Pre-Professional Practices Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

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The fact of having the Certificate of Pre Professional Practices, It is very important for the person who is about to finish his studies, since this will validate his hours of practice and also, it will certify his experience.

In this way, in this article we will let you know what documents you need to carry out this procedure, where you can request it and also, we will let you know a little more about what this document is about. !Keep reading! This information is for you.

Documents Needed for the Pre-Professional Practices Certificate

Something to keep in mind when mentioning the Pre-Professional Practices Certificate, is that a request must first be made. All the procedures that in one way or another have to do with the nation’s bureaucracy require a series of documents that are very necessary and sometimes mandatory.

In this case, if we talk about Pre-Professional Practices CertificateSome documents will also be needed to carry out this procedure satisfactorily. These documents will be very easy to obtain, since it is mandatory that all students have it as something mandatory.

Next, you will be informed of the requirements requested for this procedure. !Take note!

  • Application form, this form must be previously completed, properly and then printed.
  • Color copy of the citizenship card and voting ballot.
  • Fully updated bank certificate that is currently valid.
  • You must attach the Certificate of affiliation from the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute known as (IESS) in which it is indicated if you are affiliated or not.
  • A passport-size photograph must be in color and must be up-to-date.
  • Graduate certificate, issued by the respective faculty of jurisprudence, law or legal sciences.

It should be taken into account that this certificate is one of the ones that takes the longest to be delivered, since it requires many different parts, processes and parts. It can be said that it is one of the most complicated procedures that currently exist in Ecuador. This is a management that must be done both online and in person.

As we already know what the requirements are, now we will explain what are the steps you must follow to obtain the Pre-Professional Practices Certificate, pay close attention.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Pre-Professional Practices Certificate

Pre-professional practice is very significant for a person, since this fulfills the function of developing skills and qualities in the face of a certain commitment or job position, exposing everything they know and assimilating their area more and more.

These internships are regularly carried out by students, whether of generation, modules, full university degrees or diplomas. They must put all their academic preparations to the test. In order to process the Pre-Professional Practices Certificate, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. It will search and select the browser of its choice and then it will search for the website of Judicial function.
  2. After having entered the page, you will look for the option «Pre-Professional Internships»
  3. It will perform the registration and creation of the user.
  4. You must enter all the information that is requested in the corresponding fields, correctly, in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
  5. You will enter the attached documents into a PDF file.
  6. Afterwards, you must print the application form.
  7. You must click on the «Apply» option to complete this process.
  8. Finally, you must submit the application form and the other requirements to the Provincial Directorate of the Judicial Council of your province of residence.

Completing this series of steps will be very easy, since they are really simple, you just have to have the requirements already explained at hand and have a good Internet connection. The power to count on Pre-Professional Practices Certificate It is and will be very important for your entire professional career, that is why, now we will explain where to carry out this procedure and what the hours of operation are. Read on, this is important!

Where to do the procedure and what are the hours of operation?

Once you have all the documents to carry out the procedure, you can go to one of the following offices that will be left below. You must bear in mind that the documentation must be correct and must be in order, to avoid any inconvenience when requesting the document.

  1. Place: Council of the Judiciary – National Directorate of the School of the Judicial Function, Training and Training Center, located at Calle 9 de Octubre N26-41 and Av. Colón, Quito – Ecuador. Pre-Professional Practices Unit.
  2. Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.
  3. Building of the Provincial Court of Justice of Azuay, second floor, located at the corner of Luis Cordero and Sucre streets, Cuenca – Ecuador. Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.
  4. Provincial Directorates of the Council of the Judiciary at the national level whose addresses are in the following link.
  5. Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

What is the Pre-Professional Practices Certificate for?

The Pre-Professional Practices Certificate It serves to demonstrate and imply that you are fully capable of exercising your legal career. Next, we will let you know what are the benefits of obtaining this Pre-Professional Practices Certificate Take note!

  1. You will become a better professional.
  2. Every day you will face real problems and you will have to solve them in the best possible way, since this will make you a competent worker.
  3. You will learn about the necessary and appropriate behaviors in the world of work.
  4. Accumulate enough experience and knowledge, this will help your curriculum synthesis improve.
  5. By improving your curriculum synthesis, your chances of getting a job will increase, bearing in mind that many companies choose trainees.
  6. You will have the opportunity to make better contacts and meet professionals in your field.
  7. The practices are most of the time usually paid, this means an additional stimulus.

Likewise, it is important to know that in the Latin American country, Ecuador, there are two types of highly important pre-professional practices, these are:

  • Work Experience Practices:

This practice between the second or third academic year of the school class that is being done at that time. The student can be established for work practices in the course of a period that achieves stability from two (2) months to one (1) full college year.

  • Research or Dissertation Internship:

These practices are usually carried out in a majority by students who are in their last study period. Through this practice, the student executes various investigations for a company in question.

Who should process it?

East Pre-Professional Practices Certificate, is directed and must only be processed by graduates of law or legal science careers, in a university duly accredited and registered by the Secretariat of Higher Education Science, Technology and Innovation in the Republic of Ecuador.

The production of the reference of professional practice at the university level is considered as a direct competitiveness of the advisor of the company or foundation. Once you have verified the data issued by the student’s university or study center, you will have to write an internship title for the student. Keep in mind that the following information should not be missing:

  • Names and full details of the advisor and the company.
  • Express mention of the specialty in which the student’s training has been located.
  • Permanence of the practice space.
  • Representation of the tasks performed by the student.
  • Evaluation of the benefit of pupil.

Now that we know a little more about everything involved in carrying out the Certificate of Pre Professional Practices, we will explain in detail what this document is. Keep reading!

What is the Pre-Professional Practices Certificate?

We know that we have been mentioning the Pre-Professional Practices Certificate but we have not yet explained what it consists of or what this means Here we go!:

The Pre-Professional Practices Certificate It is considered one of the most important documents that professionals must have throughout the Ecuadorian nation. This certificate shows that you really have the knowledge to be able to practice the profession of lawyer. This is why this document is quite durable, since they have the information from when the practice begins until the moment they are finished.

Three dependents intervene in the administrative process of the internships in companies, the student, the academic advisor and the company advisor. It is extremely important and I knew it was necessary to have the presence of these three agents during the professional internship.

East Pre-Professional Practices Certificate, supports the execution of the student’s practices, since it is written by the advisor of the company in action. This reference or proof must be requested by the student who has executed the practice because he is the person interested in the certification. When the student has the Certificate in their hands, from that moment on, they will begin to justify hours of work and experience within their curricular synthesis.

In the same way, these practices and the experience obtained will be valid for references or job letters.

Now that you have all the information you need about Certificates of Pre Professional Practices What are you waiting to get it?

Apply now, good luck!


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