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The Performance Certificate It is a procedure required to receive contributions or financial support from the State. In the case of Spain, the SEPE issues this document through various communication channels: online, face-to-face, call center, among others.

The main objective of this article is that you know all the details related to the requirements, steps to follow, types of certificates and much more that will make you obtain this document quickly and easily.

We invite you to continue reading with us!

Steps to Follow to Request the Certificate of Benefits

First of all, the Performance Certificate It is a fundamental document in the area of ​​the Public State Employment Service (SEPE) of Spain. As well as, this type of certificate will allow you to obtain all the benefits related to these contributions from the State.

Today in Spain, the issuance of this certificate is crucial to contribute to the social welfare of the country. In addition, benefits are a priority element for exceptional cases such as: unemployment, retirement, senior citizens, among others.

However, the SEPE in Spain establishes a series of mandatory collections to proceed with the issuance of the Pension Certificate. Still don’t know what they are? Relax, read them here calmly!


  • Personal Identification Document (DNI).
  • Current email.
  • Phone number.
  • Document certifying that you do not receive other types of pensions from the State.
  • Other relevant documents.

Documents submission

  • All documents must be submitted in original form and photocopy.
  • Each of these must be fully legible and not have any amendments.
  • If necessary, present each of the requirements in a manila folder.

Once the consignment of all the collections is finalized, a series of important steps must be continued. Fortunately, the SEPE of Spain has several informative channels that will allow more access to the Performance Certificate.

Next, we will tell you each one of them, Take note of everything !:

Call center

  1. Contact SEPE’s «Citizen Service» at 900 81 24 00 by phone.
  2. Wait to be served by an auto attendant.
  3. Select the part «Certificate of Performance»
  4. Provide all the necessary data and documents.


Option 1: Online

  1. Get a good internet connection.
  2. Enter the SEPE page with safe explorer, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or others.
  3. Check the option «Obtain certificates».
  4. Select the preferences for the type of certificate you want.
  5. Have close the Personal Identification and the personal password of the system.
  6. Check the option «Digital Certificate or electronic DNI».
  7. If you do not have your electronic ID, you can use the «PIN by mobile phone» option:
    1. You put the affiliated phone number in the Social Security of Spain.
    2. Wait for the text message and then write the code.
    3. Press the option «Certificate of Benefits».
    4. Click «Confirm» and then «OK».

Option 2: Online

  1. Access the SEPE website.
  2. Click «Citizens».
  3. Mark «Reports and Certificates».
  4. Select «Features».
  5. Enter your username and password. Likewise, you can place the text message code in the event that you do not have your Clavenet.
  6. Verify that the Pension Certificate is correct.

Similarly, you can «Download» and «Print» this document in PDF format:


  • Check that the Pensione Certificates corresponds to your data.
  • Click on the «Download» option in PDF format.
  • Create and save in an easily accessible folder.
  • Put a name to identify this document on your computer.


  • You can select the folder where you saved the Pension Certificate.
  • Make the right click on the «Print» option.
  • Choose the print details: destination, number and size of pages.
  • Verify that the document is fully legible once it is printed.

Attention! According to the regulations of the Spanish SEPE web platform, only one document can be downloaded per day.


  1. Locate the SEPE offices corresponding to the Province where you currently reside.
  2. Apply for «Citizen Service» and expect to be attended by a social worker.
  3. Subsequently, notify your purpose of the visit to the agency: Obtain the Pension Certificate.
  4. Lend all the documents and precautions mentioned above.
  5. Verify that the Pension Certificate is correct.
  6. Enjoy your Pension Certificate!


  1. Send an email to this email address (search).
  2. Enter all the data associated with the SEPE of Spain.
  3. Wait for the answer in this way and follow the instructions in the mail.

Types of Performance Certificate

Spain’s SEPE has the particularity of issuing various types of Performance Certificate. For this reason, it is important that you know all the details of each one and choose the one that best suits your conditions.

