Registry Data Certificate: What They Are, Steps and MORE

The Registry Data Certificate It is the great opportunity to know all the information subscribed to the Civil Registry of Ecuador. Therefore, this type of document brings the contents referenced to the birth, marriage, de facto union and death certificate.

Thus, to request this certificate you must comply with a series of mandatory precautions and requirements. So, we invite you to know all the details and costs associated with this type of certificate.

Keep reading with us, find out all your personal information!

What are the Registration Data?

The Registry Data Certificate It is essential to obtain all the procedures related to the Civil Registry of Ecuador. Similarly, this type of document will allow you to be registered in one of the most important organizations in the country.

So the Registry Data Certificate It will allow you to know all the data subscribed to this public institution and check if they match your personal information. Next, this certificate comes with several aspects of your interest, that yes, they will depend on the type of Registry Data that you request.

In Ecuador, the Civil Registry is a responsible body that has a database of all Ecuadorian citizens, who are currently subscribed on its website. So if you want to request the Registry Data Certificate, it is essential that you know the types of registry data that this entity recognizes:

Birth certificate

We all know how important it is to give life to another human being, so it is essential to register a document of faith of life of the infant. In addition, the birth certificate comes with all the details of the newborn: names and surnames, parents, sex, place, weight and state of health.

Marriage certificate

Another of the memorable moments of human beings. For this reason, the Civil Registry corroborates the information on the marriage union of the two spouses; attaching the place, date and other important information about the celebration.

Certificate of De facto Union

It is a document that corroborates the union of two people, but not so elaborate and, of course, in different conditions to the marriage certificate. Also, in this process you will find information about the assets of both people, clauses, date and all the information related to this type of coexistence.

Death certificate

One of the most unpleasant and regrettable moments that a person can live; However, the Civil Registry requires notification of the death of the family member to this institution. In addition, the Death Certificate details the causes of death and a medical expert corroborates the diagnosis.

Most of the organizations in Ecuador are decentralized and offer various information channels. Hence, the Registry Data Certificate It is an opportunity to obtain information about the aforementioned certificates, through different communication channels.

Likewise, you will have the facility to find all the information you want online or in person. As well as, you can enjoy the Registry Data Certificate in PDF format or in physical form. However, we will explain all these details throughout the article. Stay with us!

Requirements for the Certificate of Registration Data

Now the Registry Data CertificateLike all procedures, it requires a series of precautions and essential requirements on the part of Ecuadorian citizens who request this document. The latter is done with the aim of corroborating the identity of the applicants and thus avoiding any falsification of data.

Still do not know what are the requirements that you must meet to request this certificate? Relax, find out everything here!

Mandatory documents

  • National identification of the applicant.
  • Invoice of payment corresponding to the request of the Registry Data Certificate.
  • Administrative Resolution request form.
  • Current number and address of residence.
  • Be subscribed to the Civil Registry of Ecuador.
  • If applicable, the disability card must be presented.

Similarly, in this case also applies certain special precautions, to obtain the Registry Data Certificate without inconvenience. We invite you to read each one of them in detail and avoid setbacks during the process.

Special documents

The persons authorized to withdraw information in this institution and are not directly the owner of the Registry Data Certificate, you must comply with the following:

  • Relationship: Father, Mother, Son (of legal age), Spouse, Father-in-law or Daughter-in-law.
  • Documents: National identification of the owner and the person in charge of removing the information.
  • Cost: None.

However, if the applicant is not the owner of the information and cannot withdraw it, the following people may do so:

  • Patent: Grandparents, Brothers, Brothers-in-Law, Great-grandfather, Uncles, Nephews, Grandchildren, among others.
  • Documents: Identification of both applicants. In addition, the proof of payment for the request of the Registration Data Certificate. As well as, the signed and stamped authorization letter.
  • Additional cost.

If he Registry Data Certificate is requested by a judicial authority or lawyer, who has no direct affiliation with the owner:

  • Documents: Letter of authorization signed and stamped. In addition, the reason for the withdrawal of said certificate and attached the payment corresponding to your request.
  • Additional cost.

If the applicant and / or holder of the Registry Data Certificate have some type of disability:

  • Documents: Disability Card. As well as, the last medical report of the individual will be presented.

Presentation of Documents

  • All the collections must be valid for the date of the procedure.
  • Documents that have marks, erasures or amendments will not be accepted.
  • Those papers that are accompanied by signatures and stamps must be fully legible.

