REPSAL Certificate: Issuance, Listing and MORE

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At present, the Ministry of Labor carried out an update of the REPSAL certificate, which is an instrument that allows pressure on the business sector to regularize the registration of each of its employees.

The entry into force of this process is framed in the guidelines of the Law for the Advancement of Registered Work and Avoiding Labor Extortion, law 26,940 authorized in June and which was regulated a week ago by declaration 1714/14. Below, you will find in detail the steps you must follow to obtain the certificate.

Read on and learn more about the issuance of a REPSAL Certificate!

Issuance of the REPSAL Certificate

Citizens who need to obtain the REPSAL certificate, you must enter the official website on the internet. In addition, you can corroborate the status of the company and therefore make any modification if you need it.

The steps to follow are detailed below:

  • Enter the official page registered on the web
  • Press where it says status of companies / issuance of certificates
  • After reaching the site, you need to fill in the data shown on the page (CUT or file number and enter the code shown in the image)
  • If for unknown reasons the business that is entered does not appear in the system, the page will show us a screen in which there is an option to produce the certificate
  • After pressing the option, it will show us the certificate in PDF file, you can print it and save it for your files.

If you need to obtain the certificate and approve its authenticity. Once inside the REPSAL page you can do it, you only need to enter the certificate validation options. Subsequently, already within the page, you must provide the electronic seal number.


Similarly, you can go to the resident’s place of address to request this certificate, or call 0800-666-4100 for more information. It is extremely easy and simple to make a phone call and therefore clarify your doubts.

REPSAL listing

Currently, the Public Registry of Employers with Labor Sanctions created from Law 26,940. This list is of vital importance, because it can be verified which companies are sanctioned.

It contains a summary of organizations endorsed for unregistered work and for infringement of laws that deny child labor and illegal exploitation authorized by the Federal Labor, Company and Retirement Auxiliary Service, AFIP.

What can we verify with this list ?:

  • On the official page you can examine the 165 companies with firm sanctions that have not regularized the infringement
  • It may be the case that the company is up to date but must wait for the system update.
  • This record was made for medium and large companies

It is important to mention that companies that do not show interest or do not comply with this requirement will be fined as follows:

  • They will not benefit from state programs, promotional activities, or assignments.
  • Nor to the credit extensions of public banks.
  • Therefore, individuals who repeat a similar offense will be excluded from the Reordered System for Small Citizens or will be prevented from deducting the annual contribution for natural costs for staff.

Validity of the REPSA Certificate

Since September 11, 2014, REPSAL (Public Registry of Employers with Labor Sanctions) has been in force as established by Law. REPSAL will incorporate all companies that obtain approval of the work guidelines for any penetration.

What are the penalties?

Any business that is registered in the system by REPSAL will have both economic and social sanctions. They will be exempt in the following:

  • Access programs
  • Help or advance activities
  • They will not have advantages or subsidies
  • Updated or financed by the Public State. It will influence tuition-based schools or transportation organizations when they go to top-up credits.

  • Approve credits allowed by open financial establishments.
  • They will not be able to carry out contracts of sale, supplies, administrations, areas, advice, rentals with a purchase alternative.
  • Neither will it have participation in the works concessions, public assistance concessions and licenses.
  • Finally, they will not have benefits as employers nor will they be able to hire new workers.

REPSAL system output

To have the option to exit the REPSAL system, the company must comply with the following:

  • Pay the fine and regularize all employees (this obeys those who must be registered).


When the company leaves REPSAL, it no longer appears on the public advisory site (it does not say that it has had any penalties either). In any case, it remains in the records of the Service to represent the possibility of a rollback later.

When is recidivism applied ?:

  • If a similar infraction for which it was authorized is presented again within 3 years of the first one.
  • He loses his status as administrator and goes to the general system for 3 scheduled years.
  • You cannot deduct labor force costs from wage tax.

Who goes to REPSAL?

REPSAL is addressed by all those employers with firm support who did not regularize the offense, or who, despite having done so, remain in the system for the period established by law.

They are incorporated below:

  • Firm penalties for some unregistered work
  • Resistance with commitment holds
  • Deterrence of job evaluations

The Law establishes that the fine for this crime will be extended each year once the minimum portable and fundamental output is modified.

  • Unrecognized connections in the workplace by the company.
  • Violation of the law prohibiting child labor and youth work insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions about the REPSAL Certificate

What does it mean to stay at REPSAL?

All companies that choose to remain in REPSAL will not have the option of:

  • Access programs
  • Promotional activities or any donation granted by the state.
  • There is no extension of credit that furthers any open objective.

Entrepreneurs who repeat a similar decision will be eliminated from the simplified system for small taxpayers or they will not be allowed to deduct from income tax on personal expenses.

Who goes to REPSAL?

Employers who commit a crime or infraction go to REPSAL.

Coronavirus, extension and prohibition of dismissals and suspension of 60 days?

Currently, a DNU decree has come into force in which it prohibits dismissals for a period of sixty (60) days without just or apparent cause, or due to a decrease in work.

Who is responsible for paying compensation when a worker dies?

The beneficiaries or the beneficiary, by simply accrediting the relationship and in the established order of priority, have the right to receive compensation equal to that provided for in article 247 of this law (half of that of 245, dismissal without cause).

What does it mean to stay at REPSAL?.

Employers who stay will not have the option of accessing state programs, promotional activities, or assignments. Nor to the credit extensions of public banks.

Individuals who repeat a similar offense will be barred from the Enhanced Small Taxpayer System or will be prevented from deducting personal expenses from income tax.

Who will not be able to enroll in the REPSAL?

  • The specialists and authorities of the national public sector and the organizations in which they have adequate cooperation to form the social will according to the provisions of the Public Moral Law No. 25,188.
  • The bankrupt, injunctions and bankrupt, as long as they are not rehabilitated.
  • Prosecuted for deliberate violations for a period equal to twice the sentence.
  • People who are prosecuted for violations against property, or against the management of Public Policy, or against the trust of the public or for misdeeds recalled in the Inter-American Convention against Corruption.

Is it necessary to periodically renew the registration?

No. In any case, it is the obligation of all providers to keep their registration information up to date, transferring any progress to the system and send the supporting documentation to the Provider Registry, if necessary.

How to retrieve the secret phrase?

On the home page of the system, you must go to the «Recover secret key» tab and follow the instructions requested by the system. It is important that when you obtain the new password, you keep it for your records.

What is the REPSAL Certificate?

It is a public instrument found on the web to confront unregistered businesses and promote the right of the worker with compensation. Employers who violate this offense will receive certain labor penalties.

It is important to note that, in addition to the sanctions and fines that were applied, the entrepreneur will be registered in the REPSAL system, where he will remain for a time under certain conditions.

What are Repsal’s main actions?

It is important to highlight that Repsal has made important progress to end the unfair payment of compensation to the worker, for this reason we quote the following:

  • Organize, design and direct public evaluation programs.
  • Direct and resolve the traces of labor infringement and retirement administered by the government, applying the corresponding approvals.
  • Supervises the operation of the National Registry of Inspections, infractions and authorizations to work guidelines throughout the geological territory of the country.

Thanks for reading the article, what to expect get the certificate!

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