Negative Certificate AFP Forecast: Steps, How to Pay and MORE

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The Negative Certificate AFP Forecast It is a very important document for the citizens who live in Bolivia. This is a document of which you must have knowledge of both what it is for and the procedure to be carried out to obtain it.

In this article we are going to tell you everything related to Negative Certificate AFP Forecast. You just have to keep reading each section carefully and in detail. We are going to expand more on the requirements that you are going to request to obtain this certificate, the processing and payment procedure. Also, we will tell you what is essential for you to know before wanting to obtain your AFP Previsión Negative Certificate.

Stay with us and read on to find out about this and much more!

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Negative AFP Previsión Certificate

In order to get your Negative Certificate AFP Forecast It is necessary that you follow a procedure to be able to proceed with its proper processing. In this section we are going to talk to you about those steps to follow so that you do not have any doubts and do not present problems in the process.

In the first place, we must mention that forecasting is an essential and paramount measure since, through it, a guarantee of prosperity is given. This applies to every Bolivian citizen upon reaching the stage of old age. For this reason each person must have the Pension Fund in Bolivia.

Also, we must mention that everything related to contributions are processed through the AFP. Each document that you wish to obtain is generated, processed and administered by this entity. They are the ones who have the task of promoting and ensuring your social security, applying this to each Bolivian citizen.

When you reach an age in which you must retire, in the labor aspect, you must complete the process of your Negative Certificate AFP Forecasts. This will bring you down and give truth to the contributions that you make every month and that are in relation to your pension fund.

Now, after giving you a context of what this document is, we are going to explain what you will have to do to obtain it:

Procedure for obtaining the Negative Certificate AFP Forecasts:

It is worth mentioning that this procedure can be done online, which is easy, practical and effective. We must also highlight that before doing what we will present to you below, you are going to verify that you have no debts with the institutions.

  1. First you are going to enter the internet search engine that is of your preference.
  2. Following this, you will proceed to look for the Forecast web portal (click here to go to the page).
  3. In the window that will open there will be a part that says «Access to Virtual Branch» which you are going to press.
  4. Then you will select the option that says «Get into».
  5. Once you have done the previous steps, you are going to click on «Online Services for Employers» and you will press «Certifications».
  6. A window will open in which a form will be displayed. You must fill it out and complete all the information that is requested. Remember that you should not leave empty fields.
  7. After filling out the aforementioned form, you are going to press the button that will say «Get into».
  8. Among the tabs that will appear, you will select the one for certifications and then you will also select the one for «Certifications of No Debt». It is important that you have filled in the corresponding box.
  9. Instantly you will be able to view the file by double clicking on it to open the document in pdf format.
  10. And voila, once you have your document you can save it on your device or computer and then print it.
  11. This will depend on the intentions, convenience and manner of filing your certificate.

How to pay the Negative AFP Previsión Certificate?

Like any important document, its processing entails a cost that you must cover. In this section we are going to tell you about this point so that you have this information at your fingertips. Stay and keep reading about the payment process of the Negative Certificate AFP Forecasts.

We are going to make a list of all those institutions, or banking entities, through which you have the option of being able to make two payments requested by AFP Previsión. Read in detail the list that we will present to you and know the places you have available to cancel the fee.

  • The first bank you have to pay is Banco Unión.
  • Another option available is the National Bank of Bolivia.
  • As a third alternative you have the Banco Ganadero.
  • To this list we will add the Mercantile Bank of Santa Cruz.
  • Additionally you have Banco Fassil.
  • The Credit Bank will also be at your availability.
  • And, as a last alternative, you have the Community SME Bank.

Online payment options:

If you are interested, you can place the payment under a monthly form in an automated way. Through this configuration, the corresponding amounts will be instantly debited from your account, this being insured.

  • The Gananet system, belonging to Banco Ganadero, will be in operation for this process.
  • Through E-Bisa, Banco Bisa platform, you will also have the option of making the payment.
  • Credinet Web is available to cancel the fee, this platform belongs to Banco de Crédito de Bolivia.
  • Additionally you have Fassilnetl, from Banco Fassil.
  • And, as the last web portal to make the payment, you have that of the BBVA Bank.

What is it for?

As we have discussed previously, the Negative Certificate AFP Forecasts It has the function of providing security and watching over you when it comes to meeting the age limit to work. Through the AFP Forecasts, various things are fulfilled that will be functional for you and we are going to present them to you below.

  • The first function of this document is to manage the contributions that correspond to you as a worker. This is done at the national level throughout the entire territory.
  • Another function is to have the AFP entity and this will allow each of the citizens to have a merit for their services provided for years. This happens once the worker leaves.
  • It also gives you the power to generate the social security of each Bolivian. This for when you are old enough to be able to retire.
  • Additionally, the institution gives you the opportunity to have the State of Pension Savings, this happens twice a year. The dates in which these statements are granted are the respective ones for April 30 and October 30 annually.
  • Finally, we have that the information that will be supported when obtaining the Negative Certificate AFP Forecasts, is displayed on the web portal. That is, you can enter the AFP platform.
  • You can also check your information by going to the offices of each entity.

Important Data to Take into Account

When you want to process your Negative Certificate AFP Previsiones, you have to consider some relevant data. Thus highlighting the importance that is given to this document for the time when you have to retire. Read carefully and in detail the things that we are going to present to you below and do not miss out on learning more about this certificate.


Some of the important aspects that we have been able to collect for you about the Negative Certificate AFP Forecasts are as follows:

  • The first aspect to highlight of this certification is that the corresponding contributions will be managed through the AFP institution. Resources related to the pension fund are also included here.
  • We must also mention that there are other entities, similar to the AFP, through which you can manage these aforementioned matters.
  • Another aspect that we are going to highlight is that the entities are given the power to promote social security for all Bolivians. This is important for you to know by the time you reach your retirement age.
  • You must also know and have The prior knowledge of what forecasting means is an extremely simple and easy-to-understand concept. You must take care of executing it because it gives a guarantee.

This guarantee is related to the prosperity that each Bolivian citizen has the right to obtain and care for, upon reaching the age of old age.

  • Another fact to highlight is that you as an applicant have the possibility of generating the payment immediately and automatically. That is, you can configure the system so that it is discounted only month by month.

This refers to the bank account you have, you will not have the obligation to enter and cancel the amount that you are asked to pay.

  • Additionally you should know that in order to have your Negative Certificate AFP Forecasts it is a simple and practical process. You can do it through the platform of the institution that we mentioned.
  • The institution of the AFP is related to the fund that, as Bolivian citizens, you must contribute. The quota of this contribution has been a payment that you make for the future, for when you have to retire from work.
  • Finally, you can enter the forecast web page (click here) and request through it the AFP Certificate. You can also request an extract from the AFP Forecasts.

What is the AFP Previsión Negative Certificate?

As we have already been talking about, the Negative Certificate AFP Forecasts It is a document that has the purpose of giving security to Bolivians. The security that this provides from the social aspect guarantees you a reward when you retire.

It is important to highlight that the AFP is the institution that is in charge of this process and is the one that is in charge of the funds. In other words, this entity is in charge of the capital reserve that was processed by the Social Security Institute of each worker.

We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need to know about this important document.

We read soon!


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