Preschool Certificate in Mexico

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When the child passes the level in preschool, it is necessary to process the Preschool Certificate, which allows to prove that the child has passed the level studied and can take the next level or go on to primary school.

In this article you will know the requirements and steps that must be met in order to process the preschool certificate. You will also know some interesting information about the Secretary of Public Education. Stay to read and enjoy the content we have for you.

Requirements for the Preschool Certificate

When a child passes a year or level, it is necessary to prove this change in a certified document. The Preschool Certificate allows you to verify that the child has taken such a level of training and passed it, and is able to take the next level.

It also applies to those children who leave preschool and go to the first grade of primary school. In order to obtain this valuable certificate, it is necessary to fulfill a series of requirements.

It is a series of documents, which are presented in the following list:

  • Present the Minor’s birth certificate or certificate. In original and copy.
  • The CURP must be issued in a document, that is, the Unique Population Registration Code. To process the key you can click here.
  • Proof of payment. The process requires the payment of fees, which has a cost that varies based on the entity where the process is carried out.

These are the requirements to process the Preschool Certificate. Remember that the issuance of each of them is important and essential to carry out the process, so we recommend not omitting any of them.

How to Obtain the Preschool Certificate?

Now, after knowing what the requirements are for the preschool certificate, we are going to present some steps that you must follow to process this document.

The guidelines that must be met are listed below:

  1. To get started, all the requirements for the preschool certificate must be met.
  2. Afterwards, the requesting person must go personally to the relevant school authorities or to the school where the child is studying.
  3. Give me issuance of the requested documents.
  4. The personnel in charge will process the school certificate and then give it to the person in charge, who is generally one of the parents or representatives of the minor.

In the case of requesting a duplicate of the certificate and you do not have a copy of it, you must present the following information about the child: Name of the educational entity, Town where it is located, corresponding municipality, last level or year of course.

Download the Preschool Certificate

Educational certificates and newsletters are available in digital format, which can be easily downloaded and viewed from any device with Internet access.

These certificates are available within the AEFCM platform, with official validity. In order to have access, it is necessary to have the Unique Population Registry Code of the student, as well as the name of the educational entity and the Code of the CCT Work Center.

Steps to download the certificate

In this section of the content we will present the steps to download the school certificate:

  1. To start you must access the AEFCM platform, for this you can click here.
  2. The requested data must be provided, which are provided by the CURP and the CCT.
  3. Once inside the website, you can select the document you want to download in PDF format to be able to print it.

This certificate can be reviewed and viewed by means of a cell phone, with the QR reader. Follow each of the steps mentioned above, to be able to download and obtain the certificate easily and comfortably.

Secretariat of Public Education (SEP)

The Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) It is an entity that is part of the secretaries of state, which constitute the legal cabinet of the President of Mexico.

It is a body in charge of the administration, management and promotion of education in the Mexican nation. Its function is based on being able to design and put into practice different public policies in the educational field.

All this is carried out through the elaboration of programs, strategies, plans and projects that can be implemented in the various public and private educational institutions, at each of the levels and degrees of training. With the purpose of favoring the development of Mexican education.

SEP Website

The Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) has a web platform, where various services and information related to the training of students in Mexico are provided.

When entering the SEP website, you can access a menu of options, where various sections with different content are offered, such as:

  • Teachers: USICAMM, General Directorate of Continuous Training, School Technical Councils, Training.
  • Basic Education: Scholarships, School Calendar, Duplicate of certificates.
  • Higher Secondary Education: Scholarships, Official validity of an institution, Duplicate certificate.
  • Superior: Scholarships, Professional Certificates, Social Service, Official Validity of an institution.

You will also be able to know much more information and news about the educational processes and programs in Mexico. To access the website of the SEP you can click here.

What is it for?

Knowing what the Secretary of Public Education, we can understand the importance it has in the educational sector of Mexico.

The SEP It serves to control and manage educational training in the country, as well as to implement plans and strategies to promote the development of education.

It is also in charge of integrating programs that favor and facilitate access to education in each part of the country, adapting to the economic-social situations that arise.

Secretariats dependent on the SEP

The Secretary of Public Education It also has two dependent secretariats, which are categorized by levels.

Each of them are mentioned below:

  1. Sub-Secretariat of Secondary Education: It is responsible for applying the orders of the SEP, throughout the secondary education sector.
  2. Sub-Secretary of Higher Education: Its function is to apply what is established by the SEP in higher education.

What is the Preschool Certificate?

To better understand what is the Preschool Certificate, it is important to talk about Certificate of studies, and thus in this way not to have doubts.

Certificate of studies

The Certificate of studies, also known as the Academic Certificate, is an official document, which accredits the studies that a person has carried out and they have been approved.

Generally, the certificate of studies can be presented as the degree title, however there are some studies and training plans that are not accredited by a degree but with a certificate.

Importance of the Certificate of Studies

It is important to have the certificate of studies regardless of the level or year of training in which you are, because it allows you to accredit your levels and approved degrees to take a new level or to verify that you have already passed an entire educational stage.

This document is necessary when passing from one grade to another, as well as in the process when going from preschool to primary, from primary to secondary and even in higher education.

It is also essential to possess it when applying for a job after graduation, as this will surely be one of the requirements.

Preschool Certificate

The Preschool Certificate It is an official document that allows proving that a child has attended a preschool level and is able to attend the next level or to move on to Primary, as appropriate.

It is important that the parents and representatives of the minor process the certificate in the appropriate time. Much of this information appears on the website of the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP).

To carry out this process, you must remember to present the requested requirements and thus guarantee the success of the process.


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