Patrimonial Contribution Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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Currently, Bolivian citizens who have doubts and are interested in requesting the Certificate of Patrimonial ContributionThey must bear in mind the precautions to be consigned in order to successfully complete the process. There are several questions on how to register the company.

In this article, the owners who wish to establish a company must know that the National Registry requires a social capital to legally create the company. Therefore, before doing any procedure, it is important that it is already created and registered. Take into consideration, everything that we explain below.

Find out here about the procedures to obtain the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution!

Requirements for the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution

Know that these are the precautions that every Bolivian must consign. Similarly, it is an endorsement that the partner contributes in cash to the company and is backed by the government. Next, we will explain it to you:

  1. Each of the applicants must bear the name and address of the owner or owners; as well as their fundamental occupation and, where appropriate, their business name; so the files are obviously approved.
  2. Applicants must also bear the name and address of the Organization; and with this cover each of the needs.
  3. Each of the applicants must transmit the express notice of Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution; so that the specialists do not have any type of problem.
  4. Likewise, candidates must present the amount of the Organization’s capital stock, the number of certificates corresponding to agreement “B”. and the nominal value of the equity contribution certificates.
  5. These will be each one of the certificates that must be registered at the time they are due.
  6. Each one of those involved must transmit the particular notice of having a place according to «B» and the poster that refers to 34% of the capital offer of the responsible Organization.
  7. Subsequently, you must enter the progressive figure that allows you to individualize each statement; as legally required.
  8. Finally, each participant must transmit the records in original without amendments and on a mandatory basis.

In the same way, as you can see, the requirements are totally basic when doing this cycle. Take into account all the documents that you must present to the entity. Do not wait more!

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution

Next, we will clarify the means you must follow to acquire the declaration of commitment:

  • First you must enter the page, official of the entity. In the event that the page presents some kind of problem, you will have to wait because the system becomes congested.
  • When entering, you must choose the alternative that says «Virtual branch access.»
  • When the frame has been entered correctly, you must choose the alternative to contact the “Online Services for Employers”.

Other considerations

  • Another window will open and what you have to do is press the confirmation option.
  • Lastly, there will be various structures for people to enter the information mentioned by the system.
  • Similarly, this data must be correct. The system demands that it be verified and as long as everything is registered, you have to touch the input interface.

Characteristics of the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution

The capital stock refers to the value of the assets contributed by the partners of a company at the time of its constitution. Therefore, all the documents must be in order so that the company can operate.

Next, we detail the most outstanding characteristics of the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution:

  • It allows to verify the contribution made.
  • It gives legitimacy to the company.
  • It empowers members to participate in ordinary and extraordinary assemblies of partners, and benefits them with all the products and services that the company offers.
  • The state will issue the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution.

What is it for?

The contribution certificate is an instrument that allows the company to verify contributions or donations to the state. Among the most outstanding advantages, is that of allowing to obtain credits, buy certificates, and sell them.

The purchase of contribution certificates allows the investor to acquire titles, to form part of the capital and equity of the issuing company. This procedure allows the applicant to have more position in the market.

Return of the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution

The closed investment funds and early affiliations have the obligation to restore the Patrimonial Contribution Certificates to the owners who demand it. This occurs if the return is not in accordance with the rights established in the LGSC and their positions, thus, they will not have the option to do so when the benefits of membership are insufficient to cover their requirements.

What is it?

The Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution, is an instrument that gives legality to registered credit documents based on Art. 11 and regulated by the forms of Art. 2 of the General Law of Credit Titles and Operations.

All corresponding to the law and the contributions to be made, in order for them to comply with their due legality with the state. It is important to be transparent when supplying the data, the acceptance of the procedure depends on it.

Patrimonial Commitments are activities that are presented to the State through the transmission or donation of a totality of benefits in order to contribute to the advancement of society.

When all is said, the commitments that are made are generally for explanations related to the money behind the ideas of delivery of duties, or where appropriate, gifts to the state.

How to obtain a contribution certificate?

To get the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution, It is important to complete a progression of steps related to all the essential needs to have the option of handling the document. Keep in mind that this process is easy and simple.

The advances that accompany it are vital to obtain it, for this reason we quote the following:

  • Have all the vital necessities.
  • Make the comparison commitments.
  • When commitments are made and all your information is confirmed, the authentication will be transmitted to you.
  • By following these simple previews, you will have the option to request and purchase the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution in Bolivia.

Who should process it?

It must be prepared in a simple and brief way by the person who really needs it, although anyone who is available in Bolivia can also complete it. On the other hand, people who cannot appear must submit an approval.

Important information

As significant information, this authentication has different prerequisites to be legitimate by law. In addition, that this tends to show that it has committed itself to the Bolivians.

Fundamentally, for this, it is important to have all the individual data of the citizen along with their mark and verification for said cycle. Without prejudice to transmitting the data of the organization or company that assumes the commitment.

Sometimes it is important to determine the occupation that the citizen exercises in the organization together with his position. In addition, the announcement of the patrimonial duty, which specifies that the commitment of the credit that has been mentioned before the state is made.

So that, within a period of time, the delivery of the equivalent is made. It is significant that all residents request a strong representative for the state. What’s more, they can assume their due commitments until they fulfill their obligation.

Commitments are also allocated to pay the contributions that the state expects residents to pay for specific administrations. So that they can live with good personal satisfaction depending on all the essential administrations.

All the commitments assumed are to pay the aforementioned credit, remembering in a similar way that these commitments will be reinvested in resources for society, in order to build new bases for the advancement of the town.

Make all the commitments related to the State, so that you can appreciate a dignified existence without commitment, we trust that you will continue with us on our site for more data.

Frequent questions

Where do you get information to start a business?

The Directorate General for Industry offers you a guided climate where the vital methods of starting a business gradually become clear.

What is the legal representative of a company?

A legal representative is an individual who follows up in the interest of another, whether it be for a characteristic individual or a legitimate individual. Legal representation is commonly permitted by public deed.

The portrait allows the legitimate delegate to assume responsibility for the organizations, commitments and privileges of the spoken; having the option of managing and discarding them according to the conditions prevailing at the time the representation was made.

The legal representative in commercial companies, is it unique or can there be several?


The organization and representation of an organization is practiced by the Administrative Body of the equivalent, as indicated by the structure that said body has in accordance with the provisions of local laws. Remember to follow each of these steps so that you can be successful with the Certificate of Patrimonial Contribution.

Thanks for reading, we hope the information has been helpful!


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