Requirements for an Account at LAFISE Bank: Types, Advantages and MORE

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Are you thinking of opening an account to manage your income? We leave you the Requirements for an Account at LAFISE Bank. Which belongs to a very prestigious and reliable business group in the country.

You must also know the types of account that this bank offers, the advantages of having an account in this financial institution. As well as, about the Bancanet Service, and where the banking agencies are located throughout the national territory, among other aspects.

What are the Requirements for an Account at LAFISE Bank?

The Requirements for an Account at LAFISE Bank they are very simple, they are mentioned below:

  1. For Natural Person: Identity card and two (2) personal references are required.
  2. Individual trader: You must present authorization to operate, the Deed of Incorporation, two (2) references and the National Numerical Tax Registry (RTN).

To carry out this procedure, you must go to any of the LAFISE Bank offices. These are located throughout the national territory, where it will be attended by one of the Executives. Of course comply with the Requirements for an Account at LAFISE Bank.

Account Types

Banco LAFISE offers different services, within them are the accounts. The types of accounts they have are mentioned below, for the benefit of their clients according to the client’s needs:

Regular Savings

It is a type of flexible account, which authorize transactions of all kinds. It offers a good interest rate and also the possibility to decide in which type of currency you want to save. Likewise, the way how you want to use the money, and for that, it provides a debit card to carry out operations.

For this type of account, the following must be taken into account:

  • A natural person can open this account by consigning the identity card. Also an oral reference and at least an amount of 1,000 córdobas, $ 50 dollars or € 500 euros.
  • An interest rate of 0.75% is handled in Cordoba and 0.50% in dollars.

Requirements for the Regular Savings Account

  1. Copy of the identity card of the beneficiary.
  2. Photocopy of the updated official identity documentation, which will be verified with the original.
  3. Fill in the Comprehensive Client Profile (provided by the bank).
  4. Contracts and signature cards must be signed.
  5. Sign operative compendium for Passive transactions.
  6. Attach a personal reference, which can be oral, commercial, bank or a mixture of 2 of these.
  7. Make the initial deposit.

Universal Account

Through this account you can date plans, contributing an amount each month to achieve them. To this is added the interest rate and good benefits. To obtain well, optimally and achieve the goals for which efforts are made on a daily basis.

This account type provides the following:

  • The opportunity to save in a planned way, the amount that you want to contribute each month.
  • It can be opened with only 500 cordobas or $ 100 dollars.
  • The interest rate is 1% in córdobas or 0.75% in dollars.
  • The requirements to open this account are the same as for the Regular Savings Account. Except for personal, commercial and bank references, since 2 are requested.

The Friend Account

This account is perfect to start a relationship with this institution. Provides the ability to deposit a portion of the income or send remittances to relatives. It is an alternative to start making the dream trips, thanks to the accumulated savings.

Among the important aspects of this account are the following:

  • With sending remittances, it is not taken into consideration the amount of interest produced by the account, no tax will be withheld.
  • It can be opened with a dollar or 50 cordobas, receiving interest from 800 cordobas or $ 30 dollars.
  • It offers an interest of 0.50% in córdobas and 0.50% in dollars.
  • The necessary requirements are the same as those of the Regular Savings Account.

University Account

Made for university students, who want to start a banking relationship, having the instant disposition of their money. Strengthens studies and instruction at the professional level. Through a good savings instrument, which provides financial support for the progress of the student and that of a business.

The requirements to be consigned to open this type of account are very simple and are detailed below:

For students

  • The card that accredits the person as a university student or of the registration of higher studies. You can also be a senior technician (will be compared with the original).
  • 1 bank or personal reference (they can be oral).
  • The minimum amount required is 200 cordobas or $ 10 dollars.
  • A debit card is issued to make withdrawals through the LAFISE ATM Network or payments to businesses.

For Teachers

  • The butt of the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security and Well-being (INSS).
  • 1 bank or personal reference (they can be oral).

NOTE: Customers tThe Regional Bancanet service is available, which allows you to process savings from anywhere since it is online.

