Requirements for a Sale Report: how to do it, online and MORE

This article reflects the Requirements for Complaint of Sale . That is why I know will answer all the concerns, to this issue so important for citizens Take note!

In Argentina, the sale complaint refers to the fact that it is a document that must be managed when a used vehicle is delivered. That is why, if the citizen wishes to make a complaint, here we will explain the requirements below.

Requirements for Complaint of Sale

Citizens must follow the requirements for sales complaint which are the following:

  1. If you are Argentine you need your DNI. In the event that the citizen has 75 years you can attach your LC OR LC.
  2. In the event that it is Foreign without residence you must have your passport.
  3. If the citizen is a foreigner but resident permanent must have your ID.
  4. If the citizen is from adjacent countries, attach his DNI, Identity Card, of the country to which he was born or the passport.
  5. In the event that you are the legal representative or attorney-in-fact, you must show the document that proves your representation.

Requirements for Complaint of Sale: Automotive

Citizens must follow the requirements to report the sale of their vehicle are the following:

  1. The DNI for Argentines and foreigners with permanent domicile.
  2. The citizen must collect his identity card or DNI from where he was born for the countries adjacent to Argentina.
  3. Must possess the updated passport for foreigners who do not have permanent residence.
  4. The citizen who demonstrates the figure of a delegate or a citizen third party that is allowed to carry out the management by means of a death or abandonment of the owner.
  5. You need the serial number property vehicle.
  6. The first and last name of the main seller’s citizen and an updated mailing address.
  7. Name and surname, with the ID from which you want to purchase the vehicle. In the case of being a legal person, attach the el CUIT and the company name.
  8. Must have the place and date in which the vehicle will be given. In the event that you have forgotten the date, you can request an approximate date.
  9. They must attach the address of the buyer and the seller.
  10. Attach a copy and the original of a document that proves the purchase made.
  11. The citizen must have at hand the Vehicle serial. Sometimes the location of residence belongs to the owner of the vehicle.
  12. The document that testifies that the vehicle is debt free through violations. That is, this document is made in the Sectional Registry that depends on its ownership.

How to file a Sales Report?

There are two ways to make a sale complaint, which are adapted to the needs of citizens. In addition, attend in person at the office of the Automotive Registration and the other is to do it online.

It is important to emphasize that at least 10 working days that the buyer has to affiliate to the transfer, the authority established through the Registry must inform them that the sale complaint. At that time, when the person interested in acquiring it, the certified document arrives, has the commitment and responsibility to make the transfer during the subsequent 30 working days agreed.

In such case that the citizen does not notify the change of the holder, he will be given a set time of 40 working days before completing the traffic inspection and the vehicle’s hijacking call.

Via Internet

To make your report online, you must follow the following instructions:

  1. The citizen must enter the web portal of DNRPA.
  2. Next you will have to give the option «Report of sale».
  3. You will need to complete the form of the process and manage the certificate virtually.
  4. After completing the procedure, you must make the payment of the online tariffs
  5. Then the citizen will receive the documentation in a time of 24 hours through your email.

The online service is an innovative fact that was implemented by state authorities. They made the decision to modernize and advance this system to better serve the public.

In person

People who wish to carry out the procedure in person must do so as follows:

  1. One tip is to go to the office of the Automotive Registration in the morning where the vehicle is located, which is where all its documentation and the file are located.
  2. You must present the original document of the Registration of the filing.
  3. Present the solvency of duty.
  4. You must complete the type 11 application that will be supplied to you.
  5. The citizen must wait 2 days for the document of the sale complaint to be delivered. Also, that’s the triplicate of the request 11 which means that everything is under control.

What is a Sale Report?

It is a certificate that exonerates the seller of the vehicle from any civil liability that may be related to the one that was his vehicle. In addition, when you have completed the procedure, you will be given 30 business days to finalize the transfer of the vehicle, if not, the agency will alert the owner by email.

Particularity of a Sale Report

It is very important to explain that a vehicle sale complaint it does not contain an expiration date. That is, in the case that the citizen looked for the vehicle due to circumstances.

This type of document allows the citizen to detach from the vehicle. It is important to note that no form is more feasible than the sale complaint.

The sale complaint must be executed exclusively on vehicle holder, your attorney or representative. It is very important to emphasize that such a request does not incorporate sudden loans of a car or motorcycle, but when the delivery is safe to another citizen (as possessor or owner) and is established in a legal situation.

According to him Article 3 of the Automotive Legal Regime It should be noted that if the vehicle has been stolen, the owner may claim against whoever was registered with his identification, owing what he would have paid if the registration was fair, respecting the rules regarding the law.

When the procedure is carried out, the buyer and the seller attend, they can carry out the transfer of the vehicle title at the same time.

According to the Automotive Legal Regime in the article 27 It highlights that until the delivery is registered, the applicant will be responsible for deterioration and damages caused that it contains with the vehicle.

It is important to note that if the citizen does not make the transfer through the following skills, there are many problems that the new owner will have.

Does it have any cost to acquire the sale complaint?

It is important to note that the tariffs depend on the type of vehicle, be it motorcycle or car. That is, the taxes involved are the following:

  1. Report of Sale.
  2. Signature document.
  3. Form 11

For example: If a car has 3 tariffs represented and its description refers to a domain status report, it has a cost of $ 110.00. If the citizen contains 1 tariff and its description highlights the signature documentation in a physical way, it has a value of $ 465.00In this case, it is evident that it is a fee per signature and for each management.

The taxes that must be paid is through two modalities. In the case of cash or through the online portal of the Automotive Registry Office. The price of the requested request has a value of 13, 80 pesos, also the complaint document of sale has a cost of 17 pesos. The certification of the firms has a value of 22 pesos for each one. and finally the accreditation of legal status has a cost of 35 pesos.

Below is evidenced a whole ready of tariffs depending on the type of vehicle.

What does the Dominion State mean?

It is a document that authorizes to know the legal circumstances regarding a vehicle, theft, confiscation, theft with the owner. The purpose of this certificate is to paralyze the legal situation of the vehicle with a duration of 15 working days, during that period no legal act may be made.

We know that collecting the requirements for sales complaint There are other procedures you need to do, but hopefully all the information provided has helped you.

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