Requirements for a De facto Union: Costs, Advantages and MORE

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This type of procedure may be new for you, so you surely have doubts about what it is about. It is for that reason, that in this article on Requirements for a De facto Union in Ecuador, we are going to present you the most important information on the subject, so that you can cope in the best possible way, if you decide to start this union procedure with your partner.

In the following lines you will find information that can help you with this de facto union procedure; Well, we will present data such as: costs of the procedure, advantages of having a domestic partnership and the government institution in charge of these procedures. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What are the Requirements for a De facto Union in Ecuador?

Most of the procedures start from the point of meeting the requirements requested by the authorities corresponding to the case. So the first information you should know are the requirements for a de facto union in Ecuador.

Now we can divide these requirements into two parts, one part is the conditions to meet to be able to opt for this type of union, and the other party is the necessary documents to carry out the process.

Let’s start at conditions that you must meet, to be able to opt for the de facto union:

  • Both parts of the couple must be free from a marriage bond previous.
  • There must be no kinship link between the members of the couple.
  • Both members of the couple must be of legal age (+18 years) or, failing that, be emancipated minors.
  • Both parts of the couple must be Ecuadorian citizens or foreign residents with all legal powers.

On the other hand, will be a notary public who verifies the validityez these conditions are met correctly. If this is the case, a report will be sent prior to the delivery of the deed of union certification.

Now, before moving on to the part of the documents that are requested for this process, we must notify you that you must make a voluntary registration in which you must validate the following data:

  • Names and surnames.
  • Marital status of both people.
  • Nationality of the couple.

Finally, to end with the de facto union requestThese are the documents that you must present when registering in the system:

  • The receipt of payment of the current rate for the procedure in question.
  • The notarial act or resolution that validates the union of the couple’s right.
  • Each person in the couple must present your identity documents current and legal to date.
  • A «sponsor» must be present to verify the de facto union between the couple.

What Institution is in Charge of Establishing them?

The institution in charge of managing, registering and, therefore, constituting de facto unions is the Civil Registry of Ecuador. This institution has carried out this type of procedure since 2014 and has been in charge of validating several unions of this type.

At first, this procedure could only be done in three cities: Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. Later, it was covering more territory throughout the country.

In order to make it work, the special registry of family unions was created; with the intention of entering these data into the National System of Civil Registry, Identification and Cedulation.


Now, if you need to go to one of the offices of this commission created for de facto unions, but you have no idea where they are located, you don’t have to worry; Since we have advanced that part of the task for you and we found the contact and location of the main offices in these cities:


In Quito there are three authorized agencies:

  • Matrix (Between Av. Amazonas and Av. United Nations).
  • San Blas (In front of the Central Bank).
  • South Agency (It is located in the Quicentro Sur Shopping Center).

In Quito there are three authorized agencies:

  • Center (Between Av. Pedro Carbo 505 and Av. 9 de Octubre).
  • South (Between Av. 25 de Julio and Av. Los Esteros).
  • North (Km 12.5 via Daule, behind the California Industrial Park).

It only has one main office located at:

  • Center (Between Av. Pedro Carbo 505 and Av. 9 de Octubre).

NOTE: The hours of attention established for the agencies is 8:00 am until 5:00 pm

Costs of a De Facto Union

Normally, all the procedures that have to do with identity and registration issues they are usually paymentsThey have an amount to cancel in order to start and end the process.

There are even documents that deserve to spend an economic amount to be able to get them. In the case of de facto union, there are three documents that must be canceled, in order to do the registration efficiently.

The procedures and documents that you must cancel, in order to carry out the procedure, are the following:

  • The Fact Union Record of the Civil Registry facilities ($ 50 US dollars).
  • Certificate of registration on the de facto union. In addition, they are valid for 45 days ($ 3 US dollars).
  • The CIdentity document of the persons with the identification of the de facto union, with a validity of 10 years. ($ 15 US dollars).

This information could interest you: «Requirements to get married in Ecuador».

Advantages of a de facto union

Once we have talked about the main topics to know how to register a common-law union in Ecuador, we want to dedicate two sections of this article to you, to go deeper into this topic. To do this, we are going to touch on the topic of Advantages of a domestic partnership.

To begin with, it should be noted that the de facto union is similar to a union by marriage, so you have access to certain benefits that are obtained when you get married. However, with the de facto union, these benefits become easier; since you don’t have to manage so many documents.

Therefore, the first advantage that fact unions have is that the legal procedures of a couple become easier; Since you will not have to manage many papers for procedures such as: divorcing your partner, managing a widow’s pension, among other marriage procedures.

Now, the other benefits that the unions generate, are the following:

  • It facilitates the obtaining rights for work permits, for cases of illness, maternity or death of the couple.
  • Both spouses have access to same health care rights.
  • In the event of the death of either spouse, the other may ssupersede the lease both have signed.
  • If a couple ends their relationship, the procedures to undo the union are more accessible for these cases. In the same way, this happens with widowhood pensions, the process becomes easier for couples by de facto union.

On the other hand, the inscriptions of the union partner in the Ecuador Civil Registry, they also bring with them certain advantages, which are:

  • Accreditation of the union of the couple by the main registration entity of the country.
  • It guarantees the fulfillment of the rights as a consequence of the de facto union.
  • Avoid falling into fraud by double registration of the couple’s union.
  • Said registration of the de facto union will be displayed in the identity documents of the spouses; making it easier to do other types of paperwork.
  • It will be created a special registry for the couples that are united by de facto union, which allows to have a historical record of these unions.

Tips for a De facto Union

In the next section of this article by Requirements for a De facto Union, we want to present you with a series of tips on the subject, so that you can register and formalize your union successfully. In addition, we will include some aspects that you should take into account.

  • Remember that the de facto union keeps the couple’s assets separate between both parties; it is divided into 50% for each.
  • The de facto union allows both parts of the couple to have access to the inheritance, which it may have.
  • On the economic issue, specifically speaking of the payment of taxes, couples united by de facto unions do not pay their taxes together, but separately.
  • Be sure to sign a medical power of attorney for your concubine, so that you can make decisions about their health in case of emergencies; since de facto unions do not have the same health privileges as a traditional union.

What is it?

Finally, to finish this article we will make a brief summary about it; starting with defining what is a de facto union.

The de facto union is an alternative to the traditional union of couples, which is marriage. This type of union consists of the couple deciding to move in together, without entering into a marriage union. They become concubines.

In this case, the benefits and legal rights become similar to those of marriage, only that they have certain individual aspects in some procedures or requirements.

Therefore, it is a good alternative for those who want to live together, but without reaching a document that requires them to share their assets before the law.

So, if you plan to form a relationship with a person and aspire to live together, without reaching the point of marriage, keep in mind that these requirements for a domestic partnership they can help you at some point.


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