Permanent Residence Form: Format, Utility and MORE

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The permanent residence form It is of great interest to those people who decided to immigrate to another country in search of new opportunities. They will also be able to obtain immigrant benefits once they apply for permanent residence in the country to which they immigrated.

In this case, if you decided to immigrate to Peru This article is for you!, through this article we intend to correctly inform you about the usefulness of the permanent residence form. For example, what are the requirements and more, Just keep reading!

Permanent Residence Form Format

Clearly, the permanent residence visa application form is in a PDF document, which is made up of one (1) page. In this way, the document is divided into four parts, the first corresponds to the information collection boxes of the petitioner’s personal data.

Whereas, the second part of the form corresponds to an enumerated list of the documents consigned by the applicant for the processing of the visa. Consecutively, the third part refers to the visa petition.

Finally, the fourth part of the form is exclusively for official use by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility. Likewise, at the top of the form there are some items that are to select the reason for applying for the visa.

Similarly, in the upper right corner of the document is a suitable space to place a passport-type photograph of the applicant. On the other hand, at the bottom of the form is the box for official use for officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility.

How to fill out the Permanent Residence Form?

To start filling in the form, the applicant must provide their personal data. Among them: full name, passport number, expiration date, place of birth, nationality, date of issue, issuing country and occupation of the petitioner.

Also, it should reflect your email, cell phone number, home phone number, work phone number. Likewise, you must indicate your marital status and domicile address. Otherwise, in the second part of the form, the applicant must list the documents included in the visa application.

Then, the next part of the form corresponds to the visa petition. In which the petitioner must indicate and justify the reasons for which he is requesting the permanent residence visa, he must also indicate the date on which he is making the application and the petitioner’s signature.

Usefulness of the Permanent Residence Form

The usefulness of the permanent residence form lies in granting a citizen the opportunity to settle in the Ecuadorian State. Including immigration benefits, such as the right to vote, in addition to the right to work and remain in Ecuadorian territory.

Who should process it?

In effect, the granting of a permanent residence visa is a document addressed to all foreign nationals of South America. Who are individuals who enter the country with the purpose of establishing themselves and carrying out regular activities with a migratory status.

That is, the applicant, once obtaining the permanent residence visa, will be able to exercise the same rights as a native citizen. It is important to clarify that the visa not only applies to foreign nationals of the States of South America, but also applies to anyone around the world. Since Ecuador welcomes everyone.

Requirements for Permanent Residence in Ecuador

Although it is true, in order to carry out the management of a procedure, it is important to collect the necessary requirements that will allow its execution. In this case, We refer to the requirements to obtain permanent residence in Ecuador through a form.

In this way, the requested requirements are the following:

  • Updated photograph, with white background. It must be printed in color in JPG format. The capacity must be a maximum of one (1) MB and its size must be 5 x 5 centimeters or, failing that, (2 x 2 inches).
  • Regarding the petitioner’s facial expression, it should be neutral (preferably) or show a natural smile with both eyes open.
  • Original and photocopy of the passport, which must be valid.
  • Original certificate of criminal record from the country of origin or in the countries that have remained during the last five years.
  • Said document will have a validity period of 180 days, which will be counted from the date of issuance of the certificate until the last entry of the petitioner to the country. Likewise, it must be translated, apostilled and legalized. This document is applicable only for people over 18 years of age.
  • Regular stay in force in the country where the visa applies.
  • Endorse the illicit livelihoods that allow the applicant to stay in Ecuador.
  • Payment of the fixed consular and diplomatic fee.
  • Other documents requested by the sending authority, as the case may be.

Similarly, it is important to mention that the certificates issued by Federal Governments will be valid as long as they understand the criminal record at the national level. On the other hand, in the case of minor applicants, they must attach the birth certificate apostilled, legalized and translated together with the requirements previously requested.

Special Requirements

Although we have already mentioned the mandatory requirements for the petitioner to start the process with the permanent residence form. It is important to establish that there are special requirements, which may be requested by the Zonal Coordinations or the Consulates of Ecuador.

Indeed, the Consulate of Ecuador may request an interview from the petitioner of the migratory category and their legal representatives. Carried out for the sole purpose of verifying the veracity of the information presented or, in that case, requesting information that is linked to the procedure.

Procedure to Request the Procedure before the Zonal Coordinations of Ecuador

  1. To begin with, the request for the procedure must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines established by each of the service provider offices in Ecuador.
  2. Enter the Web page of the Chancellery and discover the details of each office.
  3. Then follow the instructions sent to your email.

Procedure for the Procedure before the Consular Offices Abroad

  1. First, you must contact the Consular Office closest to your locality and the Counseling Unit.
  2. Enter the Web page of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility.
  3. Proceed to make a registration in the button that appears on the screen called «Consultation of requirements to obtain your visa.»
  4. Select the procedure and upload the requirements that they request according to the immigration category in PDF format.
  5. Indicate the date of the shift to carry out the interview and receive the visa. It is important to mention that the date may be modified depending on the availability of consulate assistance.
  6. Please provide your personal email address.
  7. Verify through your email, the receipt of the electronic visa issued.

It is important to note that the service channels are through an online system, either through an application or a platform. While, another channel of attention can be through email.

What is the Permanent Residence Form?

To begin with, it is important to mention that permanent residence is defined under the concept of the condition of residence that a person possesses in a country of which they are not a citizen. While it is true, the immigrant can apply for permanent residence through a form.

In the case of Ecuador, the procedure may also be known as «Granting a Permanent Residence Visa UNASUR». Clearly, the permanent residence form It is defined as a permanent residence permit. In this way, it is granted by the Ecuadorian State to foreign nationals of the States of South America that have the intention to stay in the country.

Said residence authorization is sent through the Diplomatic Missions or Consular Offices of Ecuador abroad and in the Zonal Coordinations in Ecuador. On the other hand, national citizens of Colombia are exempt from the granting of this permanence visa.

In short, the permanent residence form It is known as a form that collects necessary information about the immigrant applicant who decides to settle in Ecuador. Similarly, once the form is completed correctly, the petitioner will obtain the UNASUR Permanent Residence Visa.

However, the management of the procedure includes a certain cost. However, they may vary depending on whether discounts apply or not. For example

  • The visa application USD $ 50.
  • Granting of visa USD $ 250. It does not tax VAT.
  • A 50% discount is applied for seniors, that is (65 years of age and older). At the national level.
  • On the other hand, the 100% exemption applies to people with disabilities equal to or greater than 30%. Only presenting the disabled card issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador.

If you need help, you can contact the Counseling Unit by email. The contact is:

We hope we have provided you with useful information about the Permanent Residence Form. Thanks for reading us!


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