Requirements for Cencosud Card: How to do it, Branches and MORE

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Enter to review the Requirements for Cencosud Card, since owning this financial instrument brings countless benefits and advantages to the client or user.

Possessing the Cencosud Card not only gives you facilities in the acquisition of products, but being an alliance between two giants it will also generate opportunities to access offers, discounts, promotions and more.

In addition, the fact that it can be used outside of Chile and not have to pay any international commission, is undoubtedly an incredible use advantage.

Do not hesitate and read this article, where you will surely be a little more convinced and with more arguments to make your decision to apply for the Cencosud Card.

How to apply for the Cencosud Card?

If you want to have the Cencosud card, You can obtain it comfortably and easily by filling out the form. You must enter the website of the institution of your choice and meet the specific requirements of that institution.

Likewise, you can visit any entity of your choice, be it a bank, a clearinghouse, a trade house, a savings and credit cooperative, etc. It is necessary to deliver all the requested documentation, all the personal and financial information in addition to complying with the requirements of the case.

Subsequently, the chosen institution will make the corresponding review and analysis for the approval and delivery of the requested credit card.

Within the Requirements for Cencosud Card, there are the steps for the application:

  • Personally visit an agency, institution, branch or enter the web portal of the institution where you want to apply for the card.
  • Subsequently, provide all the personal information they require: contact, address, declarations and income tax settlements according to the employment situation of each applicant and the requirements of each institution.
  • Once this step is completed, the entity in question will validate all the information provided and will make the respective credit evaluation of the applicant to conclude with the approval or denial of the request and therefore the delivery of the card for immediate use.

Necessary requirements to apply for the Cencosud Card

To make the request for the Cencosud card Certain conditions or requirements must be met as shown below:

  • You must have a minimum age of 21 years up to 74 years.
  • Present valid identity document.
  • Foreigners present a valid permanent proof of stay.
  • Deliver a valid service ticket or driver’s license to verify the address.
  • Deliver settlement receipts where you specify the minimum monthly income.
  • Have a minimum income of 360,000 pesos, for Cencosud Scotiabank Visa and Mastercard.
  • You must have a 12-month seniority in the case of dependent workers.
  • Be three years old and present the last three annual income tax settlements, in the case of independent workers.
  • For pensioners, you must present the last settlement of the pension.
  • You must have a good credit history.
  • Show that you have payment capacity and financing can be done according to the specific criteria of each institution.

Branches to Apply for the Cencosud Card

Numerous Branches nationwide facilitate transactions.

In the North Zone

Paris Arica, Jumbo Arica, Paris Iquique, Jumbo Iquique, Paris Calama, Jumbo Calama, Paris Antofagasta, Jumbo Antofagasta, Jumbo Meeting Point, Paris Copiapo, Jumbo Copiapo, Jhonson Vallenar, Paris La Serena, Paris Home La Serena, Jumbo La Serena , Easy La Serena, Paris Coquimbo.

In the downtown area

Paris Portal Belloto, Easy Quillota, Johnson Quillota, Jumbo El Belloto, Easy Valparaíso, Jumbo Valparaíso, Paris Portal Valparaíso, Easy Los Andes, Jumbo Los Andes, Paris San Antonio, Paris Marina Arauco, Jumbo Con, Jumbo Viña del Mar, Johnson Melipilla, Johnson San Fernando, Paris Portal Rancagua.

In the Metro Oriente Zone

Paris Lyon, Jumbo La Reina, Jumbo Bilbao, Easy Quilín, Jumbo Peñalolen, Paris Alto Las Condes, Jumbo El Alba, Jumbo Kennedy, Paris Parque Arauco, Paris La Dehesa, Jumbo La Dehesa, Paris Costanera Center, Jumbo Costanera Center, Paris Plaza Vespucio, Paris Florida Center, Jumbo La Florida, Easy La Florida, Paris Plaza Tobalaba, Jumbo Concha y Toro, Jumbo Puente Alto.

