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Requirements for Blue Card: know the Cost, Process and MORE

Like our credit cards, social media accounts, safes, and other items, our car also needs to be safe so that no unauthorized person drives it. For this reason it is that they will be talking about Requirements for the Blue Certificate. This card is extremely necessary for when someone who does not own the car … Read More

Justice Fee Form: Steps to Fill It Out, Data and MORE

This article will explain the importance of Justice Fee Form. First, we must start by highlighting that the Justice Tax is a tax that all citizens must pay to access its services. This means that if Argentine citizens want services in the judicial sphere, they must complete the Justice Fee Form, and then proceed with … Read More

Medical License Form LM-01: Format, Filling and MORE

You are in Argentina and you need to do the Medical License Form LM-01. Next, we will indicate how you should carry out the process. In this article you will get all the information about it. The Medical License Form LM-01, allows a worker in the training area to face a circumstance that requires them … Read More

Form 572: Submit, Fill It Out and MORE

The Form 572 is used to make tax deductions with respect to the Income Tax, in the form of an affidavit. It is a very important tool that you should take into account if you are a dependent worker. That is, you must know everything about this document. Today we will be talking about how … Read More

Form 5.5 before ANSES: Steps, What it is for and MORE

This article will explain everything related to Form 5.5 before ANSES. Workers in Argentina can opt for a social work, it is something for sure. This social work it works to protect workers so they can enjoy services and benefits. But there is the possibility that the person can change to another social work, if … Read More

Form 5.3 before ANSES: Format, Utility and MORE

The Form 5.3 before ANSES It is an affidavit of the worker and his family group affiliated with the National Health Insurance System. This document has the objective of being a bridge for citizens to join a social work. That means that everything described in it must be real and verifiable. This benefit is so … Read More

AFIP Form 460 J: How it is, Completed and MORE

The AFIP Form 460 J is a document intended to benefit health services for you and other employees in Argentina. Thus, the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), constitutes the organism in charge of the execution of tax and customs policies and collection of resources of the Nation’s social security. Similarly, it is important to … Read More

AFIP Form 460: How it is, Completed and MORE

The FAFIP form 460 It is a requirement for any self-employed or monotax worker. To tell the truth, it is a form with a very simple format to acquire and fill out, it must be processed before the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP). Saying AFIP Form 460, It is used to request your CUIT … Read More

Form 4550: Steps, How It Is and MORE

Manage the Form 4550 It is essential, since the importation of merchandise through foreign suppliers is one of the most important operations and also generates excellent profits in Argentina. In this article we expose the steps to follow to process it, what the Form is like, how it should be completed, what it is for, … Read More

Form 420 R for Customs: Download, Fill and MORE

The Form 420 R corresponds to the Customs Declaration that the interested party must make in registering in the Special Customs Records established by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP). For this reason, knowing where to get it and how to fill it out correctly is so important. And we will tell you today! … Read More

AFIP Form 408: How it is, Steps to Fill It Out and MORE

The Form 408 AFIP It is a document granted by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues. Likewise, this entity has a wide variety of procedures that can be carried out through forms that applicants must fill out. Therefore, it is important to know how to manage each of these obligations. Also, this institution is responsible … Read More

AFIP Form 575: How it is, Steps and MORE

The AFIP form 575 It is a document that you should have on hand whenever you start any employment relationship with a new domestic service employee. Through this tool you will be able to pay and declare the contributions and social security contributions of the workers of private homes that you are in charge of. … Read More