Status CertificateCurrent Performance CertificateAmount Certificate for periodsAnnual Amount CertificateCertificate of pending amountsPersonal income tax certificate
  • This document will show whether the person corresponds to unemployment benefits. For this, an explanatory letter and all the documents associated with this procedure must be used.
  • This type of Performance Certificate reflects the full amount of benefits granted by SEPE. As well as, the credits corresponding to each month of the year.
  • Complete calculation of all the benefits obtained in each month of the year. In addition, the deductions made by the State are verified.
  • Corresponds to the total amount granted in the year. Also, you can view all annual deductions.
  • Verify through this type of certificate, the days you must charge and how much you will receive per month.
  • This type of document is essential for the annual declaration of income, since it shows all the benefits obtained and withheld in the (12) months of the year.

Do you want more information about the types of Performance Certificate? Don’t wait any longer, find out here!

  • Ask for an appointment at the SEPE offices in Spain.
  • Request «Citizen Service» and ask to be attended immediately.
  • It facilitates all the requirements mentioned above.
  • Ask for information about the «Types of Performance Certificate» that exist in the SEPE of Spain.

On the other hand, the Performance Certificate It is subdivided into various categories:

    • Summary of benefits.
    • Breakdown of benefits.
    • Benefits without amounts.
    • IRFPF.
    • Revaluation of depressions.
    • Low or suspended pensions.
    • Negative of Pensions.
    • Beneficiaries of deductions.

What is the Certificate of Benefits for?

Like all procedures, the Performance Certificate It is crucial to complete a social administrative process granted by the State of Spain. Therefore, this type of certificate is essential to support all amounts awarded for benefits.

In the same way, this document is important to finalize other types of procedures, such as:

  • Income declaration.
  • Investment of real estate.
  • Purchase of medicines.
  • Recreational activities.
  • Other relevant.

It fits It should be noted that this Social Security institution allows collaboration with the beneficiaries regarding benefits, subsidies and other types of economic cooperation. For this reason, every year they issue various types of certificates to verify these payments.

In addition, in their electronic channels they have the necessary tools to obtain the Performance Certificate in pdf format. As well as, you can choose to have other types of procedures in this same format.

Thanks to the alliances that the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has, retired citizens will be able to receive every month the Performance Certificate. In addition, this type of body chooses to grant the CCertificate of Performance for unemployment.

Another point under consideration is that this Spanish body issues this document in order to communicate both the beneficiaries of the benefits process, and the different entities registered in the social employment system.

Overview 2020

Currently, with the health crisis, Covid-19, the SEPE continues to issue this document through its web platform. The latter, with the aim of protecting Spanish citizens, complying with biosafety regulations.

What are the Benefits?

In this section, we want to tell you how important it is as a retired citizen from your workloads, to enjoy your social benefits, to increase your standard of living in Spain. Thus, the benefits are characterized by being contributions that the State grants each year, especially to individuals who have finished their working period and are enjoying their retirement.

Likewise, this help or cooperation that Spanish citizens receive, allows them to improve their living situation. Simultaneously, in the Performance Certificate reflects the social deductions that are made annually.

Frequent Questions about Benefits

In general, administrative procedures around the world raise some doubts about the process. Therefore, the Performance Certificate is no exception to this type of situation. So, in this section we want to answer the main doubts and concerns made by users who request this type of certificate:

What is the Certificate of Benefits?

As mentioned above, the Performance Certificate It is a document that reflects all the contributions received annually. In addition, this type of Certificates is issued by the SEPE of Spain, known as the Public State Employment Service.

Similarly, this institution has several channels to issue this document quickly and easily. As well as, in their offices you will have the opportunity to know the different types of Performance Certificates granted by this body.

Now, this document is essential to obtain another series of administrative procedures and papers, such as: dincome statement, real estate investment, subsidies, among others. Likewise, it is a certificate that provides all the contributions received in a year; as well as, those social deductions made by the State.

Finally, we recommend that you read our sections again regarding the requirements and mandatory precautions, to obtain this document as quickly as possible.Don’t wait any longer, request it!

Take care of your future, issue your Certificate of Benefits!


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