Requirements for a Housing Subsidy: From the Owner, What it is and MORE

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The Requirements for Housing Subsidy They are necessary to be able to access this benefit. Currently, Colombia has various programs to obtain this contribution and that families enjoy the acquisition of a new home.

As well as, in the country the demand for the housing subsidy application increases every month, they also make the controls to access it. Therefore, we invite you to read everything you need to know about this process.

Don’t you know how this procedure works? In this article you will find all the Requirements for Housing Subsidy, programs that work under the contribution of savings, necessary documents and others. Find out about everything and live the dream of living where you want!

What are the Requirements for a Housing Subsidy?

The Government of Colombia in recent years developed a program «My House Now» to make it easier for citizens to obtain a new home or improvements to their current home. In the same way, this program allows the acquisition of a room to those people who have low economic resources.

In addition, this project also includes benefits such as «Interest Rate Coverage» where the National Government assumes part of the percentage and reduces your mortgage payment.

However, the National Housing Fund (Fonvivienda) It will grant the subsidy to citizens who meet a series of mandatory requirements. For this reason, the latter are important to keep track of the subsidies granted and thus there is no illegality in the process.

Now, if you are thinking of obtaining a new home but do not have the necessary resources, you must comply with the following Requirements for Housing Subsidy:

General Household Requirements

  • The applicant’s monthly income must be maximum four (4) minimum wages
  • No have participated in the programs: National Housing Fund, Agrarian Bank, Focafé, Family Compensation Fund, among others
  • No own or own a home in the national territory
  • If you want to make improvements to your home: Your home cannot be located in risky areas or witness any act of illegality
  • For a construction on your own land: You must have the necessary documents to prove that it is your property. Next, the terrain no may be located in a danger zone
  • Have participated in the program voluntary savings by Fonvivienda
  • Not receive benefits from coverage to interest rate
  • To receive approval of a loan of housing by a financial institution or the National Savings Fund

If you consider that you meet all the Requirements for Housing Subsidy, you have to follow the following steps to make the process easier:

  • Choose the home of your preference: No more than 90 SMMLV (VIP Housing) or higher than 135SMMLV (VIS Housing)
  • Choose various housing models: Remember that your options will be studied by the Bank or the National Savings Fund
  • Head over to the Social Interest Housing sales offices
  • Wait to consult with a certified operator to evaluate your case
  • Yes you get approval To apply for the subsidy, you must go to the financial institution of your preference
  • Request the mortgage loan of your choice
  • Expect the time frames established to receive a response

Owner Requirements

On the other hand, to meet the Requirements for Housing Subsidy of the owners must also undergo a documentary evaluation to see if you are eligible to receive this benefit. Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! Next, we present each one of them:

Who can request it?

  • Couples under the common-law relationship
  • Same-sex marital unions
  • Households with more than one member
  • Spouses
  • Relatives with first degree of consanguinity

Documents required for the processand

  • Template certifying the application to the program
  • Copy of the civil registry where the marriage certificate is recorded (Spouses)
  • Signed and stamped declaration certifying the marital union
  • If you are a widower, you must present the death certificate
  • Monthly income file letter: Applicant’s signature, company stamp and work area
  • If you are a pensioner: Copy of the pension allowance
  • Document that validates the contributions and resources originated by the household
  • Letter from the financial institution that approves the loan
  • Identity card
Important! If you have any questions about any of the requirements, request «Customer Service» by phone at the number: +57 (1) 423 7711.

Now, there are people who come up with many Doubts about the process of the procedure. For this reason, we want to answer each of the frequently asked questions that you may have during the subsidy application:

  • If you still have questions about the procedure, enter To the next one link.

Entities that deliver Housing Subsidy

On the other hand, it is crucial that you know all the programs that can help you acquire a home. Likewise, thanks to the cooperation of the National Government, there are other programs with the capacity to offer subsidies for people with low economic resources. Don’t know what they are? Relax, here we tell you each one of them!

