Reimbursement Form for Greater Values

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The Reimbursement Form for Greater Values It is a form, by means of which the National Savings Fund is requested for payments made in excess for some reason or another.

East Reimbursement Form for Greater Values It was created by the FNA, to provide a solution and response to the reimbursement requirement of its clients or affiliates, thus guaranteeing its quality of service. This form is easy and accessible and below we will give you more information about it.

How is the Reimbursement Form for Greater Values?

The Format of the Reimbursement Form for Greater Values It can be downloaded by going online to the page Web of the National Savings Fund and it is easy to access and fill out.

This document is argued in accordance with the regulations established by the Board of Directors of the FNA, with the aim of responding to its affiliates to their request for reimbursement for overpaid value.

At Reimbursement Form for Greater Values The applicant’s personal data, affiliate information and the financial information of the business are described.

Filling of the Reimbursement Form for Greater Values

For the good record of the Reimbursement Form for Greater Values, It is suggested to use a black ink pen, write clearly, and do not leave any type of amendments or important information unsupported.

When the form is downloaded, the following data must be entered:

Applicant details:

  • Select the option if you are an affiliate or attorney-in-fact.
  • Identity document data.
  • Address of residence, City, Department.
  • Landline, cell phone, email.

Affiliate Information:

  • Document type.
  • Document no.

Financial information for the line of business:

  • Bank account data.
  • Turn by Window
  • Signature of the applicant

Exclusive space for the use of the National Savings Fund.

See form here.

Subsequently, you must deliver an original and a copy at the headquarters of the National Savings Fund.

What is the Reimbursement Form for Greater Values ​​for?

The Reimbursement Form for Greater Values serves to:

  1. Expose the requirement of reimbursement for higher values.
  2. Keep a record of requests.
  3. Identify the reasons for the request.
  4. Create timely response methods.
  5. Achieve with the user service regulations.
  6. Make the corresponding accounting adjustments.

Additional Documents and Requirements for the Procedure

The Reimbursement Form for Greater Values must be accompanied by the following documents and / or requirements:

  • Have the balance please raised the form.
  • Bank certification of savings or checking account, dated no more than 30 days. In the event that the refund is made to a bank account.
  • Photocopy of the identity document enlarged to 150%.

If they are beneficiary (s) of the credit holder, they must attach:

  • Document that certify the relationship. Civil Registry of Birth or Marriage as the case may be.
  • Copy of the Affiliate’s Civil Registry of Death, issued by the National Registry of Civil Status.
  • This being the case, an extra trial statement must be attached which must be certified before the competent authority, where it clearly states “that to date there is no person who has the same or greater right to the resources to be reimbursed by the National Savings Fund, product of the higher value paid to the Credit ”.
  • In the case of several beneficiaries, a notarized document must be prepared, where one of the beneficiaries is approved, who must be the account holder when the payment is made by bank account, in order to receive the refund.
  • If it is the intention of the owner or beneficiary authorize a third party to receive the reimbursement payment, you must attach the notarized power of attorney, with a copy of the identity document, signature and fingerprint of the two (2) parties.

National Savings Fund (FNA)

The National Savings Fund is a banking organization of the Colombian territory, which was created in 1968 through Extraordinary Decree 3118, and was founded as a public entity linked to the Ministry of Economic Development and constituted with the following elements:

  • The layoffs of public employees and official workers, who contribute and consign in the fund in accordance with the provisions of this law.
  • The benefit of the investments that originate with the resources of the same.
  • The savings spontaneous of employees and workers who are registered as beneficiaries of the Savings Fund.
  • Contributions originating from the Nation, from other public law entities and from individuals.
  • The benefit of the external and internal financial resources that the Fund achieves for the performance of its own purposes.

This is how the purpose of the creation of the National Savings Fund It is linked to the State, and becomes an institution of financial procedures that administers the unemployment, voluntary savings of Colombian citizens performing as public employees and official workers.


The objectives of the National Savings Fund are linked to the administration of all the contributions of severance pay and voluntary savings of all registered employees:

  • Pay on time the help of unemployment to public employees and official workers.
  • Preserve said help from monetary depreciation, through the recognition of interest on the amounts accumulated in favor of the employee or worker.
  • Cooperate with the solution of the deficit of own housing of the servants of the state.
  • It helps the better programming and operation of social security systems and the unification of their services.
  • Cover the deficit for the concept of layoffs of the public sector and establish suitable programs and competent reserves to attend in real time the liabilities in charge of the State for such concept.
  • Encourage national saving, and link it to non-inflationary financing of plans of special importance, for the good economic and social development of the country.


  1. You will not have any penalty for total or partial prepayment of the credit granted.
  2. You do not need guarantor to apply for and / or have the home loan approved.
  3. You have the alternative of requesting a loan for a new or used home, purchase of a portfolio, construction on your own land, home improvements.
  4. You can submit the application together with another affiliate, both must support the income.
  5. In the case of individual loans or housing application, with a joint debtor never affiliated, each of them must justify all their income, attaching all the support to the loan application with the necessary documentation, depending on the product required by the affiliate.
  6. Availability of a range of Life insurances, for unemployment, unemployment and fire credits, which are made up of parameters and favorable treatment, for FNA members who are creditors.
  7. Grants the option of requesting the credit in UVR or in PESOS.
  8. Comfortable and long financing terms.

Products and services

The financial products provided by the National Savings Fund, are various and focus on the well-being of the citizen, managing the funds corresponding to:

  • Layoffs: accounts with social benefits, which are granted to a worker when his employment relationship ends, for any reason, that is, when he is unemployed.
  • Contractual Voluntary Savings (AVC): It is an individual account in which the beneficiary signs a formal agreement to save a fixed monthly amount on a certain date, in order to to be able to have access with this fund to a study or analysis for a mortgage loan.
  • Mortgage Loan for severance pay: It is a home loan granted by the National Savings Fund, for those affiliates who have accumulated their severance pay.
  • Mortgage Credit for AVC: It is a home loan given by the National Savings Fund to affiliates through their AVC.
  • Educational loan: This loan is intended to finance up to 100% of the total cost of enrollment, for each educational period of higher education of the members’ relatives.

National Savings Fund focuses on promoting social well-being, providing people with tools and financial products that adapt to their needs, these tools and financial products must faithfully comply with laws and regulations, and jointly manage donations from Colombian citizens with the State.

Anyone can bring unemployment benefits to this fund and deposit them there, and they are entitled to a loan. Since their payment term is up to 30 years, unlike the maximum term that banks offer of 20 years, citizens can accommodate their payments as cash flow to be able to get a home. It is more expensive because it is 30 years old, but they can buy it with cash flow. If you compare it to a lease, it is the same money and the cost allows them to buy the house on their own.

What is the Reimbursement Form for Greater Values?

The Reimbursement Form for Greater Values It is a document or form, which is provided by the National Savings Fund, free of charge through its web portal, so that its affiliates can request in writing the reimbursement of what they paid more to said entity. Thus complying with the rules and regulations pertinent to the Law. See form here.

The affiliate You can trust that there is a resource where you can support yourself if necessary, since the National Savings Fund cares about providing a good quality of service, guaranteeing its users their ability to respond and solve problems.


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