Steps to Follow to Request the Certificate of Registration Data

On the other hand, after recording all the aforementioned precautions, you must follow a set of instructions. While the Registry Data Certificate It is essential and it is not a complicated procedure, but to ensure the success of the document, a series of steps must be taken.

Then, next, we will tell you all the information channels you will have to obtain the Registry Data Certificate:


  • Get a good internet connection and use reliable browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari).
  • Access the electronic network of the Virtual Agency of the Civil Registry.
  • Then, click «Enter Here».
  • Enter your username and associated security code. For your safety, we recommend that you do not share this last information to strangers.
  • Read carefully all types of Registry Data Certificate what this institution has for you.
  • Choose the one you want and press the «Add» button.
  • Select the payment method and enter the data associated with your credit card.
  • Subsequently, the Civil Registry page will allow you to know the document associated with the Registry Data Certificate.
  • Review each of the requested documents and make sure there are no errors.


  • Go to this address: Av. Amazonas N37-61 and United Nations Corner Edif. Previsora ​​PB Quito – Ecuador.
  • Request «Customer Service» at the information windows.
  • Deliver all the requirements mentioned in the previous section.
  • Wait for the shift operator to validate each of the documents.
  • Tell the operator which procedure you want to consult.
  • Cancel the cost associated with Registry Data Certificate.
  • Then wait your turn to withdraw the minutes.
  • Check the Certificate of Registry data.


  • Send an email to the following address:
  • Place all your subscribed data to the Ecuadorian Civil Registry system.
  • Wait for a response from technical support.

Via telephone

  • Call 023731110 – Ext. 29380 by phone.
  • Request «Customer Service» and wait to be understood by the operational staff.
  • Provide all data and ask for your Registry Data Certificate.
  • Check that the document has the correct data.

Costs and Where to Request the Certificate of Registration Data

In another vein, this type of Certificate has a series of important considerations that you should know before requesting it. Among these relevant aspects are the costs associated with this document.

For this reason, in this article we present all the costs associated with said certificate and thus avoid inconveniences during the issuance process:

  • Cost of requesting the Certificate of Registration Data: $ 3.00
  • Application fee for the Certificate of Registration Data for disabled people: $ 0.00

Other costs

  • Copies of all the documents requested for the issuance of the Registry Data Certificate.
  • Renewal of each of the papers.

Now, the Civil Registry of Ecuador has several payment methods, but these will depend on the modality under which you request this document:

  • In person: Cash or Bank affiliated with the Civil Registry.
  • Online: Credit Card.

After canceling the amount associated with the issuance of this certificate, you will receive the latter in just minutes. As well as, in the case of problems or typing errors, you must correct immediately with the institution in charge.

Another point under consideration is that people who have a degree of disability greater than 30% must present their CONADIS card to make the management of this document valid. Take your card!

As mentioned above, the Civil Registry has different channels to obtain this document:

  • Online: Official page of the Civil Registry.
  • In person: Click here to see all the offices in the country.
  • Email:
  • By phone: 023731110

Amazing! The Civil Registry gives you the opportunity to have this document through various communication channels and choose the one that best suits your conditions. If you wish to obtain it, we invite you to read our «Steps to Follow» section again.

Validity of the Document

Another of the fundamental aspects of this certificate is to always be aware of its duration, to avoid delivering this expired document in other procedures. Therefore, we remind you that this certificate is valid for (2) months.

Did your document expire? Relax, we invite you to follow the validation steps here!:

  • Access the Virtual Agency of the Civil Registry again.
  • Locate the option «Validate Document».
  • Write the number of your Registry Data Certificate.
  • Put the security code that reflects the page.
  • Corroborate all the information in this document digitally.
  • If you wish, you can print or download this validation receipt. To do this, you just have to click «Download» and save in a secure folder on your computer.

What is the Certificate of Registration Data?

The Registry Data Certificate It is a document issued by the Civil Registry, which contains a series of data affiliated with your personal information. So, the contained database refers to:

  • Marriage.
  • Birth.
  • Union of Fact.
  • Death.

Finally, this document can be obtained through various communication channels provided by the Civil Registry:

  • On-line.
  • E-mail.
  • Via telephone.
  • Face-to-face

KeepBe aware of your personal information and request this certificate!


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