PEP Certificate: Requirements, Procedure and MORE

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In recent times, Venezuela and other countries in the region have had economic and social problems, which has led their citizens to emigrate from their country of origin in search of new opportunities. Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest economic development in the region, which has led many people to want to immigrate, for that they will initially need the PEP certificate.

Given the great need and demand to acquire this document, we bring you this article that will teach you a lot about this special residence permit. You will learn the requirements, the process, what it is for and much more; after reading this article you will be able to request it with all the information you need.

If you are looking for a new opportunity in your life, make sure you do things right.

Requirements for the PEP Certificate

In this section of the article we are dedicated to teaching you the documents or requirements that you must submit in order to acquire the PRP. The first thing you should know is that in order to obtain the PEP certificate You must enter or have entered through any of the official border points.

Therefore, the first requirement is to enter Colombia formally, that is, when entering your passport it must be stamped. Which confirms that your entry was authorized by the immigration authorities. Next, we bring you the collection information that you must enter in order to obtain the PEP.

  • Valid passport with which you entered the country in previous days. The stamp or authorization of entry by the immigration department must also be reflected in it.
  • Original and current identity card, issued by the Venezuelan authorities.
  • In case of being a minor and not having an identity card, the original birth certificate or certificate must be consigned.

Those are all the requirements, as you could see they are very simple. Therefore, being a document that is made to facilitate the life of the Venezuelan diaspora, not obtaining it is wasting a great opportunity.

Once you meet the requirements set out in this segment, you must follow the process described in the next section to request and obtain the PEP certificate successfully.

Procedure to Obtain the PEP Certificate

Once you meet all the requirements, you must start processing your certificate, the process is done virtually. That is, you must do it through the official website of the «Ministry of Foreign Affairs»To be more specific through the migration department.

But if you don’t know how to do it, you don’t have to worry. In this section we will show you a list of steps to follow, in which we will leave you the link to the page you must visit to carry out the process of applying for and obtaining the PEP.

Steps to follow

  • The first thing is to enter through the formal mechanisms and meet the requirements.
  • The second is to enter the official website of the department of migration of «Ministry of Foreign Affairs«
  • Then you must click on the option «Venezuela Section«
  • Once you do, you must select the option «Special Permit to Stay»
  • Then you must click on the option «PEP application«
  • Then, it will send you to a page where the following is indicated: You must not have a criminal record, nor have you been deported or expelled from Venezuela
  • Finally, you must select the type of document with which you entered, the number of the respective document, indicate the date of birth and enter the indicated security code.
  • Ready, you just have to click on search and the PEP Certificate will automatically be generated on the screen.

Once you finish the process and have your residence permit, it is recommended to print and laminate it. It is a very simple and very fast process, do not miss the opportunity to obtain it and have the support of the law.

In case the search has an erroneous result, it is recommended to follow the instructions that should appear in the error message. You can even go to the different service points at the established hours or you can also call the number 01 8000 51 04 54

PEP Certificate Verification Code

Due to the great demand and great utility of the document, there are certain forgeries of it. For this reason, the immigration authorities add numerical and QR verification codes, which gives them the possibility to verify if it is authentic easily.

Even anyone can verify the legality and authenticity of your PEP certificate. In order to do so in this section we bring you a kind of manual with the steps you must follow and thus verify the authenticity of your PEP certificate.

Steps to verify

  • The second is to enter the official website of the department of migration of «Ministry of Foreign Affairs«
  • Then you must click on the option «Venezuela Section«
  • Once you do, you must select the option «Special Permit to Stay»
  • Afterwards, you must click on the option «PEP status«
  • Then, it will send you to a page where two options are presented, you must select the option «Verify Certificate«
  • Once you do, a list will be displayed in which you must enter the numerical verification code that appears on your PEP certificate. You must also write the code that appears to you on the screen.
  • Then, click on «Verify Code», wait for the result and voila, that’s how easy it is to verify your special residence permit.

In summary, both processes are very simple and completely online. You have at your disposal all the mechanisms to request your PEP certificate, download and print it. But also, you have at your disposal the mechanisms to verify its code and therefore its authenticity.

In that sense, the Colombian immigration department is very efficient. Since, it gives immigrants the tools, and it is up to them to do things through formal means and self-manage their documents at the time they want.

Validity of the PEP Certificate

It is important to highlight before the validity period of the certificate in question, that the process of requesting and obtaining it is done entirely online and does not have any type of cost. Do not accept that an official charge you for the certificate, in case it happens you must report it to the authorities of the country.

Once that point is clarified, the next thing you should be very clear about. The PEP Certificate is valid for two years after its issuance. However, you have the possibility and the right to renew it, it is the same or easier than requesting it for the first time.

Although the two-year term seems to be very little, you have the renewal factor in your favor. And, in the course of the validity period, you can process an immigration visa or even naturalize as a Colombian.

Who Needs It?

This certificate is aimed at those Venezuelans who wish to enter legally, and settle temporarily in the country. Because, it is obtained once you enter through the official immigration points, and it will allow the bearer to access jobs, basic services, being protected by the Law.

Many of the Venezuelans who enter Colombia illegally can access jobs. However, as it is an informal job, they may be paid less than the national minimum wage, or even be forced to work more than what is stipulated by law.

Therefore, the certificate is needed by those who want to seek new opportunities in their life, doing things well and always being protected by the Law. That is, it is intended to defend the basic rights of people who simply want to obtain a better style. of life.

What is it?

As mentioned at the beginning, the PEP certificate It is given to Venezuelans who wish to have a permit to stay in Colombian territory. The certificate allows them to be legally according to immigration regulations.

Not only that, it also allows wearers to access and perform life-sustaining activities. That is, it allows them access educational services, get medical care, get jobs and much more. In short, it is a document that allows Venezuelans, given the situation in their country, to live in Colombian territory and carry out their lives.

Its purpose is to alleviate life, the migratory process and open the doors to Venezuelans who want so much to find a new lifestyle. It also allows the Colombian government to maintain control and a record of the people who enter the country, and the purpose for which they do so.

Because a Venezuelan who belongs to the diaspora and only wants to enter Colombia because it is on the route of their destination, they will not need to acquire the PEP certificate. Therefore, it is a document that provides a lot of information to the authorities and is extremely important for maintaining social order.

Enter legally, acquire the PEP and develop your life with the law on your side.


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