Free Housing Program

  • Offered for those households that meet the conditions of the Network for the Overcoming of Extreme Poverty
  • Households that have suffered a total loss due to a natural disaster
  • For those homes that are in high-risk areas
  • Priority Interest Housing for Savers (VIPA)
  • Only offered for those households that have a maximum of two (2) Minimum Wages

Family Housing Subsidy

  • The money is awarded by the Family Compensation Funds
  • Program mainly for affiliates of the National Housing Fund and the country’s Agrarian Bank
  • You must not have more than four (4) SMMLV
  • The home cannot be located in high-risk areas
  • You must request the subsidy to the Savings Bank that you are affiliated with

Rural Social Interest Subsidy

  • The only ones who can request this subsidy are citizens of legal age, spouses or have up to the third degree of consanguinity
  • Have the Colombian Nationality
  • Be identified in the Civil Registry of the Municipality to which it belongs
  • Belong to level one (1) or two (2) of the SISBEN

Interest Rate Subsidy Program

  • Have more than four (4) Minimum Wages
  • The value of the home cannot exceed the value of 135 SMMLV
  • Not having any type of housing in the country
  • Nor have they received a benefit before for this same Program
  • The benefit of this program is that it allows you to cancel up to 30% of the mortgage credit

My house now

  • Comply with all Requirements for Housing Subsidy previously mentioned
  • The procedure is carried out through Fonvivienda

Social Leasing Program

  • Developed by the National Savings Fund together with Minvivienda
  • They are exclusive for those citizens who are affiliated with the voluntary savings system
  • With this program you can receive 90% of the value of the property
  • It works with «Housing Leasing», once you cancel all the installments you will automatically be the owner of the property

Benefits of a Housing Subsidy

In another order of ideas, you must be wondering why should I apply this Subsidy program? Will it be advantageous for me to apply for a loan to buy a home? For these questions, we will dedicate ourselves in this section to tell you all benefits that you can receive once you apply for your subsidy.

In addition, if you are a person who does not have the necessary resources to buy your own home, you will surely decide to comply with the Requirements for Housing Subsidy.

  • There are programs that help you have a credit history.
  • You will be able to have accompaniment from the moment you request the subsidy.
  • You will avoid presenting falsified data or documents. With the latter, the cases can be better studied and will not allow over-advantage in any of them.
  • Control of the subsidies that are granted.
  • You can choose the house of your dreams (complying with the price standards).
  • Households will have monthly payments below 30%.
  • The house will be located in a rural or urban area without any type of risk.
  • In several programs there is «Housing Leasing», that is, you can be the owner of the property after you cancel all your installments.
  • The National Government can assume the cost for the first years that the loan is requested.
  • Opportunity to have a home despite precarious situations.
  • In the event of a natural disaster or total loss, many programs prioritize these cases.
  • The housing loan can be requested at any financial institution in the country.

How is a household considered to be subject to a Housing Subsidy?

According to the above, a eligible household to those who are confirmed by family nuclei, concubinage, marriages, marriages by civil, single person, among others.

In addition, a Requirement for Housing Subsidy It can also be that of a minor who is not in the presence of his parents (death, deprived of liberty, political asylum, among others). The latter explained, you must have permission before a representative or legal guardian.

Likewise, not all citizens can request this type of procedure. Therefore, we will present the conditions that must be met by eachor from them. If you are thinking of acquiring a home under these conditions, then read and see if you meet the Requirements for Housing Subsidy:


  • Colombian nationality.
  • Minimum income of four (4) SMMLV.
  • Have no legal and judicial problem.
  • Do not own homes in the national territory.
  • Comply with the savings plan for housing subsidies (Except for households that receive less than two (2) SMMLV).

Currently, the Family Housing Subsidy is working under various saving modalities. In this section we will mention each one of them, with the aim that checks If you meet this requirement and subsequently, you can have a successful application.

Saving modalities

  • Monthly installments for the housing fund.
  • Savings account for the loan agreement.
  • Initial contributions for savings.
  • Initial fee for the acquisition of the house.
  • Severance.
  • Portion of the land.

Attention! Those households that present the following conditions should not join this savings program:

  • Income below two (2) SMMLV.
  • Households that are considered affected by natural disasters, displaced population or victims of some political persecution.
  • Families relocated to the following areas: Providencia, Santa Catalina and San Andrés.

Do youWhat is the Housing Subsidy?

It is a loan to complete the acquisition, improvement or construction of a home for those households that cannot obtain it on their own.

In the same way, MinHousing It is one of the agencies that allows families to offer a home that have low resources, are affected by a natural disaster, political persecution or other force majeure.

However, in Colombia there are many programs and entities that give this opportunity to those most affected. As well as, they grant a portion to complete buying the home you dream of so much. Also, they base the fees that you must contribute once the housing loan is approved, based on the monthly income you receive.

Finally, it is essential that you know the subsidy value that they will give you if you make the request. In the case of the National Housing Fund and the Family Compensation Funds, they grant the value of the housing subsidy as follows:

  • 2 SMMLV: 30 SMMLV of subsidy
  • 4 SMMLV: 20 SMMLV subsidy

For more information we invite you to enter «Family Housing Subsidy»

Colombia will make you live in the house of your dreams!


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