Pregnancy Allocation Form 2.67: Format, What it is and MORE

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THE Form 2.67 It is the document through which the «Pregnancy Assignment Application for Social Protection» is made in the country of Argentina and where the medical professional certifies the state of pregnancy.

In order for the female to collect the Pregnancy Allowance, it is required to present the Pregnancy Allowance Form 2.67 with all the complete data of the family nucleus. Mothers who are unemployed, are active domestic workers or have an informal temporary job, can apply for this financial aid to the agency ANSES. Continue reading this interesting article and we will give you more information about it.

Format of Form 2.67 for Pregnancy Allowance

Those pregnant women must download, complete and send the FPS form 2.67, It contains all the family and member data.

This benefit is intended for unemployed mothers, or who work as domestic workers and informal workers, they can request this financial support through ANSES.

You can download the spreadsheet here.

The requirements to apply for this financial support are:

  • Being in the 12th week or more of pregnancy.
  • Be registered in the Plan Nacer of the Ministry of Health.
  • Present the DNI in original.
  • If the DNI is in process, the certificate cannot be presented, you will have to wait to receive it.
  • Be of Argentine nationality.
  • Foreign pregnant women must have a minimum residence of three years in Argentina.

The conditions to be able to access the benefit, before submitting the PS Form 2.67 complete with all your data are:

  • Being unemployed, unemployed women can qualify for the pregnancy benefit.
  • Both the partner and the spouse should not be receiving any type of economic aid from national or provincial programs. No type of subsidy or plan is compatible with this application.
  • Being a Social Monotributista.
  • Housemaids can apply.
  • Not having social work.

Completion of the Pregnancy Allowance Form 2.67

Fill the Form 2.67 ANSES is very simple, here are the instructions:

Item 1- Data of the holder:

  • CUIL number
  • Last name and name
  • Address, street, floor, department, postal code and telephone.
  • Town and province.
  • It has coverage of a social work.
  • Select the type of work status: Monotributista, seasonal work, or domestic worker.
  • Plan Nacer: Verify that it is registered.

Item 2- Medical certificate for the application:

  • Date.
  • Gestation weeks.
  • Estimated due date.
  • Registration, national or provincial.
  • Surname and names of the medical professional.
  • Place and date of the declaration

Item 3-Accreditation of medical requirements of pregnancy:

  • Indicate according to what corresponds to the case, birth, interruption of pregnancy, death, date.
  • Prenatal controls, laboratory, ultrasound, among others.
  • Provide the medical requirements, important to collect the pregnancy allowance.

Item 4- Reception

  • The ANSES operator must issue the signature, date and stamp for receipt of the form.

What is the Pregnancy Allowance Form 2.67 for?

The PS Form 2.67 It is used to request and manage the Universal Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection, which is financial assistance for pregnant women granted by ANSES. It is received from week no. 12 gestation, until the birth or termination of pregnancy.

Current amounts

The figure for the Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection is $ 220, as is the amount allocated for the Universal Allowance for Child for Social Protection.

  • Each month you will receive the sum of $ 176 that represents 80% of the total amount of the allocation.
  • The remaining $ 44 corresponding to 20% is added monthly, to be paid after the birth or termination of the pregnancy, with prior evidence that all the medical check-ups during the pregnancy have been received, and that the newborn has been registered with the Nacer Plan. .

Who should manage it?

The PS Form 2.67 It must be managed by the pregnant woman, who is 12 weeks pregnant and of Argentine nationality.

If the pregnant woman is under 18 years of age, she will have to do the procedures with an authorized representative or legal entity.

Who Issues It?

The entity in charge of issuing the PS Form 2.67 is he ANSES (National Administration of Social Security).

It is a national body responsible for Argentina’s Social Security policy. The primary functions of the ANSES They are to grant retirements and pensions, family benefits to operational and retired workers, family allowances, unemployment benefits, financed by the National Employment Fund, and implement various Social Security programs.

