Prenuptial Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The Prenuptial Certificate, or also known as prenuptial studies are analyzes that are carried out on romantic couples prior to marriage, either on a mandatory or voluntary basis. This, in order to obtain important medical information before giving the yes.

For this reason, we have dedicated this article to this type of certificate. Next, we will explain: What are the requirements you need for the prenuptial certificate, the steps you must follow, how to complete it, what are the prenuptial exams and, we will finish with their definition.

Requirements for the Prenuptial Certificate

Normally, to start obtaining any type of certificate, organizations and institutions require or require a series of specific documents. This certificate, being a legal document, is not exempt from these requirements.

But, don’t worry, because below, we will show you a detailed list of all the requirements requested and demanded so that you can start the process to obtain this certificate.

  • Mainly, you should do the application with approximately ten or fifteen days prior to the marriage union.
  • The members of the couple must register certain documents in one of the offices of the Civil registration.
  • Afterwards, both must undergo all the necessary and required medical tests.
  • After the medical examinations process, the Health Protection Directorate will be in charge of delivering said certificate to the couple.

We must emphasize that the request for this certificate in public places has as a consequence a long wait for it to be obtained. Since, in them, there is not only a high demand for it, but, added to this, the process to have it is usually quite extensive.

Finally, it is very important that when making the decision to marry, the two interested parties are informed about how to acquire each of the necessary documents. In this way, unexpected setbacks can be avoided. For more information about this certificate, Click here.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Prenuptial Certificate

After the explanation of the requirements, we continue with the steps you must follow to obtain this certificate. It is very important that you follow everything to the letter, since this is a process that must be given a lot of attention and care.

  • Fifteen days before the date of the marriage union, the Civil registrar must do delivery of the form of this certificate to the couple.
  • Now, the first part of this form will be completed by the Civil registrar. This is in charge of assigning the health entity.
  • Subsequently, the second part of the form will be completed by the Head of the medical entity.
  • The last part of it will be sent to the Health Protection Directorate representing the Civil registration that grants it.
  • This certificate will only be valid if it is presented within the seven days prior to the date of the civil marriage.
  • Important information in case of:
  • If anyone does not know how to sign. Here, it will suffice with digital printing and a person who affirms the identity of the individual.
  • Form in hand. Upon having it, they should go to the health entity of the Civil registration with your identity documents. Then the exams will be done.
  • Remission of the certificate by private doctors. This right is only allowed and authorized for women.
  • Authorization for delivery. The Ministry of Social Welfare is in charge of publicizing a ready of the entities that can make the delivery.
  • Loss of the certificate. In this case, the Civil registrar You have the permission to make a new one by indicating in it the word duplicate.
  • Extension of the marriage date. If this happens, both medical exams and tests will need to be updated.

How is the Prenuptial Certificate completed?

It is important to note that this type of certificate in particular considers the completion of a specific form model. It is divided into different stages, which we will explain below:

  • First part of the form: The beginning of this questionnaire must be completed or filled out solely by the Civil registration boss.

Likewise, the Head of the Civil Registry is the only one who has the capacity, power and authority to assign a respective health entity which will have the mission of giving continuity to this procedure.

  • Second part of the form: In this part of the questionnaire, the only person in charge and able to complete it will be the Head of the medical entity previously set by the Recorder.
  • Third part of the form: finally, we come to the last part of the form. This third part is sent directly to the Health Protection Directorate.

The sending of this third part to the Health Protection Directorate is due to the fact that it is precisely this society that represents an expert and qualified entity in this type of certificate.

Likewise, we must highlight a common fact when completing this form. And it is, when the marriage date is suspended or postponed. In this case, what the couple must do is update each of the examinations and analyzes carried out.

On the other hand, an element of utmost importance for the couple who wants to make this certificate is in terms of its cost. Well, it is not surprising that a series of unforeseen expenses arise for the execution of this type of procedure.

However, the expenses that must be considered when making this certificate, and those that carry the most weight are medical tests. In the next point we show all those exams that must be carried out.

Prenuptial Exams

Now, with regard to this point of the article, we offer you extensive and detailed information on each of the evaluations and tests that are executed for this type of certificate. Attentive:

  • Physical Assessment: The objective of this evaluation is to specify the health status of each member of the couple. This result can alter the relationship if someone suffers from a disease.
  • Psychological evaluation: The purpose of this examination is to verify the psychological health of the couple.
  • Laboratory exams: these types of evaluations will determine the blood group and Rh.

Those that are performed are: hemogram and platelets, renal profile, transaminase, bilirubin, blood lipids, urinalysis, among others. It should be noted that these exams are considered the most important.

  • Urological and Gynecological Evaluation: In this exam, the devices of both sexes will be analyzed.

In the urological examination, it will be established if there is a possible reproduction. The gynecological evaluation will include a visualization of the external and internal genitalia and also a cervical cytology.

  • Serology for Infectious-Contagious Diseases: This type of test allows checking the antibodies that exist in the individual’s blood.

These tests or analyzes not only determine the VDRL and HIV, but diseases such as: chlamydia, Hansen’s disease, tuberculosis, tests for hepatitis B and C.

  • Blood Group and Rh: This analysis is done because if there is a group incompatibility, the reproduction will be greatly affected.

Today, there is a method called immunization which avoids or prevents any type of consequences that this incompatibility may produce. It is performed with Rh O d immunoglobulin.

  • Genetic Testing: The objective of this test is to examine the possible genetic alterations or possible inherited diseases in the couple.

What is it?

Now, we will finish this article, offering you a brief definition about this type of certificate. Well, it is nothing more than the record of a series of medical examinations which a couple must perform before marrying.

It should be noted that these examinations or medical evaluations can be carried out on a mandatory or voluntary basis before forming a new family nucleus. In addition, this certificate is one of the main requirements when wanting to join in marriage.

In Argentina, it was established for some time that this certificate be made mandatory for all couples who wish to marry. However, at present this certificate is carried out on a voluntary basis and is not usually a mandatory requirement.

The importance or relevance when conducting these exams is because they are in charge of showing the mental and physical aptitudes of both members of the couple before legally joining. That is, this document certifies that the couple is in good health.

On the other hand, this certificate should not only be a requirement to be able to get married, but rather a necessity on the part of the couple. Since, knowing the state of health of both, important decisions can be made for the future.

Added to this, and to benefit the growth of the Argentine population, a Population Congress reached an important conclusion. And this was to prohibit those marriages between two people who suffer from some type of disease.

These diseases can be: chronic, contagious diseases, or failing that, hereditary. In addition, all those who do not have the possibility to reproduce due to health issues will receive a financial sanction.

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