Requirements for a Public Tender: Documents, Offers and MORE

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The Requirements for a Public Tender they are very important if you want to participate in such a contest. Along with these, the documents to present, the procedure to follow, how to offer who cannot participate, is what we will be talking about today, so that you can leave knowing each important aspect of this process.

The public tender It is a contest presented by a public entity so that different private businesses can apply to work with the State. In this way, the public entity establishes the need for a service or product so that the self-employed, SMEs and any other type of business that can carry out this work is launched as a candidate to be employed by this entity.

If you want to participate in a public tender, do not go! Here we will explain everything you need to know.

What are the Requirements for a Public Tender?

The Requirements for a Public Tender they are multiple, although not difficult to achieve. As you will see in this section, these are very flexible requirements, which is an advantage in itself. Let’s see:

  • Know what job offers your company can cover. To know this, your business must be very clear about its specialty, as well as the others.
  • Bear in mind that the size of the company does not matter, but its specialty.
  • To have experience in the area you intend to apply to. For example, if you are asking a private company to carry out the construction of a building, obviously you must have a certain track record in building real estate.
  • Send only to CompraNet the proposal: economic, technical, and legal documentation, if so stipulated in the call. Other calls could specify the need for a physical delivery.
  • To have Electronic signature. The documents that need a signature must bear the electronic signature of the authorized persons.
  • Follow the instructions of the call regarding the preparation of the proposal, be it electronic, physical or mixed.
  • Proposals in the economic and technical areas must contain on each of their pages the RFC, tender number and page number (if possible).
  • You must maintain the SFP electronic invoice, which you will get in CompraNet, after having sent the proposal.
  • You must bear in mind that if the file you send cannot be downloaded for some reason (virus, for example), then automatically you will stop being taken into account for the contest.
  • Be up to date with the payment of taxes.
  • Have email, if you will do it by electronic means.

Documents to Submit

Now the documents that you must present in order to participate in a public tender. They are not as many as you imagine, because we will only tell you the essentials. Other documents that may be necessary will depend on the type of need that the public entity wants to attend to. Let’s see what they are:

  • Articles of incorporation and / or power of attorney in the case of legal entities.
  • Also, the modifications where it proves its legal existence and legal personality, in which it is verified that the corporate purpose is in accordance with the services that are intended to be acquired.
  • Birth Certificate, copy of RFC and Curriculum vitae in the case of natural persons.
  • Certificate of Nationality: the company must be Mexican.
  • Duly notarized declaration of not found in articles 50 and 60 of the Law.
  • Declaration of Integrity and expression of interest in participating in the Bid.
  • Statement of Stratification of the company.
  • Written statement in which the bidders state that they know and accept all the requirements and
    conditions established in the participation requirements.
  • Taxpayer identification card.
  • Identification document of the person presenting the proposal (passport, voting credential, etc.).

Keep in mind that the CV, in the case of individuals, must reflect experience in the tasks that the entity requires. In other words, what is being demanded must be offered: the company name must be consistent. All must be signed by the legal representative.

How is a Public Tender Conducted?

You will be wondering how a public tender is carried out and here we will tell you. The procedure is very easy to explain and in this way you will know what the phases of this contest are.

  1. Announcement: This is the first step, in which the government entity makes its request public, issuing a document where the specifications of what is sought are made, ranging from regulations to requirements, documentation and sheet formats (annexes). This document must be followed to the letter by those who are going to apply. The call can be found, among other newspapers and newspapers, in the Official Gazette of the Federation.
  2. Clarification meeting: As its name implies, it is a special meeting that is held so that companies can ask any questions they may have and also correct some mistakes that they may have made in the call process. Take advantage of it by having a good performance in it.
  3. Proposal integration: For this step the companies must, finally, consign all the required documents. In this way, they can be presented not only on the stipulated date, but also in the correct way, following the specifications to the letter.
  4. Presentation of proposals: As its name indicates, it is the moment in which the final proposals are delivered, either in a sealed envelope, by the stipulated electronic means or both.
  5. Evaluation of the proposals: At this time, notes are taken of all the proposals until finding the one that best suits the bidder’s requirements. It only remains to wait.
  6. Failure: It is the final step, in which the winning bidder is chosen and a contract is established with him.

Now that you know, you are getting closer to knowing everything.

Who cannot participate in a Public Bid?

exist certain legal and natural persons who cannot participate in public tenders, in accordance with the provisions of articles 50 and 60 of the Law. These are:

  • People who offer false information to obtain a contract, during the contract or in the presentation of a request for nonconformity or conciliation.
  • Those people who do not comply with the terms stipulated in the contract, having negative consequences for the agency or contracting entity.
  • Deliver goods and / or services other than those set out in the contract.
  • Businesses for which contracts in two or more entities have been dissolved for a period of 36 months.
  • People related to the bidder, whether they are family, friends, associates or simply have a personal interest. Nor companies in which he has been a part, as well as professional relationships, business relationships, etc. It must be a fair contest.
  • People with jobs in the public service and who do not have the authorization of the Ministry of Public Function.
  • Those who are disabled by the Ministry of Public Function.
  • Companies, suppliers, SMEs, etc., that have not delivered their services and / or products on time to the entity or agency, resulting in this greatly affected.
  • Others stipulated in these two articles. We recommend you read them here and here.

How to Bid?

Bidding is very easy. You just have to follow what is stipulated in the call. As a general rule, all public tenders that are carried out will be made through CompraNet, which serves as an electronic government public information system, and where you can find the requirements that you must follow to make your proposal.

The Official Gazette of the Federation publishes the call and specifies some characteristics of what is sought. If you are interested in participating, you just have to enter CompraNet, look for the call and see the instructions you must follow to present your proposal and move on to the following selection stages.

Something that you should keep in mind is that contractors look at price, quality, experience and solvency.

  • Price: Keep in mind that these contracts are part of the country’s public spending, so it is sought to have an optimal price-quality ratio, the first being the lowest possible and the second the highest possible.
  • Quality: quality is analyzed based on previously carried out work of this same nature, through technical reports. Being a public work, this point is very important.
  • Solvency: the company must be able to demonstrate that it has the necessary resources to successfully complete the contract, and it demonstrates this through solvency. No work can remain halfway.
  • Experience: companies that are just starting out have to present a very solid proposal, with clear and reliable bases, otherwise the experience of larger businesses will end up overshadowing them.

If you generate a proposal according to these points, your chances of success will undoubtedly increase.

What is it?

As we said at the beginning, the public tender It is a contest presented by a public entity so that different individuals or legal entities can apply to work with an entity or agency.

Thus, the (public) entity or agency establishes the need for a service or product so that the self-employed, SMEs and any other type of business that can perform the required work is launched as a candidate to be employed by this entity or agency.

The main benefit is undoubtedly obtaining a reliable customer. If you want to participate in a contest of this type, we encourage you to do so. Especially now that you know the Requirements for a Public Bid.

See ya!


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