National Savings Fund Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate from the National Savings Fund, It is very important for Colombian citizens, because they manage their severance pay, of those who have stopped working in the public administration.

The National Savings Fund, work with dedication to meet the needs of those who are affiliated. Citizens feel confident in this company, because they meet their needs and solve the problems they have.

If this company catches your attention, We recommend that you continue reading this article.

Requirements for the Certificate of the National Savings Fund

Having this Certificate from the National Savings Fund, people will be able to protect their resources, in this very reliable company. For this reason, the requirements that citizens must meet are the following:

  • The citizen has to complete the unique registration form that must be fully registered.
  • You must attach a photostatic copy that you understand of the identity card.

It is important to highlight that at the end of the affiliation process, in the different points of attention that they offer to people; They must make the savings with the barcode and bear in mind the date on which they have chosen it.

The point of attention, offer services which are the following:

  • General advice.
  • Business registration.
  • Membership.
  • Housing credit (that is, when they accept the documentation.
  • Retirement.
  • Access to have the complete documentation to cancel the mortgage.


In the event that the citizen wishes to request the said certificate, but in the event of unemployment, he must meet the following requirements:

  • The citizen must be registered in the National Savings Fund.
  • Must be adult.
  • Those who wish to join the unemployment benefits must comply with the amount requested by the company.
  • Single request for the credit coupled with the necessary documentation.
  • It is important to note that unemployment cannot be mortgaged or seized.
  • If the citizen wants a joint application, each member has to manage their corresponding form and add their documentation.


  • As mentioned in the previous step, the citizen must be affiliated with the National Savings Fund.
  • The citizen must be adult.
  • You must also meet the amount required by the institution, to request the credit.
  • Single request for credit together with the necessary documentation.
  • If you want the joint application, each affiliate has to manage your required form, in addition to attaching the pertinent documentation.
  • The amount deposited in the voluntary savings account cannot be found mortgaged or seized.

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of the National Savings Fund

First, the citizen must enter the Fund page and on the right side they will be able to find the option to «How to Join» . The citizen can then store the membership application form.

When you have the form, will have to fill it. Then you must appear at any of the Point of attention. When you have enrolled in any of these points, you must deposit your savings with the barcodes on the date you have chosen.

Once the person is affiliated, they must access the portal again where they must follow the following steps:

  • You must enter the web portal of the National Savings Fund.
  • Then at the top you will find the option «Online fund», then two options will appear, which are: people and companies. In this case, it will give persons.
  • It will open a new tab and it will appear that it provides the document type, either citizenship card, immigration card, diplomatic card, NIT natural persons, NUIP, passport or identity card; your username password and fill in the box that «I am not a robot», and then access the system.
  • In the event that the person is not registered, you must give the option to the right side «Your key here.»
  • A new page will appear that at the bottom will give you «get in».
  • When you have entered you must complete the information that is divided into 3 parts. In the first one you have to fill in your personal information.
  • The second must answer correctly the questions related to the person, this allows if the information is correct to be able to assign your security keys.
  • Once you have passed all the security filters, you will be able to access your personal password and enjoy the online services.
  • When you have your password, you must enter people again, put your data and choose the option to generate Certificate.

What is the Certificate of the National Savings Fund for?

  • This Certificate serves so that citizens can collect severance pay, in accordance with updated standards.
  • The National Savings Fund, rThis aid is safeguarded against the loss of the value of the currency , according to the law.
  • You can anticipate credit plans for the purchase of a home that allows you to improve the circumstances.
  • Having the Certificate of the National Savings Fund, You can enter into agreements according to the compensation funds family, solidarity economy entities, public or private organizations, both in the Colombian territory and internationally.
  • With this certificate, the company administers the means that the family housing allowance entails. In addition, they are assigned to the people who are affiliated.
  • This company is responsible for insurance policies necessary for the security of the mortgage.
  • With this institution constitutes proper tools and procedures, as well as establishing sufficient reserves, to contemplate the layoffs.
  • Promote national savings and guide them towards the completion of projects, especially for the progress of the FNA.

Certificate Information

In the Certificate of the National Savings Fund, it shows the identity data of the citizens who are registered, it shows their purchasing power and the principle of the resources with which they have to be a creditor of the credit programs, both public and private.

Frequently Asked Questions about the National Savings Fund Certificate

Citizens constantly have doubts regarding the National Savings Fund, we will answer it below:

Question 1: When your credit has been approved, what should you do next?

The citizen must upload the following documentation through the FNA web portal in the online background tab, where the person has to create their user and password, and then access through the web documents option such as: the certificate of individual freedom and promise of sale.

When the citizen has uploaded all the required documents, they must request the documentation required to carry out the legalization procedure.

Question 2: Does voluntary saving earn interest? What is the percentage?

The National Savings Fund recognizes an interest equivalent to the lower limit of the inflation target range, determined by the Banco de la República.

Is interest settlement It is carried out on a quarterly basis, on the average balance.

Question 3: How long does the savings transfer take?

The National Savings Fund constitutes six business days to comply with the payment, counted the day after the filing of the procedure. When you have completed the necessary documentation for this purpose. Likewise, the citizen must be present at the execution times of the same.

Question 4: Can people re-enroll without penalty?

Yes, you can re-enroll without penalty.

Question 5: If the person has a loan, can they withdraw their savings?

Yes, the money belongs to the person and can be used for the acquisition of residence or the required completion.

What is it?

The National Savings Certificate can administer the layoffs of workers in public areas. This fund began to function in the year 1968.

This company has always progressed, working from the day to fulfill the dreams of the citizens who are affiliated, in housing.


The National Savings Fund They provide welfare assistance to all Colombians, converting their savings.


This institution wants to be considered as an efficient and sustainable place, to guarantee the total quality of the products, helping all the affiliates.


This company has its own values ​​that it fulfills every day:


This company acts honestly, with transparency, always complying to provide the best service to members.

I respect

Recognizes, values ​​and treats the best of all citizens, with their customs, religion, virtues and defects; regardless of their work, their origin, titles or any other condition.


They are in a position to solve the needs of the people who are related in the daily tasks, always looking for the well-being of the citizens.


This company acts impartially where it guarantees the rights of people, with equity, equality and without discrimination. They cater to any kind of people.

Also, the company is very active, because they always have that energy to help the affiliates. The people who work in this company work as a team, in a very harmonious way.

On their website you will find that in their promise of value, they promote value to all affiliates, so that they have access to a home, among many other things they can offer them.

For this reason, to culminate, this company generates confidence in Colombian citizens, because they seek a way to help them and above all solve their problems.


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