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The Certificate of Non-Declarant It is a proof that must be submitted by any natural or legal person who is not obliged to make a declaration of their taxable income. That is, if a citizen or company does not meet the minimum requirements of the law to declare their income in a fiscal year, they simply must present this certificate.

Next, in Colombia they require people for some social procedures such as scholarships, housing applications, among others, the support of the most recent tax return. However, if the potential taxpayer does not meet the requirement to declare income, the only document that supports such condition is the Certificate of Non-Declarant.

Keep reading so that you know more about this process.

Download the Certificate of Non-Declarant

On the other hand, the Certificate of Non-Declarant it is generally a format issued by the body that requires such a document. In this sense, the information contained in this certificate does not vary much except for some consideration made by the entity interested in this requirement. If you still don’t know how to get this certificate, don’t stop reading! that right now you will know what to do:

  • Make sure you have a computer, tablet, laptop or smart mobile at your disposal.
  • Find a secure internet connection.
  • Enter the browser of your choice such as Google or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Write «Non-Declarant Certificate Form».

  • There you will find different ModelsChoose the one that best suits the procedure you are doing.
  • Look for the «download» option and wait for the file to download.
  • Open the document and edit it according to the required procedure.
  • Save the document in an easy-to-identify file and then store it in a locatable folder on your PC.
  • Ready, you already have it available when you need to print the certificate to consign it in your social interest procedures.

Who Needs the Certificate of Non-Declarant?

In another vein, citizens in Colombia who do not declare their income, generally it is because the level of their net income does not reach the legal minimum to declare. In these cases, it is necessary for said persons or companies to present their Certificate of No Declarant.

Therefore, those subjects who are not going to find out their taxes and need the Certificate of Non-Declarant are:

Dependent workers, natural persons and inheritance

  • In cases where they are not responsible for declaring and paying the Value Added Tax or VAT.
  • If almost all of your gross income is the product of wages and salaries as a dependent worker.
  • Gross capital does not exceed 4,500 UT or 160,231,500.00 pesos until 12/31/2020.
  • Gross enrichment less than 1,400 UT or, failing that, 49,849,800 pesos for the entire year 2020.
  • Credit card and investment expenses should not exceed 1,400 UT or, failing that, 49,849,800 pesos in 2020.

Not domiciled in Colombia

  • That they prove that they do not have a residence somewhere in the country.

Other cases

  • People who apply for monotax. This is observed a lot in cases where tax rates are paid by deduction of the amounts of salaries for retirements and pensions.
  • Citizens who make a declaration by themselves of their income.

Important note: Remember that it is necessary at the time of exercising the Income Declaration, to identify the type of taxpayer classification.Thus, you will know if you are in the natural or legal persons who must declare their taxes or if they require to draw their Certificate of Non-Declarant.

That is why we invite you to consult with the Call Center of the Directorate of Taxes and Customs of Colombia. For that, you can call (571) 607 99 99 and (571) 382 45 00, during office hours. In this way, there will be a staff in tax matters that will assist you and will be able to clarify your doubts in this regard.

However, if you still need more information about this case or simply make a query on tax matters, you can use social networks or review the digital link. from the national tax authority.

Data that the Certificate of Non-Declarant Must Contain

On the other hand, the format of the Certificate of Non-Declarant it almost always retains the same structure and content, except for some variations suggested by DIAN each fiscal year. However, if you are going to carry out a social interest procedure and need the Certificate of Non-Declarant, here we indicate the data that the form should contain in general.

  • The town where the document is being managed.
  • Issue date of Certificate of Non-Declarant.
  • Indicate the reason why the citizen is a non-declarant.
  • Recipient of the certificate.
  • Certificate applicant data.
  • Applicant’s address.
  • Telephone and email of the interested party or non-declarant.
  • Economic trade carried out by the applicant.
  • Total enrichment received by the interested party in the previous fiscal year.
  • Total withholdings accumulated in the previous fiscal year.
  • Total value of the gross capital to the completed taxable year.
  • Detailed table of the economically dependent persons of the non-declarant (normally father, mother, wife and children are included)
  • Subscription by the interested party.

It should be noted that one of the advantages of this format is that its variations in each fiscal year are few. In addition, if you consult the Internet, it is possible to find various forms or forms whose filling is not difficult.

Therefore, you only have to adjust some data according to where the document is directed. For greater convenience, the institutions that request said document are in charge of issuing and requesting the completion of the certificate.

What is the Non-Declarant Certificate for?

On the other hand, many times you need to carry out some procedures of a social nature where they ask for a series of personal precautions. In this regard, in some cases the institutions, whether public or private, require that a user submit their last income statement vouchers to the treasury.

According to the above, if the applicant for the procedure is not a person with the capacity to declare income according to the aforementioned assumptions, then he must present the Certificate of Non-Declarant. Therefore, generally the institution receiving the documents already has a form for the interested party to fill out and voila, they already have their Certificate of Non-Declarant.

As explained, this Certificate must be presented when you need to do a social type of management. If you still do not know for which cases this certificate is used, look no further! We are going to list it below so that you can better guide yourself in this matter:

  • Application for student aid such as scholarships and grants.
  • Financial support for school supplies, educational credits, internships, courses abroad, attendance at conferences.
  • Registration in educational centers.
  • Banking procedures such as credit card applications, account opening and participation.
  • Application for credinomine and personal financing type credicash.
  • Aid for home loans and remodeling.
  • Financing of Research Projects.
  • Fourth level study grant.
  • Financing of graduates.
  • Application for grants for innovators and technologists.
  • Among other cases.

Where and when is the procedure done?

In Colombia, the management of Certificate of Non-Declarant it can be done anywhere in the country. In this regard, if the interested party or person is indeed a non-declaring income, the safest thing is that the institution receiving the collection will provide the return to the interested party. Or, the applicant turns to the Internet to search for a format of Certificate of Non-Declarant.

For this reason, a person or company that enters the list of classification of non-filing subjects of income to pay taxes, must fill out their certificate. Thus, this document must detail the data of the recipient organism that needs the certificate Non-Declarant and that the income of the interested party does not exceed the minimum indicated in the law.

In this case, the most advisable thing is to comply with this collection at the time of making the procedures for help or social support. Consequently, the information on the certificate at that time is related to the legal parameters to declare income for the previous fiscal year. Remember then, that in a later year, these parameters are modified according to the regulations of the Colombian Tax Directorate.

What is it?

Finally, throughout the Colombian territory, each fiscal year companies and individuals are subject to compliance with the income tax return and the payment of ISLR. However, there are cases typified in the law on the matter where the subjects are not taxpayers. Consequently, they are not required to file said declaration of gross income because said amounts do not exceed the maximum established for the declaration.

As indicated above, the Certificate of Non-Declarant to meet these cases. Therefore, this record justifies the non-obligation to declare income in the previous fiscal year.

In addition, it serves as a collection for those cases where it is necessary to process social support such as scholarships, grants, housing aid, study aid, educational loans, etc.

Thus, normally, the institutions that request this requirement, at the same time issue the Certificate of Non-Declarant so that the interested party can fill it out at once and thus speed up the process. If you are a non-declaring income taxpayer, this article has the information you need for these cases.

Get your Certificate of Non-Declarant, it’s for you and for Colombia!


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