In the Metro Poniente Area

Paris Arauco Maipu, Jumbo Maipu, Easy Maipa, Paris Huechuraba, Easy Villa Alegre Colina, Paris Independence, Jumbo Independencia, Paris Plaza Oeste, Jumbo Pajaritos, Esasy Fisa, Paris San Bernardo, Jumbo Portal San Bernardo, Easy San Bernardo, Paris Alameda, Jumbo El Llano, Smoked Paris, Paris Flag, Paris Central Station.

In the South Zone

Paris Barros Arana, Easy Chiguayante, Jumbo Hualpén, Easy Coronel, Paris El Roble, Jumbo Chillan, Easy Chillan, Paris Los Angeles, Jumbo Los Angeles, Easy Los Angeles, Paris Portal Temuco, Jumbo Temuco, Paris Temuco Centro, Esasy Temuco, Paris Puerto Montt, Easy Puerto Montt, Jumbo Puerto Montt, Paris Osorno, Easy Osorno and Jumbo Osorno, Sisa 684 Valdivia Chacabuco.


Once the Requirements for Cencosud Card and once the Cencosud card has been approved and delivered, you can start enjoying many benefits.

The benefits that the Cencosud Card offers you are countless, here are some of the many benefits that you will enjoy once you start using it:

  • Can do cash advances in Cencosud stores, also through the cash advance option web portal.
  • If you travel abroad you can make Cash Advances.
  • Can do online shopping.
  • You do not have to pay a percentage of international commission.
  • You can make purchases in various international stores without charging commission for purchases and accumulating Cencosud points.
  • You have the opportunity to make purchases in Cencosud Stores such as Easy, Jumbo, Paris, Johnson, Santa Isabel and being able to access discounts and offers.
  • Accumulation of points Cencosud, even more than 50% in the Santa Isabel, Easy, Johnson, Jumbo and Paris stores.
  • Ease of parking payment through automatic payment charged to the card and use of the parking service.
  • May take out insurance.
  • Get additional cards.
  • Has the ease of paying for the web portal and receive your account statement via email.
  • You can get 30% discounts on subscriptions and digital plans.
  • Also, get discounts on the payment of the Pontifical Catholic University.
  • Obtain annual discounts on face-to-face courses.
  • Have access to the payment of 10 to 12 installments without any interest in Universities, Schools, Kindergartens, etc.
  • Have access to discounts and other types of facilities in a large number of Travel agencies.
  • Likewise, discounts on airline tickets.
  • Also discounts in some medical health centers affiliated to Cencosud.
  • And many more, so don’t think about it and keep reading so that you can enjoy what the Cencosud card offers you.

How can I increase the purchase quota?

It is always tempting to ask the banking institution for an increase in the purchase quota or credit limit of the card, but you must be very honest and check if the behavior in the use of the card has been the most optimal and consistent with the financial situation that has.

Requesting a quota or credit limit increase is feasible, as long as certain conditions are met. Here are certain recommendations to take into account, when you have in mind to make a request for an increase in the card’s quota:

  • One of them is the fact that fully comply with payments and not be late with the payment and do it at the right time. It is necessary and appropriate to have discipline and control It is necessary to pay on time, do not miss the due date, since it is a detail that banks take always in mind.
  • Equally, it is important do not exceed the use of the limit credit, since once it happens the bank blocks the card and no type of operation can be carried out until the corresponding payment of the invoice is made.
  • At the time of requesting a quota or limit increase, this must be consistent with the ability to pay and purchasing power. You should be aware of the policy of the bank or financial institution on what basis they offer the quota percentage.
  • One very important thing to consider if you want a card quota increase is to know use the credit line or manage it in a moderate way. Likewise, if at the time of paying you only make the minimum payment or refinance the debt, the most likely thing that happens is that the bank will not grant you the requested limit or quota increase.
  • The quota increase must be requested at the time that your income also increases or you receive additional income.

Learn to handle the proper use of the card and safely when you go to request an increase in space, it will be granted.

What is it?

Cencosud en South American Shopping Centers is one of the retail stores located in South America.

The Cencosud card is a non-bank card and it is a alliance between Cencosud and Scotiabank stores. It is a product that is offered to customers so that they can access offers, discounts and promotions at Cencosud stores in Chile and abroad. Taking advantage of this way the innumerable branches nationwide.


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