Requirements for Blue Card: know the Cost, Process and MORE

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Like our credit cards, social media accounts, safes, and other items, our car also needs to be safe so that no unauthorized person drives it. For this reason it is that they will be talking about Requirements for the Blue Certificate.

This card is extremely necessary for when someone who does not own the car wants to have a legal permit to drive it without any problem and that when they come across an authority everything is under control.

If you want to know what are the documents, requirements and benefits of having this card, you just have to continue reading the following statements to handle this issue completely and request your Blue Certificate.

Requirements for Blue Card

Among the requirements requested so that you can acquire your blue card we find that you must present:

  • First, you have to take into account carrying your identity document DNI.

  • This is in the event that the same owner request such permissionOtherwise, it will be an attorney-in-fact who will have to present those instruments that prove the person invoked.
  • In the case where the owner’s signature has been validated in the form by the notary public or by the Registry, but on another occasion prior to the agreed date, another person is the one who processes it before the Registry.
  • In addition to carrying your ID you will have to fill in the form 59 which will be delivered by the aforementioned Registry.
  • Fill in the form 02 that the Registry will give you. There is one of the items on this form called «observations«The legend» Identification card for authorized to drive «must be recorded on it.
  • The next thing to do is to place your name last Name, the type of document of the authorized to drive together with their respective identification number.
  • If the leaf that was delivered is not enough to fill out the entire form will be delivered one apart what should be signed by the Registry or notary.
  • Finally, a declaration note in which the signature of the applicant is found.
  • The same must be certified by the clerk or the person in charge of the Registry.
  • In this document the owner You will have to state that this authorization that you are giving will not modify your civil liability for damages.
  • The owner must declare in the document that allows the mobilization of this car on the outskirts of the country and the temporary egress from it.
  • The phone number is requested along with the area code.

Observation: All the forms that are given to you will be free of charge, the only thing that is charged is the process at the end.

This is all you need to request your Blue Card, if you had any questions, reading carefully you will understand exactly what you must present.

How is the process for a Blue Card?

After having the requirements for the blue card, here we will indicate which are the steps that are carried out at the time of processing the blue card, among them we have:

  • First, the owner, attorney-in-fact and owner of the car must appear before the Automotive Property Registry. This procedure may occupy two days: one to deliver the documents and another to collect the blue card.
  • The day you go to remove You have to make the payment of the procedure so that they give you your card.

That’s how simple it is to carry out the entire process to acquire your blue card. One point that should be added is that if your car is taxi or remis, it will bear a special stamp indicating that they are.

If you want to start making your request, click here,where you will find the first part of the procedure for the blue card.

Cost for Blue Card

The fee to obtain the blue card is 160 pesos. If you want to obtain another one, you do not need to pay another fee, because only the first one is payment, the others you will have for free.

The fees that you must pay are number 4 (the blue card) and number 1 (the signature certification). In the event that the procedure is executed by someone other than the owner / owner, then form 59 must be paid.

The procedure is only done once, as we already mentioned, but you can get several blue cards Regardless of what they are, there are no additional charges for them.

If the owner can not go to withdraw the card, Anyone else can do it, with that there will be no limitation. The only thing that is necessary is that the person who withdraws them carries the payment vouchers.

How long is the Blue Card valid for?

Pleasant news is that the ID has no expiration. The only way for this card to expire will be for the car you have to pass into the hands of another owner, that is, the car no longer legally belongs to you.

If not, and taking good care of it, the blue card it will last as long as you keep it.

Advantages of having it

Speaking of the benefits that you will obtain thanks to the blue card, we can say that:

  • When you find yourself on the way of the walk or trip that you are going to do, you will be safe without being stopped due to lack of documents.
  • Having the blue card allows those who do not own the car to get out the border of the country.
  • In the case of selling the car, the licenses granted will remain completely invalid.
  • Through the app For android and IOS, called «My Argentina» you can have your blue card and also the green one.
  • This permission also serves as a driver’s license.
  • To restrict the use of the vehicles only to the owners to those who it authorizes.

In which case would you need the Blue Certificate?

If you are aware that a third party is going to drive your car, which is obviously not the owner, you should go through this procedure to deliver it to them and avoid uncomfortable situations in the future.

The blue card, although it has a great similarity with the card green has a change:

  • The blue lasts until you sell the car and the green lasts for one year.

What is the purpose of this service?

This is intended to save individuals time by providing a quick completion form to avoid asking themselves again and again where they could do it.

The maximum time you can take to fill out this form is 6 minutes, that’s how fast this process is.

What is the Blue Card?

This document is dependent on the organization of the Sectional Registry of the automotive filing, which at the same time depends on the National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and DNRPA (Pledge Credits of the Republic of Argentina), Security and Human Rights and the Ministry of Justice.

Basically, we say that the blue card is an authorization that the owner of the car is responsible for requesting from the Automotive Property Registry so that it can be driven by someone other than the owner of said car.

In even clearer words: It is an identification document that the owner requests to deliver to another person who will drive the vehicle.

It is a permit that gives another the freedom to travel wherever he wants as if the car were his.

This is then, as we already said, it is a very important card since it allows each individual to handle himself in a more transparent, legal and secure way when they are on a business trip, a regular walk, etc.

If you have children or spouse and they tend to constantly use your car, this card will prevent them from calling you to ask if you authorized that exit or not.

What we recommend is that if your child uses the car and you want to keep it legal, request permission for you to acquire the blue card. These were the Requirements for Blue Card, This is how simple this procedure is.

Do not wait any longer and request your permission so that all your actions in each area can be extremely legal!

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