Regular Student Certificate: Steps, Facts and MORE

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The Regular Student Certificate, is a document that must be requested by the student, the parent or a legal representative of the same, to benefit from the educational services of an institution.

This student is an endorsement that will be obtained when completing the studies regularly in an educational institution. Read on to find out more about how to apply for the regular student certificate and what it is for.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Regular Student Certificate

The Student Certificate is an administrative and institutional document that can only be issued by the educational institution for which you are studying. That is why the Ministry of Education it is not responsible for issuing the type of certificate.

Also, it should be known that the regular student certificate has a validity period that ranges between 3 days to 180 business days. Thus, a regular student certificate is requested that can be used for the duration of the semester that is being studied in an educational institution.

In that same, it is essential to take into account when requesting this certificate. This paper is intended for regular students to «Family agnation», «military service» and «other purposes»

What is the Regular Student Certificate for?

The documents also certify a student with the solvency of payments of enrollment and performed in their enrollment of subjects at the university. Next, It will be possible to know what it is for and in what procedures are this regular student certificate required.

  • This certificate can be used to enjoy all the facilities and services provided by the educational institution
  • It is very important when carrying out other types of procedures, such as: military service, family allowance, or other institutional purposes that is required
  • Also, the certificate is required for those people who want to change their home from study and want to validate their notes in another institute.
  • Similarly, this certificate is requested when a student wishes to go abroad and wants to certify academic studies out of the country.

Data contained in the Regular Student certificate

The data contained in this Regular Student Certificate, is practically:

  • Name and surname
  • DNI or Identity Card
  • Educational career

Normally this certificate is requested when a job is requested or another type of procedure is done and it has to be confirmed that they are studying, this is the certificate that will say in writing, since the person is enrolled in certain establishments, university, studying a career or any course of secondary or basic education.

Benefits of the Regular Student Certificate

The educational document is one that must be request the certificate of the regular student at the institution where the person is studying, this leads to many benefits for you.

Since, by this document, many are favored in student care programs to improve their quality of life.

When you know some of the benefits and advantages that you have thanks to a regular student certificate:

  • Thanks to this certificate you can request the benefits maintenance of a family burden. If you wish to request the maintenance of a family burden as a student by clicking the following link.
  • You can enter the National Health Fund (FONASA) with the regular student certificate. In it, there is a section that allows the student to enter this health fund is not affiliated with another health system.
  • In that same, you can access to enjoy a fare reduction in public transport systems, present a regular student certificate.
  • Similarly, you can request the college credit in banks thanks to this certificate.

Where to request it?

Currently, there are 2 ways to do this regular student certificate within any educational institute, for which it is being studied. In the first way to request said certificate, it is in person and the other through the website.

Requesting this certificate in a presence way is very common in the students of the houses of studies. The only negative about this process is that, must be requested within a stipulated time and in some business days that are arranged by the study house.

For this reason, it is important to contact the secretarial offices and verify what are the days and hours of operation. Also, it should be verified if it is requested in any documentation for the issuance of the regular student’s certificate.

Each institute has certain regulations that must be respect to fulfill the request. That is why we have brought these steps in a general way, to have a clearer idea.

  • Go to the secretary’s office of the educational institution, where it will be studied and notified to the civil servant that is attended, the type of certificate that is desired requests. Also, the reason why you want to do this process must be detailed.
  • Deliver to the official the documents they asked for the application
  • Cancel the respective amount of the issuance of the regular student certificate (This is in case the institution requires an amount)
  • Finally, comply with the deadline that was established to withdraw the certificate (Normally, these deadlines last from 5 to 10 business days).

Thanks to the internet there are more users and people who have the ease of processing. It should be mentioned that there are still educational institutions that adapt to new technologies that adapt in the digital platform.

That is why, before anything else, you must confirm that the educational institution where you are studying uses this mechanism to carry out the procedure. Can be verified directly in the secretary’s office of the university or by checking the official website of the institution.

After checking if the regular student certificate via the Internet, follow these steps that can be of great help:

  • Enter from the Internet browser, the website of the institution where you are studying the year
  • Afterwards, it must select the university faculty where you register or select the secretary tab.
  • After, enter user data as student, so that the system can be accessed
  • Now, the application for the student certificate regulates what is needed to proceed to choose the means of payment, if a amount for the certificate.
  • After that, you must click on the option «Generate» to automate the process.
  • Finally, you can print the document or if you prefer save it to PDF for later use.

This process can be done without any problem at any time.

What is it?

The Regular Student Certificate It is a proof that is accredited to a person who is a student in the educational institution that issues the documents. This certificate can be requested at any time during the academic year, in which students obtain by studying at an educational institute.


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