Paying the Ripley Card: Steps, Where and MORE

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If you are a client of Banco Ripley, you will be interested in the topic we are dealing with in this article, what is it about How to Pay the Ripley Card, but also if you want to get a Ripley Card here we show you how to do it.

Read on and learn more about the Ripley Card and clarify the concerns that you probably have in some aspect. Learn about the steps to pay for the Ripley Card, where you can do it, and the benefits of owning this card. Go ahead and read on.

Steps to Pay the Ripley Card

In this section you will learn about the steps to follow to make the payment of the Ripley Card in a comfortable, practical and simple way.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • You must enter the web portal Ripley bench From Chile.
  • Click on the «Login» button, located at the top right of the screen.
  • Place the Ruth and password only.
  • Then you need to go to the top of the screen where it appears «Pay Your Account Statement Here».
  • You shouldchoose the payment method and follow the steps indicated online.
  • Validate the operation you just performed.
  • Wait a few minutes while the request loads and issues the cProof of payment.

Where can I pay for the Ripley Card?

To make the payment of the Ripley Card you no longer have an excuse, since there are several ways to do it in an easy and practical way.

You can pay for the Ripley Card at the following payment sites:

  • You can do it by entering the Ripley Bank web portal with the four-digit password and Ruth. If you do not have the password yet, you can apply at the Ripley Store Service Centers or at the different Ripley Bank Branches.
  • You can make the payment of the Account Statement in the Ripley Bank Agencies located inside the Ripley Stores.
  • Also, in all boxes located in Ripley Stores.
  • Likewise, you can pay the Ripley Card with the Checking Account or Vista Account in the following banking institutions: Banco Estado, Banco de Chile, Santander, Banco Bice, Banco Edwards, HSBC and BBVA.
  • Similarly, you can make the payment of the Ripley Card at Servipag, choosing the option to Add an account and selecting the Ripley logo. Then associate the number on the Ripley Card.

Ripley Card Benefits

Having the Ripley Cards is a great advantage that you have, since you have countless benefits. Ripley Bank has three types of card: the Ripley Card, the Ripley Mastercard and the Ripley Debit Card, all with extensive and incredible benefits.

Below are the benefits to Ripley Card holders.

Ripley Credit Card Benefits:

  • Offer exclusive opportunities at Ripley Stores and the Ripley Online Store.
  • They have for their clients special discounts at associated stores.
  • There is also the accumulation of Ripley GO Points on all your purchases, one point for every 100 pesos in Ripley Stores, one point for every 200 pesos outside of Ripley Stores.
  • He too 40% discount in restaurants
  • Can do 24 hour Cash Advance transfers in Ripley Chile online, also, at Banco Ripley branches from Monday to Friday.
  • Likewise, you can do the online bill pay with no transaction fee.
  • Enter the Share Mastercard program and its exclusive benefits.
  • You can have the protection of your purchases in case of theft, damage or robbery.
  • You can also shop and use the ATMs abroad.
  • Receive security messages on the cell phone for purchases over 50,000 pesos.
  • There is no cost for international commission on purchases physical abroad or online.

Ripley Debit Card Benefits

The Ripley Debit Card for the Vista Account allows you to make purchases at Ripley Stores in Chile and abroad. The benefits are as follows:

  • Enjoy the Exclusive opportunities offered by Ripley Stores and Ripley Online Store.
  • You can collect Ripley GO Points, one point for every 100 pesos in Ripley Stores and one point for every 200 pesos outside the Ripley Store.
  • Offers tour in ATMs in Chile and abroad (CIRRUS) and boxes of the branches of Banco Ripley.
  • Also, you can make your shopping abroad.
  • Likewise, do the account payments online at no cost per operation performed.

Paying the Ripley Card: What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Debt?

If you are a Ripley Bank customer and have incurred a debt with the Ripley Card, pay attention to these information that we give you in this section.

In case of being a debtor of the Ripley Card, Banco Ripley and CAR SA can initiate legal actions corresponding to obtaining the payment of the debt and report the delinquent debt to the public records of commercial delinquency, which keep the delinquency records. commercial.

Then, after 60 days of delinquency in payment, or 30 days in the case of a debt of more than 200 UF, they have the power to immediately enforce the entire debt in question, as if the unpaid balance were term expired.

Extrajudicial collection procedures for money credit operations can be carried out directly by CAR SA or Banco Ripley. Also, you can do it through the company Sociedad de Cobranzas Payback Limitada or whoever is designated for it.

The extrajudicial collection mechanisms operate through the mechanisms used by Banco Ripley, which consists of sending text messages, letters to the debtor customer’s address and emails.

Likewise, collection procedures can be made over the phone, through the interactive consultation telephone terminal (IVR), or through home visits to debtor customers. In addition, the expenses for the extrajudicial collection are in charge of the debtor client and it is accrued after the first 20 days of default, applying the respective percentage on the amount of the debt due on the due date.

If the debtor is not notified through the extrajudicial collection management, the collection percentages for these procedures decrease by that proportion.

Paying the Ripley Card: Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the most frequent concerns that Ripley Bank customers have with the use of the Ripley Card, the following are mentioned.

Where can I find out about my Ripley balance and Go Points?

Information is available at:

  • You must enter the Ripley Bank web portal From Chile.
  • Also, you can do it by Ripley Bank App.
  • Likewise, through the Ripley Matics of any of the Ripley stores.
  • communicating through phone number 800203220 or from the mobile to 227 689 200.

What is the validity of the Ripley Go Points?

Go Points have a valid for 12 months from the date corresponding to the accumulation. In the case of the Gold category, the points are valid for 24 months from the date of accumulation.

Where can I get my Ripley Statement?

You can enter the website and request the Account Statement.

Access with the Rut and the four-digit password on the main page and select Card Account Statement.

Likewise, you can approach the Ripley Stores throughout Chile and the executives deliver the Statement of Account.

Also, you can consult the Account Statement and print it in all the Ripleymatics located in the different Ripley Stores or at Ripley Bank branches across the country.

How can you get a Ripley Card?

To obtain the Ripley Card, you must fill out the form or visit any of the Ripley stores nationwide.

How can I inquire about available Ripley products?

You can go to any of the Ripley Stores and Ripley Bank Branches across the country. Likewise, you can make the query on the Ripley Bank web portal and in the Ripleymáticos. In addition, you can contact Customer Service at the number 800 203 220.

What is the Ripley Bank?

Ripley Corp. is a holding of companies that group the retail, real estate and financial businesses, with a presence in Chile and Peru. This group was created by the Calderón brothers in 1956, then in 1964 they opened the first Ripley store.

In 1997 it began operations in Peru, and in 2000 they launched their business portal. Banco Ripley was created on May 2, 2002 and began operations on May 17, 2002.

According to the banking line of Chilean department stores, the bank specialized in offering financial services to the middle class through delivery of loans and credit cards. The vast majority of the branches are located in the same Ripley Stores.

In February 2020, it launched the mobile payment option with the contactless payment system for all debit and credit accounts.

If you finished the excellent reading, you already know well How to Pay the Ripley Card In Chile, take into consideration everything you read and do not fall into default.


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