New EPS Affiliation Form: How it is, Fill it out and MORE

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If you have heard about the New EPS of the benefits of being an affiliate, but you do not know what the Unique New EPS affiliation form. So, keep reading that here in this article we will give you the details you need to know.

Being part of this modern health affiliation system means enjoying the best and timely health services. Learn what this form is for and also how to fill it out. Continue reading that will provide you with highly important information.

How is the New EPS Membership Form?

The New EPS Affiliation Form It is one more advance in the affiliation system, in this way you can join the Health Promotion Entity of your choice and have the benefits that work best for you.

It is accessible for all people, it does not matter if they depend on a company or work independently.

After completing the new EPS affiliation form, the benefits are not only for the affiliate but also for the family group. You can access consultations, hospitalizations, medical emergencies, drug management, surgical interventions and many other services that members have.

Fill out the New EPS Membership Form

In the New EPS after downloading the New EPS Membership Form, you must proceed to fill out the following way:

  • First of all the data related to the procedure. You must indicate all the data that correspond to the procedure that you must carry out.
  • Then the basic identification data, the data of the contributor or the head of the family.
  • The supplementary data such as disabilities, ethnicity, among others.
  • Data of family identification, you must enter the data of each member of the family group up to a maximum of four.
  • You must make the identification of the employer or other contributors. Indicate data of the job or the activity that you carry out.
  • Make the news report, refers to some change you want to make.
  • The statements made or if any authorization will be carried out.
  • Must have the signatures of requesting affiliates, employees or heads of family and employer.
  • Attach documents that are pertinent to the case.
  • The data to be filled out are all the data that are the responsibility of the Territorial Entity.

Currently and with the new system, the New EPS membership form can be downloaded from any device.

What is the New EPS Membership Form for?

The New EPS Affiliation Form, It is used for the affiliation of a new client, it is also used to carry out any operation in the system, such as a request for a medical appointment.

If you want to join the Nueva EPS you must follow the following steps:

  • Fill out and download the form Unique Membership to New EPS.
  • The applicant must meet the membership requirements according to their situation, independent, pensioner, employee.
  • Of followed must echoose an option to make the affiliation effective.

What is Nueva EPS?

The Nueva EPS is a Public Limited Company which was created in 2007, is an entity that promotes health and the contributory regime. It became legal in Colombia in 2008 under Resolution No. 371.

In 2008 the Nueva EPS began to work with the Institute of Social Security (ISS). Over the years it has become one of the largest EPS in Colombia.

The New EPS offers all its affiliates a new system online with which they intend to facilitate and improve the management of health procedures that previously could only be done in person.

The New EPS Online is an instrument offered by the New EPS to facilitate the transactions that an affiliate has to carry out, without having to physically go to the customer service office.

This new tool allows carry out operations and have access to information 24 hours a day, the seven days of the week. The various operations that the affiliate can carry out in a remote manner are those mentioned below:

  • The application of medical appointments quickly.
  • Also, the cancellation of appointments.
  • The affiliations.
  • Likewise, I was able to do the printing of membership certificates.
  • You can also do the data update./su_list]

Also, you can do the following on the New EPS web portal:

  • Request disability certificates.
  • Carry out complaints, requests and suggestions.
  • You can generate a duplicate of the card.
  • Request annexes pending documents.
  • Likewise, you can join family groups.

The non-face-to-face service channels currently available to the New EPS are the following:

  • You can enter the web portal of the New EPS in the Transactional Zone.
  • Also, the Mobile App, which you can access from your mobile and thus use the various services provided by the EPS through the mobile application.
  • It also has the phone lines, which allow communication at the national level with the advisors who help you to carry out any procedure you require.

The New EPS has different telephone lines so that it can communicate and resolve doubts. If you are a Contributory Regime and you are in Bogotá, you can call (1) 3077022 or 018000954400.

If it is a Subsidized Regime, you can do it for free at the national line 018000952000.

To request medical appointments in the New EPS, you can do so by going to get medical appointment, obtain a medical appointment, then you must fill out the form with the username and password.

New EPS benefits

The company Nueva EPS is the largest in the health sector in Colombia. It has much more than 2,800,000 affiliates. It is a company that is focused on promoting new habits of health protection and prevention of future diseases. What he wants is to offer timely, specialized medical care with adequate accompaniment.

The company offers a program of services that are the following:

  • From Family planning.
  • Sexual and reproductive health.
  • The lifestyles healthy.
  • The addiction prevention.
  • Adequate relationship with family members.

Benefits offered by belonging to the New EPS:

  • They are the best strategic allies in the health area.
  • It has the best health institutions both public and private.
  • Supports not required and documents.
  • It has online information on membership status, health history, family group and contributions.
  • She is an occupational risk manager.
  • Likewise, from the pension fund.

The services offered by the New EPS are as follows:

  • Alternative medicine.
  • It has a 24-hour telephone orientation.
  • Very wide service networks.
  • The services with individual rooms have companions.
  • You have direct access to specialists.
  • Young people between the ages of 10 and 29 can easily access all prevention and promotion services and are cared for by highly qualified professionals.
  • You have access to 17 medical specialties.
  • Also, maternal and neonatal care.
  • Also, unlimited permanence.
  • The income is without age limit.

What is the New Affiliation Form EPS?

The New EPS Affiliation Form, It is an instrument or tool of the new system of the New EPS, with which the affiliation and other transactions in the system are made.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection through Resolution No. 974 of 2015 repeals Resolution 5602 of 2015 and the Unique Affiliation and Registration Form of news to the SGSSS, this comes together with the due instructions to fill out the form.

Those interested in download the New EPS affiliation form They must initially register on the web portal, facilitating the request without the need to fill out forms in person.

For enter Nueva EPS online and know the status of the membership application you can do it via:

  • The mobile app NEW EPS Mobile.
  • For online procedures
  • Likewise, through the national free line of the Tax Regime which is 018000954400.
  • Also, through the Administrator web portal of the Resources of the Security System.
  • Also, by the attention offices to the affiliate.

Think no more and join now, as you could read in the article that ends here, the procedure is quick and easy, download the New EPS Affiliation Form and ready.


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