Professional Certificate: Steps, Costs and MORE

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The Professionals Certificate, this certificate allows workers to access better job opportunities and companies have different relevant information to optimize the Productive processes and levels of competence.

In this article, we will know some very simple steps to be able to carry out this process that are very important to obtain more opportunities in the workplace.

Steps to Get a Professional Certificate Online

To obtain this Certificate of Professionals, it can be done throughout the year on the website and in the Civil Registry offices.

  • You must enter the page of the Civil registration
  • Click on «Go to the Online Procedure»
  • When entering the institution’s website, it is important to click on «professionals» and select «Certificate of professionals»
  • Write the RUN and the unique key, Click on «get into». If you don’t have, it is better to request it using this link
  • Enter the Email and click on «Continue»
  • Select the payment method and click on the button «Continue»
  • Choose the financial institution to carry out the payment and follow the instructions.
  • As this result of the process, you will have requested the professional certificate, which will be sent immediately to email.

Steps to obtain the Certificate of Professionals in Office

It is important to remember that this Certificate can be obtained in different ways, if there are many problems when connecting on the page, you can go to the offices closest.

But these different steps must be followed:

  • Go to the Civil registration
  • Explain the reason for the visit: Request the certificate of the Professional Title.
  • Deliver the requested background information
  • Pay the value of document
  • Result of the procedure, you will get the document immediately.

Who needs it?

Anyone who knows the RUN, it can be requested in a certificate of professional title, but first you must have the unique password.

To get this unique key, it must be greater to 14 years, can access Unique Key. To obtain the password, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • They should go to the offices of the Civil registration and Identification with the Valid Identity Card
  • Ask the corresponding official with your activation code Unique Key and provide an email.
  • Entering in Unique Key clickable «Activate Unique Key»
  • It is important to complete the information requested, such as: RUN and Activation Code
  • Follow the steps indicated and define the login password.

If there is any doubt, customer service can be communicated by calling 600 360 3303 In this number you can present any questions and you will be attended to as soon as possible.

Cost and Details of Professional Certificate

In Higher Education Institutions, it sends monthly to the Service of civil registration and ID (SRCel) in the list of professional titles awarded in this period. This made me is done in the Supreme Court regarding the attorneys they receive on their degree.

These professionals can register directly in the registry, without any need for what is requested by the interested party. Thus, by renewing the ID or when requesting a certificate, their professions may automatically appear in it, unless this person is requested stating otherwise.

East Professionals Certificate has a cost of $ 1,050.

As stated by law, the different way is understood:

  • Labor Competition: Aptitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to successfully carry out the activities that make up a job function, according to the standards defined by the productive sector.
  • Evaluation of Labor Competencies: This process of verifying a person’s job performance against the previously accredited job competency unit
  • Certification of Labor Competence or Certification of Competence: Corresponds to the process of formal recognition, by an independent entity, of the labor competencies demonstrated by an individual in the evaluation process
  • Labor Competence Unit: In a standard describing the knowledge, skills and aptitudes, one must be able to perform and apply in different work situations, including the different variables, conditions for the performance to be achieved.

This commission is made up of nine members who are highly recognized in the technical quality of labor competence, and are manifested as follows:

  • A member appointed by the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare
  • Minister of Economy, Development and Reconstruction.
  • Minister of Education.
  • Three most important members for the employers’ organizations of the country
  • And finally, three members appointed by the largest workers’ union in the country.

There are several regulations that must be complied with, the serious cases that exist during the process will be mentioned below:

  • The own benefit or that of third parties, this information is reserved or privileged to be accessed by reason of their own functions.
  • Their status as a member of the Commission must be improperly used to influence a person, for the purpose of benefits for themselves or for a third party.
  • Use money or delivery of goods to commissions of the system for their own benefit.
  • Do activities, use of excluded person or resources of the commission

To complete the process of the Certificate of Professionals, a series of steps must be fulfilled that are the key point of this process:

  • Gather the required background
  • Go to each of the centers that can be seen in this link
  • Explain the reason for the visit: how to request the evaluation and certification of Labor competence
  • Complete the registration form
  • Deliver the required background
  • Result of procedure, you will have requested in the evaluation and certificate of labor competencies.

What is it?

The Professional Certificate allows obtaining a document issued by the Service of civil registration and ID (SRCel), accrediting a profession and other entities authorized to grant it.

For this, there are some processes that must be respected and very careful, such as the Evaluation and Certification of Labor Competencies of Workers.

All the people who declare labor competencies, regardless of acquiring it, are those documents that are reported directly at the stock center, subject to each profile.

SENCE and the private sector are responsible for financing the evaluation and certification of labor competencies, through the mechanism.

  • Own Resources
  • Tax Franchise
  • Certification Subsidy
  • OTICs surplus
  • Training resources for public employees.

Also on the page of Public Registry, you can access the storage that is organized (by name, region or sector) of the data of each one, they are accredited by the Commission of the National System of Certification of Labor Skills.

  • Click on «Go to Online Procedure»
  • When entering this website, the institution, is to select the search filters.
  • You can access the information, click on the column list «Name center», by which you can download and view it in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • As a result of this procedure, there will be access to the registry of the evaluation and certification centers authorized by ChileValora, which you can download at Pdf format.

To access the catalog of labor competencies accredited by Chile Valora, you can do so on the web platform.

  • Clicking on «Go to the online process»
  • When entering the institution’s website, the search filter must be selected
  • It should be displayed in the list of evaluators, which can be downloaded as a template «Excel»
  • To access the individual information, it must be selected in the column of «Visualize»
  • You will see all the details of the evaluator or the evaluator of labor competencies authorized by ChileValora, which allows you to download in a PDF format

Obtaining the Unique Key, is important because it serves to have various services and benefits offered by the state, such as:

  • Safe passage
  • Modification of unemployment form for IPS beneficiary
  • Applying to enter the Social Registry of Households (RSH)
  • The Background certificate for particular purposes

You can also learn about other types of procedures that can be carried out with the Unique Key, such as:

  • Production Promotion Corporation (CORFO)
  • Public Criminal Defense Office (DPP)
  • Department of Immigration and Migration (DEM)
  • Labor Directorate (DT)
  • National Health Fund (Fonasa)
  • Social Security Institute (IPS)
  • Basic Solidarity Old Age Pension (PBSV).
  • Basic Solidarity Pension for Disability (PBSI).
  • Old-Age Solidarity Pension Contribution (APSV).
  • National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI)
  • Ministry of Social Development and Family (MDSyF)
  • Application to enter the Social Registry of Households (RSH).
  • Ministry of Housing and Urbanism (MINVU)
  • Civil Registry and Identification Service (Civil Registry)
  • National Consumer Service (SERNAC)
  • Subsecretariat of Transport (Subtrans)
  • Consult the Registry of Violating Passengers (RPI).
  • Superintendency of Social Security (SUSESO)


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