Regular Student Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The regular student certificate It is a very important document for a student, since it allows them to access a certificate that proves their stay in an educational institution, taking a school registration.

If you want to know more about the regular student certificateKeep reading this article, as we will tell you how to apply to be a regular student and the requirements, steps and considerations to apply for the certificate.

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What is the regular student certificate?

It is a document issued by educational entities, with the aim of granting its students a certificate that serves to prove that they are studying an academic period.

It should be noted that these types of documents have an established expiration date, which is generally not greater than sixty (60) days, because the student’s status may vary over time, being able to change from regular status to non-enrolled or suspended status. .

The data that the student must provide for this procedure are quite basic, such as: names and surnames, address, identification document number, email address, telephone number and the career / subjects that are taking.

What is this certificate for?

This instrument has various utilities for the applicant, among them: it serves as a voucher for requesting permits and / or flexibilities at work, as well as to justify absences in extracurricular activities or studies in different educational entities.

Also, through this document it is possible apply for financial aid Partial or total (scholarships) to cover the expenses involved in pursuing a degree or developing a project. They could even serve as a guarantee to receive transportation or food facilities, while you are in the study center.

In addition, in situations where the student wishes to change educational institution, either within the country or abroad, this document serves as a reference for state that this person previously carried out some studies reaching a certain level (baccalaureate, undergraduate, diploma, etc). In this way, it is avoided to start the race to be taken from period zero (0).

Important! This document can be requested throughout the year, as long as it is within the current academic period.

What is the cost of this procedure?

In reference to cost, public institutions generally offer this certificate for free. While in the private ones it does have a monetary value, stipulated by the coordination for this type of procedure, typical of the educational establishment.

What is a regular student?

If you are a regular student, it is because you are part of an educational institution and were accepted through an admission process recognized by it. That is, a student who is enrolled in the current academic period. When it comes to a minor student, this type of document is requested by the parents or representatives before the school establishment.

In short, the regular student certificate is a tool that the student can request from the corresponding educational institution to demonstrate that he or she is in fact regularly pursuing a career or studies in general.

What are the requirements to obtain the regular student certificate?

First of all, to get the regular student certificate, it is necessary to be a regular student (currently studying) of the educational institution in question and present an academic load (have enrolled subjects).

On the other hand, the amount of collections to receive this document is very small, in fact, there is the possibility of making the request online, through email or the educational entity’s own web portal, in such a way that, the only thing that must be done in person is the withdrawal.

It is important to point out that, once the certificate has been requested, it is processed by the coordination responsible for said processing within the educational institution, where the person in charge of the area stamps and signs it. In this way, it is guaranteed that this document is not duplicated or falsified, losing its legal validity.

Likewise, for the withdrawal of the procedure, the requesting party must be present, in order to avoid the intervention of third parties that may deviate the objective of the document, or so that any errors observed are modified before their reception.

Steps to follow to obtain the regular student certificate:

At the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), the regular student certificate is requested via email, following the following series of steps:

  1. Write your request for regular student certificate, stating the reasons that motivate the request through the email address filexxi@rec.uba.arg.
  2. In this same email make a copy for certificacionesxxi@rec.uba.arg.
  3. Use an email that you have access to and can check frequently, to be aware of the response received.
  4. Make sure that the following mandatory personal data is found in the text:
    • Names and surnames of the applicant student.
    • National Identity Document (DNI), without omitting any digit.
    • List of subjects the student is taking during the current academic period.
    • Year in which the student is studying.

It is essential that you specify each of these data, in order to avoid errors in document reproduction. To avoid problems when downloading attachments, it is recommended to deposit the information directly in the comment box of the email.

And voila, with that information provided, the next step is to wait carefully for the email to be answered. Upon confirmation of the receipt of the mail, the processing begins. Generally, this email can arrive between two (2) or three (3) business days after the request.


The mail sent by the coordinator in charge, will contain the information related to the guidelines for the withdrawal of the procedure. Including the date, time and corresponding location. Finally, the withdrawal of the document is carried out in person at the facilities of the educational entity.

Important! Check carefully that your personal data is correct and that the document is sealed and signed by the relevant coordination. Otherwise, request its modification and follow the instructions provided.

However, in other educational institutions the modality is different since this type of procedure can be self-managed by the student himself, through the institute’s web portal.

To do this, the student must log in with his username and password to the page and go to the section of procedures / records / certificates. This name can vary by institution, but is generally identified with a similar adjective.

Once in this section, you can expand the options and select the regular student certificate. Right there you can generate a request for the educational institution to process it and deliver it later days.

Also, it is the case that the student automatically downloads the file in PDF format. If you do it in such a way, print it out and present it to the corresponding coordination. Making sure they validate it with a signature and institutional seal.

Additional data related to the regular student certificate:

  • In every educational institution there are clearly specified rules and regulations, provided to students in the inductions of admission.
  • If the rules imposed are not complied with, the student may automatically lose the right to continue their studies at said entity.
  • If the breach of the regulation is considered serious. In this case, the regular student certificate is invalid.
  • If the student fails any subject of the academic period, he does not lose the right to be a regular student, as long as it is enrolled in the following period.
  • If the student has debts with the institution or is not solvent at the end of the enrollment period, he / she stops being a regular student to become a an inactive student.

How to apply to be a regular student?

If you want to be a regular student of an academic institution in Argentina, you must bear in mind that you will begin to be part of an admission process. For which it is necessary to fill out the registration form that can be found on the institution’s own website.

Then complete the consignment of documents, which will depend directly on the requirements of the educational entity. However, in general they are the following:

  1. Certificates of previous studies.
  2. Passport-type photos of the applicant.
  3. Photocopy of the National Identity Document and the birth certificate.
  4. Health certificate.
  5. Updated criminal records.

Remember that:

  • Underage applicants must present a signed authorization from the representative in charge at the time of registration.
  • If a falsified degree of previous studies is presented, a crime is being committed as stipulated in article 296 of the National Penal Code. And if this fact is verified, the case will be sent to the competent judicial authority.
  • If the person who wishes to register has carried out studies abroad and wants them to be taken into account by the educational institution, these must be submitted and validated before the National Validity Directorate of Titles and Studies dependent on the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Nation .
  • Finally, when submitting the documents necessary for registration, it is essential that they are complete, organized, legible and in optimal condition. Photographs must be sharp and distinguishable.

So keep in mind to count on your regular student certificate it can be very useful. Either when looking for a job simultaneously with studies or, to request a scholarship that pays for their academic expenses.

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