Registration Form 2.86 to PROGRESS: Format, Filling and MORE

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If you are between 18 and 35 years old, there is the possibility of opting for a Progresar Scholarship, which is requested through the Enrollment Form 2.86 to Progress. This is a benefit that contributes to an education of excellence for young Argentines.

In this article you will find what the Form contains, how it should be filled out, what it is for, who can enroll in Progresar, what are the requirements to enroll, some frequently asked questions and much more information.

Format of Form 2.86 for Registration to PROGRESS

The Format of the Enrollment Form 2.86 to Progress, collects all the necessary data about the students who apply for a Progresar Scholarship. It is very easy to complete, since the required fields are reflected very clearly and precisely. The parts that compose it are named below:

  1. Owner Information: In this space, the specific data of the applicant is placed, such as: CUIL number, the Type and number of document, their names and surnames.
  2. Contact Information: There goes everything related to the detailed address: The street, the number, floor, department, the tower, the sector, apple, locality, province. Also, the landline and cell phone number, the phone company, email address and the owner’s signature.
  3. Education Information: There the educational data of the owner, name of the educational center, the Unique Key of the Establishment (CUE), the Registry of Training and Employment Institutions (REGICE). Among other required data. This section must include the signature and stamp of the Responsible Manager and also the stamp of the establishment.
  4. Income Data: Information about whether or not income is earned should be included, if you have a social plan and by whom it is granted.
  5. Representative Information: Enter the CUIL number, type of document and its number. Equally, Signature and clarification of the Representative.
  6. Child Care Data: In this section you should answer if you have children, if help is requested from the Ministry of Social Development. Also, if support is requested for the care of siblings, and if one of them has a disability. Finally, the signature, clarification and file of the intervening agent, the date and stamp of receipt.

Filling of the Registration Form 2.86 to PROGRESS

To complete the Enrollment Form 2.86 to Progress, it is necessary to know the parts that compose it. For example: Personal data and student information, which must be filled in correctly.

The data that must be supplied is mentioned below:

Personal information

  • The dependency code.
  • The number of the procedure.
  • Surname and full names.
  • The holder’s Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL) number.
  • The current room address, placing: The street, the number, the avenue, etc.
  • Indicate if it is a house or apartment, the number of the floor, the sector, the block, or tower.
  • The name of the town where the person who is applying lives.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address (it is recommended that it be a Gmail account).
  • The associated telephone company, either its own or that of a close relative.

Education Information

  • Indicate if you can read and write.
  • Put the name of the educational center where the applicant studies.
  • Indicate which educational phase is (in primary, secondary or university).
  • Notify if you are currently studying, or if you are only enrolled in the educational center.
  • The signature of the Director in charge of the educational center.
  • The seal of the educational center.

What is the Progress Registration Form 2.86 for?

This Form is used so that young people who really require the scholarship have access to it. As long as they meet the requirements mentioned below. It should be noted that the Progresar Scholarships are a support for students to can continue with university studies and achieve a professional degree.

There are three (3) different parameters for scholarships, these could be: To complete the compulsory education, also for university or tertiary careers. Likewise, for professional training courses, therefore, for all the previously mentioned conditions, it is necessary to carry out the entire procedure of the Form.

Who can enroll in PROGRESS?

The citizens and conditions necessary to enroll in Progresar are listed below:

  • Any university student, between the ages of 18 and 25 (not restricted).
  • Those students where the family income does not exceed three (3) minimum wages stipulated by law.
  • Any Argentine who are not holders of an economic or social support plan at the time of requesting the Progresar scholarship.
  • Individuals with Argentine nationality (They must have more than five (5) years of residence in Argentina).
  • Do not present a criminal record in the country’s judicial system.
  • The young people just finishing high school being 18 years old.

To take into account: Registration requests are made virtually, in the event that the request is admitted. The holder must go to the main ANSES agency.

Requirements to Complete the Registration

To complement the registration to Progresar, it is essential to know about the requirements required to complete the process, taking into account that each of these is important. The requirements requested by ANSES are mentioned below:

  1. The DNI (National identity document).
  2. Consign the original and copy the birth certificate.
  3. In the case of being a foreigner, you have to consign the nationality card.
  4. Email address (Gmail recommended).
  5. Residence letter from the current domicile address.
  6. The Enrollment Form 2.86 to Progress, with the respective data and attaching all the requirements. Said Form must be signed by the educational center of the corresponding locality.
  7. A receipt for a domestic public service, which can be: Toilet, fixed internet, gas or electricity.
  8. Age between 18 and 25 years.
  9. Not being registered as the main holder in a social or charitable support.
  10. Find yourself registered in My ANSES, entering its website through this link.
  11. Have the Social Security Code from the ANSES website.
  12. Have the CUIL at hand, this number will be required to enter the system when registering.

When all the requirements are within reach, it is necessary to go to the Comprehensive Care Units (UDAI) closest to the home. Then, an appointment must be made to finalize the request within the system. Having all these requirements at hand you should go to the UDAI (Comprehensive Care Units) closest to your location.

Subsequently, you must request an appointment to formalize your request within the system. If you want more information you can enter here. Each of the requirements are essential so as not to cause difficulties when registering. The documentation to be consigned must be completely legible and in excellent condition.

Steps to Follow to Enroll in Progresar

To begin with this procedure, it is required to have a good internet connection. It should be noted that this management is carried out online:

  • The first thing to do is enter the ANSES official site (National Administration of Social Security). Next, select the ANSES Social Security Code field.
  • Once there, the system will ask for the CUIL number and the Social Security Code. After indicating it, the procedure should be continued.
  • After placing the aforementioned information, proceed to select the option «Login».
  • When entering the Mi ANSES web portal, its terms and conditions must be admitted.
  • Attach the Enrollment Form 2.86 to Progress, and the documentation requested by the system (residence letter, National Identity Document, etc.).

NOTE: Remember that the Form must be filled out with a black ink pen, which must be attached to My ANSES.

What is the PROGRESS Registration Form 2.86?

The Enrollment Form 2.86 to Progress, is the one that allows students to request any of the scholarships offered by the Progresar Program. With the aim of achieving a quality education, especially for those students who do not have the necessary means to obtain it.

Some Common Questions from Applicants

Below are some questions that some Argentine citizens ask when starting the process to apply for a Progresar Scholarship:

How old do you have to be to register with Progresar?

This registration can be done from seventeen (17) yearsIt is worth clarifying that it is only to register in the corresponding educational center. This is because the scholarship is granted, from 18 to 25 years old.

What is ANSES in charge of?

ANSES (National Administration of Social Security), it is a state entity in charge of registering and authorizing administrative procedures throughout the country. These procedures are inspected by ANSES.

Where is the Progresar Scholarship processed?

The Progresar Scholarship can be managed through the ANSES website. It is there where students must register the scholarship request, filling out the Enrollment Form 2.86 to Progress. This will be filled out automatically.

How can you know if the scholarship has been accepted?

It is very easy, you only have to consult the individual profile in My ANSES. Where the application status is displayed (pending, approved or denied).

NOTE: The Progresar Program encourages educational excellence throughout Argentina. It should be borne in mind that studying the first value for all citizens.

What are you waiting for? Gather all the requirements and complete the Enrollment Form 2.86 to Progress. This is an opportunity that you should take advantage of, so that you can continue your studies without worrying about the financial part.

Complete all the steps to follow, which are very easy and meet that goal that you have planned. Become an excellent professional, so that you contribute to the progress of the country.

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