Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión: Types, Advantages and MORE

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If you want to open a bank account go to Banco Unión, if you do not know how to do it here for the Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión, We will tell you what you need to do to become one of the satisfied customers of this financial institution.

It is an institution that offers you an offer of financial services and gives you facilities when carrying out transactions. In addition, it has the best technology and security. Do not hesitate any longer, and go to the nearest headquarters and open your account at Banco Unión.

What are the Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión?

If you want to open a bank account, Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión, are the ones that are detailed below:

  • The applicant must be active in the Financial System National.
  • Must have a rating granted by the financial system either A or B.
  • Have the certificate of No Property, which is granted in the offices of Rights for the holder and the spouse.
  • Present documents that support family income, regardless of whether the job is under a dependency relationship or independently.
  • Present the identity card.
  • If a former foreigner, an identity card or a document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is a special identification document.
  • To attach personal references other than family members, you must indicate your full name, contact telephone number, address and work address.
  • If you are a legal person, you must have the legal document of the company.

Types of Account offered by the Bank

According to the Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión, The financial services offered by Banco Unión are the following:

  • Savings bank

It is a savings product, and allows the customer to make unlimited deposits and withdrawals. The funds deposited are available immediately and earn interest that is compounded monthly.

  • UNIPLUS Savings Bank

It is a savings account that provides the highest return on savings.

  • Public Official Savings Bank

It is an account for natural persons who work in public institutions and who have their payroll at Banco Unión.

  • Current Box

This is an account in which a natural or legal person can have and that is managed with a checkbook. Within this, is the UniMaster which is a remunerated checking account which offers five days of overdraft at no cost for one month. Also, there is the UniCuenta It is an account that allows you to write checks and also earn preferential interest.

  • Fixed Term Deposits

It is an immediate investment instrument, which remains immobile for a period of time agreed between the financial institution and the client. Offers excellent yields according to the term and amount that has been invested with periodic interest payments or at maturity.

Advantages of an Account at Banco Unión

Following with the Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión, The advantages of having an Account at Banco Unión de Bolivia are as follows:

  • You can have the Debit, for purchases via online and POS.
  • Ease of making payments in shops with the debit card.
  • The administration of the accounts is more comfortable and allows access to information on the movements of the transactions carried out at the national level.
  • Allows the access to the widest network of agencies with 190 and more than 440 ATMs.
  • Service points are available from 7 am and at the agencies seven days a week.
  • You can access the Electronic Banking services UNINET PLUS and UNIMOVIL PLUS 24 hours a day.
  • You can do the check the balance and movements at no cost through UNINET PLUS and UNIMOVIL PLUS Electronic Banking and ATMs.
  • Ease of access to agreement credit Civil servant.
  • The client has a immediate liquidity.
  • Issuance of Account statements that allow you to keep track of all the transactions you carry out.
  • Receive care without queuing through the UNIticket service.

Web Portal to Manage your Account at Banco Unión

Reviewing the Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión, Banco Unión has Digital Banking to carry out all the transactions it requires.

You can save time using the technology provided by Banco Unión through UNINET PLUS.

UNINET PLUS is the super complete Internet Banking, where you can perform all operations from the comfort of your office or home. It is a service that is enabled 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Requirements to join Banco Unión’s Digital Banking:

  • Be a bank customer,
  • Register for the service at platform customer service.

You can perform the following operations:

  • Services pay.
  • Queries.
  • Transfers between own and third party accounts.
  • Also, interbank transfers.
  • National and foreign money transfers.
  • Payment of credits.
  • Payment of credit cards.
  • Also, payment of taxes and National Customs.
  • BOA payments.
  • Payments to schools.
  • Also, make withdrawals without a card.


It is the service through which you can make mobile phone transactions, inquiries, transfers, payment of services, all safely and efficiently.


This is an application that allows you to have the transactional key token and confirm operations on the electronic banking platforms UNINET plus or UNIMÓVIL plus. It is available in the Android or IOS application store.


With this app you can get a virtual ticket from the cell phone through UNIMÓVIL or by downloading UNITICKET.


Using the QR code of the UNIMÓVIL application you can make the payment of procedures such as a driver’s license, without having to queue at the bank, just by scanning the application’s QR code.

Banco Unión headquarters in Bolivia

Following with the Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión, the headquarters or branches of Banco Unión are as follows:

  • Headquarters of La Cobija, Calle La Paz # 42 in front of Plaza Germán Busch, Telephone: 8423268.
  • The Headquarters of Cochabamba, located on Calle 25 de Mayo E-397 at the corner of Calle Sucre, Telephone: 4171717, Fax: 451-0669.
  • Also, the La Paz headquarters located in the Ugarte Ingeniería building, 10th floor, office # 1001 Loayza street # 255 (between Camacho and Mercado), Central Piloto: 231-7315, Fax: 233-0765, Box: 2929.
  • Headquarters La Paz 2, It is located on Capitán Ravelo Street # 2133, Telephone: 2441577, Fax: 212-9518.
  • The headquarters of Oruro, It is on Pagador Street # 289 on the corner of Montesinos Street, Telephone: 5250150.
  • Also, the Potosí headquarters It is located on Sucre Street # 2729 (Pasaje Boulevard), Telephone: 6122743.
  • There is also, the Santa Cruz headquarters located at Florida Street # 62, Office 8 (between Libertad and September 24), Telephone numbers: 3171628.
  • Sucre, It is located at 84 Aniceto Arce Street, Telephone: 6442244.
  • Also, the Tarija headquarters lYou can find them at Calle La Madrid # 390 at the corner of General Trigo.
  • And the headquarters of La Trinidad, which is on Calle Cochabamba # 118 almost on the corner Manuel Limpias, Phones: 4624500.

What is it?

The Banco Unión is a financial institution that works with all operations in the banking sector. It is a financial institution that was founded in 1979, with headquarters in the city of La Paz where the main operations are carried out.

Banco Unión is part of the Union Group, also from Union Values and of SAFI UNION. In 2015, an insurance company with life insurance and general insurance was created that is part of Grupo Unión.

The mission of Banco Unión is to provide financial services to the entire population, contributing to the economic and social development of the country.

In 2017, a new stage of improvements in administrative and operational processes begins and reinforcing security measures, strengthening monitoring systems and technology. Also, the creation of permanent control units.

In 2018, new infrastructures were inaugurated, with their own headquarters. The main building is located south of the city of La Paz, with a modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and security shielding. There are offices in Yacuiba, Riberalta, Tarija, Quillacollo and Trinidad.

Likewise, in 2018 he created a securities transport company, located in La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

This financial institution currently has four subsidiaries What are they: Values ​​Union, Univida, Unibienes, SAFI UNION. Banco Unión has a large network of branches, offices and ATMs throughout the country.

This group is focused on the growth and consolidation of the first places of the National Financial System, maintaining the commitment with the country, through the development of financial services in a comprehensive manner. Thus, efficient and modern, with quality and excellence.

You can now go to the Bank and create an account, after having known the Requirements for an Account at Banco Unión.


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