Precarious Residence Certificate: Steps, Requirements and MORE

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The Precarious Residence Certificate It is a procedure that must be carried out by a foreign citizen, who is going to reside in Argentina for up to a period of no more than 2 years. In this regard, this document is issued by the Argentine Migration Office, allowing the foreigner to study and work.

In Argentina, if you are a foreigner and want to reside for more than 2 years in that country, you must first request your Certificate of Precarious Residence or temporary. If you need guidance on the procedure to obtain this immigration document, then this article is for you.

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Steps to Follow to Obtain the Precarious Residence Certificate

Next, if you need to get your Certificate of Precarious Residence, now it is less complicated, due to the advantages of electronic government. For this reason, the Migration offices in the departmental governments are in charge of this type of procedure.

In this regard, we are going to indicate the steps to request this type of document, protected by the speed of virtual offices. For this reason, the departmental governments with the greatest influx of users for this management, such as Buenos Aires, contemplate the following procedure:

  • Find a computer or smartphone with a good Internet connection.
  • Access your trusted browser like Google, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
  • Enter the digital link of the departmental government and look for the link of the Migration Office.
  • Enter your email address and create a user.

  • With the registered email, you will be able to interact with the system and request an appointment for the procedure.
  • Fill in the personal data that they request, including those of your family charge to know the cost of the immigration tax.
  • Choose the most convenient payment option (cash, transfer in Bapro Pagos or Banco Nación).
  • You can use the Credit Card if you wish to pay the fee, the cancellation is made immediately.
  • You must wait for the official of the National Migration Office to analyze the application and proceed to contact you for the interview and consignment of the required collections.

Requirements for the Precarious Residence Certificate

On the other hand, in order to simplify administrative procedures in public offices in Argentina, the migration entity can accept the identification card online. Likewise, if you are over 75 years old, the civic passbook is sufficient as an identification document.

Consequently, if you need to build your portfolio with the requirements for the Precarious Residence Certificate, Keep alertWe are going to tell you. Therefore, try to gather them all in an orderly manner so that you avoid setbacks when obtaining your certificate:

  • Have your identification document, passport or nationality accreditation with a recent photo.
  • Present the stamp of entry to Argentina, outlined in the passport or migration card.
  • If you are of legal age, you must provide the accreditation of the Judicial Record of the country of birth.
  • You must consult the same digital link of the provincial government and request the Criminal Record Certificate in Argentina.
  • Present the Sworn Statement of not having criminal records in other nations. This document is issued by the Directorate of Migration in Argentina.
  • Certificate of domicile in Argentine territory or evidence a valid receipt of basic service in your name or that of your partner.
  • Consign a recent passport-style color photo, from the front with a unicolor background.

Additional Information on the Certificate of Precarious Residence

If you still want more information about the Precarious Residence Certificate, how to obtain it and its usefulness in Argentina, follow us, there is still more information that will interest you.

  • Keep in mind that this certificate accredits you as a foreign citizen who has an authorization from the Argentine Government to live temporarily in that country for up to 2 years.
  • With precarious residence, a foreigner can live, study and work in Argentina temporarily until they obtain the permanent residence card.
  • For the procedure of issuance of the Precarious Residence Certificate, it is necessary to consign in PDF or another secure format, the images of the collections to consign.
  • It is mandatory that you are in Argentina to process the certificate. For this, the Migration Office will verify legal entry into the country and will require a passport with the entry stamp to the southern nation.
  • The precarious residence accreditation renewal process is done digitally only and lasts up to 3 months.
  • Collections issued outside of Argentina must be legalized or apostilled (Hague Convention). Failing that, they can also be legalized by the Consulate of the country that issued the documents, in Argentine territory (only MERCOSUR countries).
  • If any document issued abroad is in a language other than Spanish, it must have its corresponding translation into Spanish, carried out by a Public Translator in Argentina.
  • Remember, these steps must be done in person at the National Migration Office without the use of intermediaries.

Body Responsible for the Procedure

On the other hand, the institution responsible for the entire procedure to request the Precarious Residence Certificate it is the National Directorate of Migration. In this regard, this agency is attached to the Ministry of the Interior of Argentina and has the advantage of having a digital system called RADEX.

If you don’t know what RADEX is,do not worry!, right now we explain it to you. This virtual module is called remote settlement. Consequently, foreigners who require precarious or temporary residence can use this system to carry out their paperwork without leaving their homes.

Likewise, the platform of the Migration Directorate and the RADEX system, put at your disposal two windows to manage your certificate: a window for general filing management and a window for filings exempt from migration tax.

In addition, that is not all, in the online window of general filings, the platform has an institutional video for filing in quarantine, considering the health emergency situation that the country is currently experiencing.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Precarious Residence Certificate

In another vein, you probably have some questions about this type of immigration procedure. In this sense, if you are a foreigner, the safest thing is that you are not well oriented on how to start this type of management. Therefore, we point out some questions with answers for your personal consumption.

Is a precarious stay the same as a temporary stay?

No, the precarious stay is a temporary authorization granted by the Argentine government to reside in Argentina, while the temporary residence is formalized.

At what time should I manage my identification document, at home if I require precarious residence?

The most advisable thing is that you do the identification process the same day that you carry out the processing of the Residence certificate Precarious so you can save time on your errands.

How long does it take to leave the precarious residence?

On average, obtaining this document can take up to 6 months. Sometimes it depends on the volume of people applying and the provincial authorities. In regions outside the capital, the process may take less time, but the delivery of the DNI takes a longer time.

Where can I find out about the costs of the process of this type of certification?

All this information can be found in the list of immigration taxes indicated by the remote filing link. Also, you can see it in the institutional video offered by the National Migration Office.

If I have any questions about the application process for the Precarious Residence Certificate, where should I go?

The most advisable thing is that you approach the National Directorate of Migration at the following address: Avenida La Antártida. Argentina 1355, Buenos Aires. C1104ACA. Locate Building «B». File Section. You must approach first thing in the morning morning.

What is it?

The Precarious Residence Certificate It is the permission granted by the Argentine Government to a foreigner to remain in that territory for a period of up to two years. Therefore, with this authorization, a foreigner can be calm as a tourist, study and work legally.

According to the above, if you are willing to permanently reside in Argentina, you necessarily need to process your precarious stay. For this, the Argentine government relies on communicational technological innovation to put the virtual office of the Migration Directorate at the orders of the interested parties.

Consequently, the RADEX system is created so that interested foreigners can access this platform and create their user to interact with the appointment, procedure and the consignment of collections. In this way, they will be able to do the initial management quickly, from the comfort of their homes.

In short, if you need to visit Argentina for tourism, work or study, remember to take your Precarious Residence Certificate. You can do that not only in Buenos Aires, but in any province of Argentina.

For this reason, the National Directorate of Migration enabled its virtual office link with a route to the web addresses of each province. If you need to have this accreditation at hand, it is important that you review everything indicated in this article so that you can carry out your procedure without inconvenience.

If you need your Precarious Residence, hurry to get it and stay in Argentina!

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