Protection Certificate: Steps, What It Is For and MORE

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Would you like to obtain your protection certificate? To register in the system, you must bear in mind that there are a series of steps for your Protection Certificate. This procedure allows the Colombian citizen to feel protected by means of an endorsement, which proves that they will be able to have an extra income in their pension.

Here you can find the necessary information about the steps you must follow to obtain your certificate. Also, what is it for, the transaction areas of the same, among other things. What are you waiting for?

Keep reading!

Steps to Obtain the Protection Certificate

Carry out the process of the Protection Certificate To obtain it successfully, it is important for Colombians that they need it. Next, we will mention the step by step of the processing:

  1. You must look for the web portal protection and click on «Certifácil». Next, four (4) transaction areas should appear on the screen.
  2. You have to click on the option «Obligatory Pensions». Then, you should get various options from which you must click on the one that says «Obligatory Pension Affiliation Certificate».
  3. You must click on the «Download» option. Then, you have to enter your type of identity document and its number, in order to obtain your Protection Certificate.
  4. Then, in the upper right part of your monitor screen, a blue button should appear, which will say «Login». Next, when you enter, it should take you to a new window. In this, you must enter your username and password, each time you want to log in to the Protection web portal.
The certificate is only for Colombian citizens who are previously registered in Protection. If you are not registered, do not hesitate to do it as soon as possible, since it is an extremely simple process.

Certified by Email

It is our pleasure to inform you that you can also obtain your Compulsory Pension Protection Certificate, by email. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. You must look for the protection web portal and click on «Certifácil».
  2. You have to enter the data requested by the system.
  3. You must place the letters that appear in the Security image. Then, you have to click on «Send».
  4. You have to check your email inbox. Then, you must verify that the previously sent email has been from
  5. Next, you can download your PDF file by clicking on the attached document, in which you should get a message “Request password”. Then, you have to put your identification document.
  6. Once you have the certificate downloaded to your PC or Laptop, you have the facility to view and print it as many times as you want.
Membership certificates do not include your balance. In case you need to verify the balance, you must request it in the Transactions Area of ​​the web portal, entering your password.

What is the Protection Certificate for?

The Protection Certificate, serves so that Colombian citizens can know and verify how many years they have been contributing with the Colombian Pension and Unemployment Fund Administrator.

In addition, you can obtain the Affiliation Certificate through the Protection web portal, as we have mentioned before, through your PC, Laptop, Tablet or smartphone, without having any inconvenience during the process.

Transaction Zones for the Protection Certificate

When you want to obtain any type of certificates, records, reports, among others, it is necessary that you can obtain, download and print them from the Transaction Zones that the web portal offers you, specifically in the sale of Certifácil.

Next, we will mention its lines and the various documents you can request:


  • You can request proof of «Severance Balance».
  • Request for proof of «Affiliation Severance».
  • You can request and obtain your certificate on the «Declaration of Severance Income».
  • Request the certificate of «Severance Immobilization».


  • You can request and obtain your certificate of «Pensioned Income and Withholdings».
  • Request for the Payment Stub of pensioners.
  • You can request the monitoring report of the Pension Procedure.
  • Request and obtain your “Pension with Payments” certificate.

Mandatory Pensions

  • You can request your proof of Affiliation of the «Compulsory Pension».
  • Request the Labor History of the Mandatory Pension.
  • You can request and obtain your certificate of the contributions of the last year of the Compulsory Pension.
  • Request for the follow-up report of the Pension Procedure.
  • You can request and obtain your certificate of the «Declaration of Income of Voluntary Contributions».

Voluntary Pensions

  • Request your certificate of the «Declaration of Voluntary Pension Income».
  • You can request and obtain your certificate of Affiliation to the Voluntary Pension.
  • Request for your Voluntary Pension account statement.
  • You can request and obtain your certificate of contributions from the Voluntary Pension.

How do I know if I am Affiliated with Severance Protection?

If you want to know and verify if you are affiliated with the Protection Severance. Next, we will mention what you should do:

  • You must click on the «Login» option. Next, you must enter the number of your identification document.
If you are not a client of the Pension Fund and, therefore, you are not Affiliated to the Severance Pay, the system will automatically inform you that you are not a client of the provider.

What is it?

The Protection Certificate, is a document that allows Colombian citizens to know and verify their contributions by the Administrator of Pension and Unemployment Funds of Colombia, whether for the mandatory pension, voluntary pension or severance pay, and the entire process is done by virtual way.

What’s more, Protection It has been classified as the most reliable Colombian Pension and Severance Fund Administrator. Through its web portal you can have advice regarding clarifying your doubts or requesting any document of the services offered by the Pension Fund.

It also provides its Colombian clients with the following telephone numbers so that there can be better communication between the client and the person who attends them through the call, to clarify their doubts or make requests:

  • Citizens who are in Barranquilla, they can call 3197999.
  • Those who are in Bogota, you can call 7444464.
  • Citizens who are in Cali or Medellin, they can call 5109099.
  • Those who are in Cartagena, you can call 6424999.
  • The rest of Colombians will be able to communicate through a fixed line, this is: 018000528000.

What is + Protection about?

It is a voluntary savings product, which allows the person to obtain an additional income, to ensure their quality of life in the future. Only if you have 20 thousand Colombian pesos per month.

The operation «+ Protection», is based on the monthly savings amount. This will depend on the age, gender and salary of the client, in this way the company can evaluate the income that will be granted to the person.

When the person makes their savings, there should be no inconveniences, since the contributions granted are previously programmed and debited from the bank owned by the retired client.

The «+ Protection» program gives people flexibility so that they can make extra payments. When you want to provide more money to your savings to multiply your capital to future.

In addition, it is extremely important to inform you that the company + Protección rewards all its clients, giving them an annual recognition and then every 5 years. In order that the person or client, do not make any withdrawal of the amount of their savings to their bank account.


It is our pleasure to give you the following tips so that you can obtain your Protection Certificate virtually without problems:

  • You must verify that your PC, Laptop, Tablet or smartphone is free of viruses, so that you can safely access to download your Certificate.
  • It is important that you write the Protection web address in the search engine or click on the links that we provide in this article.
  • You must make sure that a third party knows or spies on your password.
  • In case you receive a suspicious call on behalf of Protection, you should quickly call the aforementioned numbers so that you can verify said information.
  • So that you can have a better view when making your transactions and / or inquiries, we recommend having a good internet signal and also using browsers, such as Firefox 46 – 47, Google Chrome 51 – 52, or Internet Explorer 9/10/11.

Finally, if you are interested in obtaining your Protection CertificateRemember to follow the steps so that your process is carried out successfully through the Protection web portal, specifically Certifácil. Wait no more, get your certificate!


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