Requirements for Argentine Nationality: where to do the procedure, what it is and MORE

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Requirements for Argentine Nationality, this will help you in any situation that you find yourself in the country, be it health, political, social or economic. There is a number of Argentines and foreigners who ask themselves daily how to obtain nationality to come to these lands.

The bond that the state builds with its citizens has to be vital, in this way, growth in countries increases and many people choose to choose the option of remaining with a nationality of a country.

The system can now be done in thousands of ways, streamlining and digitizing. It also does not require a specific time to be able to do it, it is important to comply with a series of steps that the person will have to perform, there are two ways: By option and by naturalization.

Requirements for Argentine Nationality

The difficulty of these procedures occurs when we do not know the correct information and there are many pages that can alter a little what we already know or do not know. Here are the requirements for Argentine nationality:

The requirements must comply for all those native or foreign citizens who wish to settle in the Argentine country permanently or temporarily. In the functions of your request, whether family, work, study, shelter, academic or among others.

It must be presented to the National Directorate of Migration or the nearest consulates. These requirements include two options, depending on whether you are a foreigner (nationality by option) or an Argentine citizen by (naturalization), according to the following:

  • Older than 18 years-old
  • Have 2 years resided in the country, and present it to the Migration Office.
  • Present a birth certificate legalized by the Argentine consulate, in the country of birth.
  • Photocopy of ID or passport.
  • Birth certificate authorized by the Argentine consulate of your country of birth
  • Identification of your residence of domicile.
  • Justification of assets, including: employment contract and salary receipt.
  • In case of being an independent worker, attach the photocopy of proof of contributions.
  • For the parents of Argentine children, they must attach the birth certificates and immigration certificates.

By Option:

  • Older than 18 years-old
  • Being the son or daughter of an Argentine citizen
  • Being the son / daughter of an Argentine citizen (Born abroad)
  • Minors, only parents who have parental authority intervene.

Requirements for Argentine Nationality: by Naturalization

Nationality by naturalization is a judicial process that includes a series of requirements that foreign citizens must meet. The procedures can be carried out personally in the Federal Courtl, which corresponds by presenting the following precautions:

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Residing in the Argentine country interrupted for 2 years, said document must be legalized by the National Migration Agency, except in cases where the citizen married an original Argentine citizen and / or has a child from the native country.
  • Have the birth certificate legalized, with Apostille or International Legalization.
  • ID and passport.
  • Submit a criminal record document
  • Residency document
  • Justification of the assets, including: employment contract, salary receipt.
  • Parents of Argentine children, must attach the birth certificates and certificates from the immigration agency.

Step by step for Argentine Nationality

In accordance with the provisions of the Migration Law, the institution that regulates the entry, stay and exit of people to the territory of the Argentine Republic, establishes a series of steps. Among them, they will allow foreigners (immigrants) to have an orientation in the document delivery process, with these requirements to acquire Argentinean Argentine nationality.

These expectations may vary, according to the reason or interest of coexistence in the Argentine country. Depending on whether the Argentine or foreign citizen.

To begin this process, we must take into account that you do not need a manager or a lawyer to carry out these processes.

We list in order, the functions of the process that will help you, are:

  1. It must be presented with all the documentation in a Civil Court.
  2. The citizenship letter that is incorporated into the RENAPER account is automatically formalized.
  3. The options that this letter guarantees us is to be able to process a new DNI as an Argentine citizen. This is formalized with the foreigner’s DNI or a photocopy of it. It can be obtained by requesting an appointment online at the Rapid Documentation Center, directly at RENAPER.
  4. Once the DNI and all its processes have been completed, will be sent to the place of residence by post. This is important to note to continue the process.
  5. This process contains a period of 12 to 18 months to obtain Argentine nationality. At the end of this period, the citizenship letter can be received.
  6. And finally, you must go to RENAPER to find the new DNI, for which you will have certain numbers in relation to citizenship.

Where to do the procedure?

It is usually difficult to address and deliver these documents, but We bring you the following places in a simpler way that can be of great help to you to continue with your process, below:

It must be presented in the Civil Court with all the documentation explained above

  1. If you are in the City of Buenos Aires, you can go to the National Chamber of Federal Civil and Commercial Appeals, located at Talcahuano 550 (Ground Floor, Office 2083) from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.
  2. For those who live in the interior of the country, you can approach the Federal National Civil and Commercial Court.
  3. To obtain the letter of Citizenship. The Argentine nationality is conformed when joining a call «Departure of RENAPER» with the testimony of the Minutes
  4. AND here You can process the new DNI with the citizenship letter.

What is the Argentine Nationality?

The Argentine Nationality is a legal act in relation to the state, generating a series of rights and duties that must be fulfilled. Dictated by Law No. 346 in its regulatory and complementary standards.

To acquire Argentine nationality, it can be understood as follows:

  1. Ius Soli: It is for those people who were born in Argentine territory.
  2. By option: When they are born in foreign countries, they can choose for their citizenship of origin, those children who are native to Argentina.
  3. By nature: This stands out in several cases such as:
  • In the case of a foreigner who is residing in Argentina for two years, they can express to federal judges their will to be able to do so.
  • By an Argentine spouse
  • And finally, from an Argentine parent

Advantages of having Argentine nationality

Argentina stands out for being a tourist center or a stay for foreigners and nationals, for its recognized cities, with a wide variety of infrastructure, growth in laws, economic and social.

The advantages are a number of windows that can be of great help in the stay in this country. There is a very important factor that we do not rule out and that is compliance with identity. Every citizen has the right to have nationality, for the proper growth of a region and the contribution to it.

The state achieves territorial sovereignty, in order to be part of Argentine laws and comply with them, you must be with your documentation to comply with the simple fact of being part of the country.

If it is a foreigner, and you choose to be an Argentine citizen, we must bear in mind that it is a procedure that you do not need to be in the country for work. This help is done by just staying for a while, it will guarantee you the identification process.

The population is made up of nationals and foreigners, in this way, ideas and mutual work are shared. Many of the achievements that the country earns comes from help with other foreigners, this makes the country grow in a healthy and creative way.

The state guarantees these people, who consider themselves nationals, the experience of being part of the life in which Argentina finds itself, although some are not part of the territory.

This goes also in cases of diplomatic protection, because it is important that the state defend us and assume any damage that occurs during our stay in the country.

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