The ANSES owns the Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS) of the pension system. Its programs lead to guarantee the payment and conservation of the value of the assets for their benefit over time, as well as contribute to the sustained development of the national economy, and the protection of the resources designated to the social security policies through the different investments.

How to make an appointment for ANSES?

To process the PS Form 2.67, you need to bring some documentation to the ANSES to complete the application for the Universal Pregnancy Allowance.

Among the information to be presented is the support to PS Form 2.67 that we described above.

To present these papers before the ANSES you must request a previous appointment from the official website, for which we leave you here the link so you can make the respective presentation.

You must not forget that in addition to PS Form 2.67 You must provide all the information that we discussed in the first part of the article.

Once you have the assigned turn, you will be able to verify the situation of the same from the next link .

Anses Date and place of collection

The ANSES It offers different dates of monthly payments for Family Allowances, Universal Allowances, Retirements, Pensions and Subsidies, it focuses on the last number of the DNI, they will charge such day by bank or by email as the case may be.

For any procedure the worker or retiree, or any citizen who requires the services of ANSES, You must have been assigned a CUIL number (Unique Tax Identification Code).

What is the Pregnancy Allowance Form 2.67?

The PS Form 2.67 In this document, the «Social Protection Subsidy for Pregnancy» is requested, which is designed to protect pregnant women, including unpaid monetary benefits, from the 12th week of pregnancy until delivery or termination of pregnancy, paid to pregnant women monthly, but not more than 6 months of payment.

What is the Pregnancy Allowance?

The social protection pregnancy allowance is the income recognized by the State for vulnerable pregnant women living in the Argentine Republic. They can take care of themselves and the health of the baby during pregnancy.

The pregnancy allowance is intended to promote the health of pregnant women. Together with the Nacer Plan, it provides early care of the future child and the care of pregnant women, so that they carry their pregnancy to a happy term.


The pregnant woman must be in one of the following situations:

  • Be registered in the Plan Nacer, SUMAR program once the pregnancy has been verified and the health guidelines established by the plan have been carried out, presenting a pregnancy control card.
  • Be unoccupied, both the pregnant woman and her family group, to be seasonal workers, or to be declared with a “position reserve”, to be monotax social workers, who do not receive any contributory or non-contributory benefit, to work in the informal economy or in domestic service, receiving a sum of money equal to or less than the Minimum Living and Mobile Salary.
  • Not having coverage from Obra Social, except in the case of a «Social Monotributista», employee of the Domestic Service receiving income equal to or less than the minimum wage, vital and mobile or seasonal worker with a job reservation, for which enrollment in the Plan is not requested Born.
  • Be a certified worker in «Plan Argentina Trabaja / Manos a la Obra» of the Ministry of Social Development or «Self-managed Work Program» of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.
  • Being deprived of your freedom, considering the pregnant woman who performs tasks within the Federal Penitentiary Service Units, registered in the “Technical and Financial Cooperation Body of the Federal Penitentiary Service (ENCOPE)”, and within the “Provincial Penitentiary Service of Córdoba”, being precise the procedural condition of the inmate. If you are a foreigner, you must have a minimum of 3 years of residence in Argentina.


East benefit It will be paid to the holder up to a maximum of 6 monthly payments, even when the pregnant holder is collecting the Universal Child Allowance for other minor children.

This Universal Allowance will be paid only to the holder, and she will be given a single allowance, even when it is the case of a multiple pregnancy.

If the pregnant applicant was less 18 years of age, must present a legal representative for delivery of the assignment.

The representatives They may be a father or mother, having to prove the link, through the presentation in original and a photocopy of the birth certificate of the minor, as well as the ID of the minor and ID of the corresponding father or mother.

If a guardian, must prove the link, through the sample of the certified photocopy of the Judgment of Guardianship. If they are a Guardian, they will present the original and a photocopy of the minor’s birth certificate, ID of the minor and ID of the Guardian.

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