Mutual Ser Certificate: Registration and Download

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Mutual Ser is a PHC with 25 consecutive years of work in Colombia, its mission is to generate healthy lifestyles and offers safe, comprehensive and personalized health care, through its Mutual Certificate To be provides its affiliates with its full range of services.

The Mutual Certificate To be It is a required document to be able to be assisted in the health services in Colombia, below we inform you which are the steps to follow so that you obtain it.

Steps to Download the Mutual Ser Certificate

You must previously be affiliated with the Mutual Ser system through the various ways that you can be awarded a certificate. Years ago, this certificate was granted in person at the assigned offices.

Today it is easy to manage this document online from your personal computer. We guide you with the steps to follow to download the Membership Certificate online.

  • Enter the website for affiliates at this link
  • Then you start the phase with your affiliate data.
  • Later we can enter and go down in the option «downloads« the Mutual Certificate To be.

It is important to carry the Mutual Certificate for a medical appointment or emergency, since without it you will not be assisted in the payment of this Mutual.

Data Record for the Mutual Ser Certificate

Everyone who lives in Colombian territory must be compulsorily registered with a Mutual, in order to have assistance in medical centers, clinics or hospitals, when required. You must follow these steps to be able to manage your registration in Mutual Ser:

  • Answer all the SISBÉN questions, detailed in methodology III.
  • Next you must locate yourself at level 1 or 2 of the SISBÉN, without resources to pay for services.
  • Then select the EPS of your personal opinion, in this Mutual Being topic.
  • Process the Mutual Ser Affiliation Form or also the Unique Form of News and Transfers, in the case of previous affiliation to another mutual.
  • Gather all the documents and collections to authenticate the affiliation to Mutual Ser within its headquarters.

The aforementioned steps only apply to register with Mutual Ser in the condition of Subsidized, to opt in another condition visit their page Web.

Mutual Ser Services and Functions

As an organization that provides health services, it has a series of alternatives that it can provide, here we mention the services and functions that Mutual Ser offers you:

It ensures the enjoyment of good health to its members.

  • It establishes and offers medical protection at the moment, 24 hours a day at your disposal. At the time of an emergency or check you can count on the service.
  • It has several programs to assist the affiliated person or applicant. You have options for your choice.
  • Satisfies the health programs granted by the organization. Complement your well-being.
  • Alliances and protection in different health centers in the national territory. It has ample support.
  • They provide timely assistance programs to the financial situation of the affiliates. It adapts to your finances.
  • They have administrative and customer service offices throughout the national territory. It has a chain of venues at your disposal.

These services or functions may change depending on the affiliated Mutual, in this case we are talking about the Mutual Ser.

Online Appointment Request

Mutual Ser has an IPS system where you can schedule a medical appointment in any medical specialization, for check-ups or emergencies. Instructions to schedule your appointment at the closest available center or of your preference.

  • Enter the website of the Mutual Being and look for the section of Schedule a Medical Appointment.
  • You will see a directory with the IPS enabled nationwide, choose the one closest to your locality.
  • You will find an external link, which takes you to a personal data record. There you must schedule your appointment adding the type of affiliate and the specialization of the appointment.
  • A calendar will be displayed, where you can choose the time and day of your preference for the appointment.
  • To confirm the appointment, you must fill in the telephone number, address and email in the form. When said appointment is already registered, the system will throw up some suggestions.

What is the Mutual Ser Certificate?

To use this health service you must have the Mutual Ser Certificate, that you can download it from the page Web of the already registered user. If you are not yet registered, you must send an email with your request and data to this address:

What is Mutual Ser?

The Mutual Ser is a subject that promotes health in Colombia, mainly on the Caribbean Coast, its main mission is to create healthy lifestyles with safe, comprehensive and personalized health care. It is part of the EPS, which are the Health Promoting Entities within the Health System in Colombia.

It works as a medical insurance, where the member has assistance in any medical specialty in the associated hospitals and clinics, thus leaving the expenses generated covered by the mutual.

It is important to mention that if you are within Colombian territory you must necessarily belong to any of these mutuals. Otherwise you will not be treated in any of the medical centers, clinics or hospitals.

This Mutual Ser has been working successfully in the country for 25 years, adding high profitability, with a customer satisfaction rate of 90%, with a view to continuing to increase its headquarters and improve its technological services, in favor of the well-being of its users.

In the same way, it is composed of a series of values ​​such as social sensitivity, transparency, tenacity, respect and equality. The citizen or affiliate can be confident that all their personal information will be under strict reliability, complying with the regulations that constitute it.

What is your Customer Service Model?

The Mutual has various customer service programs, so that you can present any suggestion, complaint, question, doubt, clarification or help with the service.

It has personalized attention in its offices located throughout the national territory, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:30 PM and from 1:30 to 5:00 PM, it has the telephone service unit no. 01-8000-116882, which works 24 hours a day for its users and also has attention via email, you can find it within its website.

Administrative Office Address: Highway. Trunk No. 71B – 105, Brr. The conception.

How to manage medicines online at Mutual Ser?

On the website of the Mutual ser you are given various benefits that save you a lot of time and money, to process them in it the medicine management process was programmed, for your well-being and comfort.

Here are the steps to make this request from the comfort of your home:

  • Go to the Mutual Ser website and look for the Medicines Management section.
  • You have to choose 2 options, Pending Medication Status and the other option is Medication Delivery Points Directory.
  • Select the first option, it will open an external page where you must register your affiliate data.
  • Then you must make the request for the medications you need, following the indications that the system throws up.
  • Later you can exit and click on the second option, to find out which are the delivery points for pharmaceutical products.
  • You must have all the documents required or prescribed by the treating doctor. It is likely that at the time of delivery you will be asked for a prescription.

Mutual Ser executes the best way to satisfy the health service, creating healthy lifestyles and manages the assets with efficiency, commitment and seriousness.

It also encourages a culture of excellence in all its divisions, taking into account their deficiencies and the points of view of the groups that comprise it. Thus fulfilling its mission provide safe, full, instant and individual attention to its members.

Its policy is to help in the management of health risk, in direct contact with the client, it has the ability to properly manage goods, comply with the laws and rules that promote the admiration of citizens in Colombia. Always with the responsibility of seeking improvements in its processes and programs.


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