Plastic Bottle Redeemable Tax Form: Filling, What it is and MORE

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The Plastic Bottle Redeemable Tax Form It is one of the instruments used to guarantee compliance with the Environmental Tax on Returnable Bottles (IRBP). With the application of this tax, Ecuador became a pioneer country in these sustainability strategies.

This time we tell you all the details you need to know about this form. We explain how to fill it out, who is committed to complying with this requirement, what is the body in charge of administering this tax and much more.

Stay reading with us and solve all your doubts about the Plastic Bottle Redeemable Tax Form!

Filling of the Redeemable Tax Form for Plastic Bottles

Step 1: Answer questions

The first step to complete this form is to add the fiscal year in which the declaration is being made in the tax system. SRI online. Once this is done, you will be presented with a series of questions that will serve to generate boxes on the form.

Make sure that all the information you provide in your answers is correct and true to reality. If you have previously entered this form, and have answered these questions previously, then they will be automatically answered by the system.

In the event that you wish to make any changes to the information recorded in your responses, due to a change in your economic activity. You can select the «Edit» option to make the changes you consider appropriate.

Step 2: Fill out the form

Once these previous steps have been completed, the form itself will be presented on the screen. To do this, a section is displayed where the number of units of PET plastic bottles used to pack beverages must be entered.

The system reads the number you have entered and generates a tax value to pay based on that number. That is, it applies the tax rate to the number of bottles that the taxpayer declares. For example: for 1 declared PET plastic bottle, the total amount of tax payable is $ 0.02.

It should be noted that when the declaration is made with a time delay. A value corresponding to interest and penalties are added to the payment of the tax. These figures are calculated automatically by the system and the user is not allowed to edit them.

If the return is a replacement for a previous return, in which the tax payment has already been processed. Then, the value of interest and penalties will not be applied.

To continue, you are presented with two (2) options: Save draft and Next. In the first, the system saves a copy of the form before sending it, so you will have access to it until the stipulated date. With the second option, your statement will be sent.

Remember that if you have entered any information incorrectly, the system will detect it and prevent the process from continuing until this error is corrected. Don’t worry, the page will tell you which field is inconsistent or irregular.

If no errors are detected in the return, then the calculation made by the system of fines and interest (when applicable) and the total amount to be paid by the taxpayer will be shown on the screen. This summary will also present the details of the fines and interest, that is, the start and end date, and the percentage applied.

Step 3: Payment of the tax generated

When you have already completed the form data, the next thing to do is pay the calculated tax. For this, the page of the SRI online allows you to make the transaction under some of the following modalities:

  • Central Bank (TBC) securities.
  • Dematerialized credit notes.
  • Debit agreement.
  • Other means of payment.

If you select the debit agreement, the display of bank accounts previously registered in the system will be displayed on the screen. However, if you have not yet entered any of your accounts, you can do so by enabling the option «Record«.

The information that you must provide for this is the bank account number, the name of the financial institution, the name of the owner and the type of account.

At the end of the payment, the system will show you a window with three (3) options: Print proof of payment, Print the declaration or Make a new declaration. Choose the one that is of your preference and you will have finished the declaration process.

How to process the Redeemable Plastic Bottle Tax Form?

To obtain access to the Redeemable Tax Form for Plastic Bottles, it is necessary to enter the website of the Internal Revenue Service (SRI). You can enter the website by giving click here, or you can also search in your browser of preference the electronic address: SRI

Once inside the portal SRI online, you must go to the toolbar on the left side, and press the box «Declarations«. Here you will have at your disposal a series of options that will be displayed, select «Tax return«.

And within this section, click twice on the line of «Preparation and submission of declarations«. This will take you to another window, where your user data will be requested to log into the SRI account. Put your RUC, identity card or passport number and your access code.

When you are already in your account, go to the general menu and choose the Declarations route, specifically selecting the Form for the Redeemable Tax on Non-Returnable Plastic Bottles (IRBP).

Who Should Do It?

This procedure can be carried out both by a natural person, as well as by a public or private legal person. Regardless of whether it is a native person of the Republic of Ecuador or a foreign resident in the nation.

The taxation of non-returnable plastic bottles applies mainly to companies or companies that sell some type of product contained in a PET bottle. Regardless of whether it is a national own production, or an import.

Those distributors of products from foreign countries must make sure that plastic bottles taxed with the IRBP are not included in their commercial category. Otherwise, they must comply with the corresponding tax.

It should be noted that companies in the pharmaceutical sector are exempt from paying this tax.

Requirements for the Processing of the Redeemable Tax Form for Plastic Bottles

Carrying out this procedure online is very easy. You only have to have one user on the Internal Revenue Service (SRI) website. Which you can obtain with your RUC, identity card or passport number, and a password that you establish.

Regarding material resources, you require a computer that has a Windows or Mac system. And you must have access to the Internet or WiFi to connect online with the SRI server.

What is the Internal Revenue Service?

Within the framework of the public sector institutions of the Republic of Ecuador, there is the Internal Revenue Service, more commonly known by its acronym SRI. It is then a national entity dedicated to the collection of taxes from the country’s taxpayers.

In addition, this body is responsible for stipulating the legal and regulatory bases regarding the taxes applied to natural and legal persons within Ecuadorian territory. Regardless of whether it is a public or private entity.

The SRI not only fulfills the function of collecting tax funds, but also of managing and controlling them. Its main objective is to guarantee that public revenues are managed for productive purposes and in accordance with national development.

What is the Plastic Bottle Redeemable Tax Form?

It is a form that must be completed by all natural or legal persons that import or produce non-returnable plastic bottles. It is a State initiative to reduce the consumption of non-returnable plastic that has affected the environment so much.

Pollution of the seas, rivers and other bodies of water is a serious issue worldwide. In fact, not only the water is seriously affected, but also the soils. And in this global problem, one of the main protagonists is the plastic in its different presentations.

In general, the consumption of polymers worldwide is so high that it is necessary to design strategies to stimulate recycling and environmental care. Among these alternatives is the Environmental Tax on Non-Returnable Plastic Bottles (IRBP).

This tax applies to those companies that bottle liquid or solid products in plastic containers. It is generated for PET bottles containing alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and water. However, it is not assumed for dairy products or drugs.

The value of the tax will be returned in its entirety to those natural or legal persons who are in charge of collecting and returning the plastic bottles that have been declared. If you want to know what is the procedure for the return of PET plastic bottles, then go to this web page that we leave for you in this link.

What are you waiting to complete your Plastic Bottle Redeemable Tax Form?


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