage Cancellation Form with the FNA you can validate your mortgage payment without any problem. We hope that our page has helped you to get this document, we wish you the best of success in the process.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to cancel your mortgage!


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