New EPS Certificate: How to Download, Steps and MORE

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The New EPS Certificate, it is a voucher that confirms the status of those affiliates of the New EPS. There are many of the benefits that can be found for all affiliates in the New EPS.

Therefore, this article will show those benefits offered by the New EPS and the steps to obtain the certificate.

How to download the New EPS Certificate?

This procedure is very easy and we will show you here. In order to download this certificate from the new EPS, the first thing is to register on your website and comply with the following instructions, below:

  • Select the option «New EPS Online Transactions «, is in the upper right corner of the web page, identified with the eye color.
  • Automatically, you will be directed to the page where the user can be created. For this step you must select the option «Request a New User»
  • Then, it must «Accept the terms and conditions»
  • Then, you must select what type of user you are, with four different options: Affiliate, Employer, Advisor or IPS. In this case, the option must be chosen: «Affiliate»
  • Fill out the form that will appear on the screen, where you will have to upload all the data: Affiliate Information and Contact Information. The affiliate information that is requested is: Identification type, identification number, first and last name, date of birth. As for the contact information, you must indicate: department, city, address, mobile phone, landline, office phone and fax.
  • Finally, you must press the option «Accept»

Steps to Follow to Download

At the end of the registration and account creation, you must enter, using the username and password, it is sent to the email. This is very necessary, since when downloading the certificate of the New EPS, and the following must be fulfilled:

  • Select the option on the website «New EPS Online Transactions» where it is identified above.
  • In that case, it is entered with the username and password.
  • In the next screen where you welcome, selected the option of «Online services»
  • A new page will be displayed, in which the Affiliate POS option will be activated, where you must click. This will be displayed in the access menus in each of the available options.
  • Now, what you have to do is select the menu option «Customer service» and it is displayed in two options: Certification and Complaints or Claims.
  • By selecting the option «Certifications», a menu will be displayed with different certifications that are available. These certifications to which you have access are Affiliations, Contribution Weeks and Disability Pension Fund
  • The Affiliations option must be selected. This allows you to obtain the New EPS Affiliation certificate in two ways: «Everyone or Family Group». When choosing the option «Everyone», The system will allow you to download the certificates of the entire family circle on different pages. On the other hand, if you select «Family group», the certificate information is generated, including the data of the entire family group. Onscreen.
  • Then, the option must be selected «Print»

Affiliation inquiry

The benefits are available according to the characteristics of your membership.

  • New to the system like ptrained, independent and dependent workers.

You can have access to all health services from the date you join the EPS or from when the transfer or mobility became effective.

If the person is affiliated there are several new features in their conditions that may affect the benefits of health services. These affiliates have the right to:

  • Attention in case of any emergency
  • Promotion and Prevention Program member health.
  • Care for the mother and newborn by a Mandatory Health Plan.

If the case is of a newborn, it must be automatically affiliated with the EPS, this applies if the procedures for the following month are formalized in the affiliation with the certificate of live birth or its presentation in the civil registry.

  • Affiliates coming from another EPS

The NEW EPS is responsible for covering health services from the first day of the month since it comes until the date it is set on the company’s affiliation form.

The old EPS covering the notice of transfer to the NEW EPS, until long before starting the service in the new company.

If the requested records are made First 5 days of the month, will be effective for the month following the date of the aforementioned registration

Main EPS of Colombia

Below, you can find out some EPS of the country where this type of procedure can be carried out:


  • You can enter with this link
  • Enter the «Certification» section and click on «Affiliation»
  • Then click on «Generate»
  • Indicate if you want a certificate with employer information
  • Click on «Generate Certificate»
  • Then the certificate will be downloaded in PDF


  • Get in link
  • By clicking on «Membership Certification», you must enter the type of document and password.
  • If in case, the person does not have a password, you can do it with the option of «Register»

EPS Compensate

  • Join in Make up for
  • In the option «Online Transactions» in the upper right menu}
  • Enter the type of document and password.
  • When registering, click on «Online Transactions» and then on «Certifications»
  • Choose the type of certifications you want to obtain
  • Address the recipient’s name and click on «View»
  • This is how you can download the certificate

Total Health

  • Get in Total Health
  • Click on «Login» in the «Virtual Office» section
  • Select the type of user and identification, directing their access code.
  • Click on «Login»
  • It will be sent to you in a transactional portal where you can download the certificate.

What is the New EPS Certificate for?

East certificate of affiliations to an EPS It is one of the documents required by the company when hiring a worker or renewing the contract. For this reason, it is intended to make life easier for its users, most of the health promoting entity, allowing them to obtain the record virtually.

Through this transactional portal of your EPS, you can download the membership certificate, without being able to travel to a physical branch.

What is the New EPS Certificate?

The new EPS, is an entity that promotes health, comes from the contributory regime. The resolution No 371 of April 3, 2008 of the National Super Independence of Health, since it made the NEW EPS in Colombia.

This company is formed by giving a response to the report of the CONPES, is about the situation of the EPS of the Institute of Social Security (ISS). For 2008, the New EPS begins working with ISS users moving out of the company.

There are more than 10 years of work in the provision of the services of the health benefits plan and new users are acquired over time, it becomes one of the EPS largest in Colombia.

Its mission is to continue working constantly ensuring and managing the comprehensive protection of the health of our members. Comprehensive health protection: prevent, maintain and improve the health of the affiliated population.

This entity seeks an objective of offering its affiliated with new EPS, the opportunity to know how many weeks you can contribute, provide membership documents, guaranteeing health rights to citizens where access to health services without doing any complicated paperwork.


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