Phytosanitary Certificate: Steps, What It Is For and MORE

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The Phytosanitary certificate, is named as one of the most important certificates when exporting a product to another country. To split this document you will be given valid state that comes from it.

In this article, we highlight some important regulations and legal measures for a successful export.

How to obtain the Phytosanitary Certificate?

It is necessary for the person to present themselves face-to-face way before this entity that is in charge of managing the process.

There are many procedures that can be done on the website, but this must be in presence because it is important that the person is there to receive the following processes.

This document is used to export and import merchandise of plant origin, such as: Plants, derived to the interior or exterior of the space in Spain.

This document is considered one of the most important for those andbusinessmen or merchant, with the work activity depends on agriculture.

To obtain the Certificate, you must meet a series of requirements that certify and formulate this document. It should be noted that, in certain cases, some Additional documents.

For more information, you must enter the Map where can verify all information about exports and requirements necessary to perform so that you can know about the requirements.

Click on «Consult» and in this way, the system will indicate in which venue to attend and what the requirements are.

This protocol depends on the country you want export the product or item and even, a protocol may not be necessary. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the requirements that are requested in the destination country.

Before proceeding to exports, the existence of the protocol or not according to the campaign must be informed.

You can contact the border control points to find out if it exists a protocol or a bilateral agreement, To know the content, the company must contact the sector association, or register in CEXVEG

If they are not, on these previous cases, the responsibility of the exporter, is to know the requirements phytosanitary at destination, which must be justified by providing a copy of the regulations

Remember to find out about the conditions that are met in order to be exported.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Phytosanitary Certificate

These steps should be taken for there to be a more successful way to obtain the Phytosanitary certificate, It is very simple, it is only enough with the important detail of knowing how to select the country to which it will be exported.

When doing this, it must be done, in the following steps to obtain the Phytosanitary Certificate.

By reading all the important points you can have a wide knowledge and be able to make a better report.

  • As should be mentioned above, the beauty that is known in which country you are going to export and must follow the protocol indicated. When carrying out the entire protocol, it must be directed with all the precautions in the Subdirectorate General for Sanitary Agreements and Border Control. In this way, the authorities will be consulted about the conditions that they must meet to carry out the export.
  • Bearing in all the conditions that are to carry out the export, you must manage the Phytosanitary certificate with the authorities in charge of the management
  • This product to be exported has a protocol that must be complied with to obtain the phytosanitary certificate and in this way export the products without any impediment.

In such a case, that the product does not have any type of export protocol, the consultation with the authorities in charge of the destination country should be applied to recommend what measures should be carried out. A

Otherwise, you can contact the client of the destination country, who will inform about everyone export data and protocols.

When entering the page of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food You can obtain information about protocols in the countries where you want to export the item.

Can the Process be streamlined?

This certificate, normally, is a fairly quick process, but if you want to receive the document much more than we recommend, requesting through the application CXVEG (Foreign Trade of Vegetables)

It is important that this type of document is expedited in official entities and not by third parties. Since, these types of files are very delicate now to be delivered.

What is the Phytosanitary Certificate for?

Shipments of plants, plant products or other items that meet the specified phytosanitary import requirements and are in accordance with the declaration of the certificate of the appropriate model.

How to fill out the Phytosanitary Certificate?

This document is very important to export products to different countries and to comply with the correct measures to do so.

Therefore, the idea is to comply with all the points required by the certificate so that they can accept it without any problem.

It is important to have all the necessary data at hand so that it can be accepted by the officials.

This certificate is very permissive only to export products of vegetable origin, such as plants, fruits and all their derivatives. They stand out for the country where it should be explored and the protocol required for it.

For more information about the protocols that are needed to be able to export, it is important to enter this link.

Through this platform, you can inform and carry out the managements necessary to be able to export.

What is it?

Companies that export products outside the country of origin must process certain documentation. Since, it must be subject to international measures and in the country of departure and destination.

To obtain the Phytosanitary Certificate in Spain, it is necessary to present in person before the entities in charge of managing this procedure.

Basically the document is used to export and import merchandise from plant origin, such as plants and their derivatives inside or outside the Spanish territory

It should be noted that, with the issue, it depends on the country of destination and issuer, since the statutes depend on the product and item. Thus, It is very important that the information is available to the country of destination.

It is considered one of the most important documents regarding businessmen or merchants.

This work activity depends on agriculture.

Thanks to this company, you can carry out various procedures that are important in the area of ​​agriculture. Many users have opted for this certificate to better streamline these processes, as they are a bit cumbersome.

If you are looking for this certificate, you must take into account all the requirements that are requested to comply with the entire protocol.

In Spain, many users are unaware of this certificate, although it is very important because in this country, the agricultural area is a strong point for the improvement of the food environment.

For more information about the protocols that are needed to be able to export, it is necessary to enter this link. Through this, you can inform and do all the steps

The person who issues the certificate in Spain is the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment. To specify is the subdirectorate of Sanitary Agreements and Border Control.

The company that carries out this procedure must do so for the document through the CEXVEG program. Whereby, it is available in the aforementioned body.

The Phytosanitary Certificate in Spain, you must go to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment in the office of Sub-Directorate of Sanitary Agreements and Border Control.

For greater legality of the company or exporter, it must be carried out In all procedures and procedures, compliance with the provisions of the CEXVEG program.

All these programs and protocols are reflected to a greater extent by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Thanks to this company, many Spaniards can obtain their food safely and without any problem.


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