Advantages of an Account at LAFISE Bank

There are many benefits of having an account at Banco LAFISE. Starting from that can have all accounts in the same institution. In addition to security and where you can request a loan at the time you want to invest. These advantages are as follows:

  1. Simplicity is one of the first advantages. By having everything in a single bank, you only go to that institution, you can make transfers in that single bank between accounts. A single password must also be memorized.
  2. You define a good saving habit. Since by having transfers from a payroll or checking account to the savings account, an emergency support can be easily formed.
  3. The programmed savings plan gives the possibility of set the amount you want to save, time and frequency. Where the bank is in charge of debiting the account and saving for the client, without the client doing it every month. It is very difficult to save, but when the savings are in a system, it is prevented not to make the contribution. In other words, saving is done whether you want it or not, but if the accounts are in different banks, you can’t.
  4. Having a full connection to the bank, you may know one of its executives or the office manager well. In such a way that, this provide personalized attention, since you have a concrete knowledge of the accounts.
  5. Another point is that, the more accounts you have in a single bank. The greater the chance that the customer will be viewed as a solid customer. Benefiting the bank, but also the client since this aspect can be used as an advantage to negotiate (convenient conditions and interest rates).
  6. In the case of applying for a mortgage loan, it is easier to carry out all the management in the same bank. Where they already have all the customer’s data. Similarly, the bank may go further than another institution in terms of pricing, and keep the customer there.

Web Portal to Manage your Account at Banco LAFISE

The Bancanet service is new, is an Online Branch of Banco LAFISE. It can be used through an iOS, Windows, Mac or Android device, to review, make transfers and payments from a bank account. Also, carry out operations with the credit card, deposits or consult a loan.

It is possible to verify any product that you have with the bank. The best thing is that it can be done comfortably from home. Also from the office or wherever the client is. It is simple, fast, safe and at the time you prefer. It should only be download the app.

Why Use Bancanet?

  • It is safer, since in the operations no cash is used.
  • No restrictions regarding the number of operations carried out.
  • It is available to Mac and Windows computers, also for Android and iOS devices.
  • It is very easy to use, you learn quickly.
  • This service is free In its entirety, it is enough to be a client of Banco LAFISE.

What Transactions can be made on Bancanet?

  1. Make transfers in both accounts of third parties of the LAFISE Group between own accounts.
  2. Change the debit card PIN.
  3. Make transfers to accounts of other banks in the country.
  4. Make international transfers.
  5. It has the service of LAFISERVICIOS (pay for proven services, public and government agencies).
  6. Acquisition of airtime for cell phone.
  7. Cancellation of LAFISE loans (to third parties or own).
  8. The LAFISE credit card payment (third party or own).
  9. Make recharges of the Young Prepaid Card (third-party or own).
  10. Open the Scheduled Savings Plan.
  11. Updated exchange table verification.

Bank LAFISE headquarters in Nicaragua

Depending on where the client is in Nicaragua, they can attend one of the LAFISE bank agencies. These can be searched through this link, for the convenience of customers so that they can carry out the necessary operations.

What is it?

The LAFISE Group is a cutting-edge organization created in 1985, in order to incorporate and strengthen the markets in the area. This through a technological tool, and a fast and reliable, optimal and efficient service at an international level.

This Group leads the regional financial sector in terms of banking services, insurance, stock market, investment banking. Also the agro-export business, deposit, investment and capital fund management establishments.

The activities of Grupo Financiero LAFISE currently make up the markets of Central America, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Panama. Providing outstanding solutions for the needs of entities, companies and individuals, supporting the progress of the community and countries.

The mission of this Business Group has as a key precept the production of added value, aimed at all its interested public. This is because it is the first to provide financial and banking services in the country. Giving value to the operations of its clients.

What are you waiting for? Gather all the Requirements for an Account at LAFISE Bank, and you can enjoy all the benefits that it offers.

In addition to that, this Bank provides confidence and security, in terms of the products and services that it has at its disposal for all its clients. Tailored to meet your needs.

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