Requirements for Certificate of Coexistence: Documents, Cost of the procedure and MORE

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The Requirements for Certificate of Coexistence that we will name you below are very important when carrying out this procedure. The truth is that not many people decide to do it, but here we will tell you everything you can do with it once you have it in hand. Maybe you even already know, if you’re here.

The Certificate of CoexistenceAs its name indicates, it is a document that certifies the coexistence of two people without a marriage union involved, but with the same purposes as if there were. What does this mean? That a couple is living together, with or without children, and that they plan to continue doing so for a long time.

In this article We will be talking about the requirements, documents, time necessary to acquire the certificate, benefits, cost of the procedure and much, much more.

Requirements for Certificate of Coexistence

The Requirements for Certificate of Coexistence they are few and easy to get. The truth is that most of these you probably already have at home, that they were left over from the odd process and that they were being stored, so maybe you don’t even need to leave your house.

Let’s see what they are:

  • First, let this fact be true, that is to say, that the two people actually live together as a couple and maintain a stable relationship.
  • The relationship must be public, with some years in progress.
  • The identification document of both parties (DNI), photocopy and original. These must be in good condition, both the original and the copy.
  • Two witnesses to enforce the relationship and with whom there is no consanguinity relationship.
  • DNI of the two witnesses, original and photocopy, in good condition and perfectly legible.
  • Be of age, that is, be over 18 years old. This requirement applies to both the couple and the witnesses.
  • Have the amount of the procedure, which we will talk about later.
  • Both must present themselves for the process.
  • To have address in the city.

You may be asked for an Affidavit of the time you have been together, but this does not appear as a requirement for Buenos Aires.

Deliver the documents preferably in a folder, so that they can be reviewed in an orderly fashion, and remember that all of them must be current and legible. These will be evaluated by the Civil Registry, so formality is necessary. In addition, you will like to know that you can do part of the procedure online.


In the event that you live in Buenos Aires or want to get it here, the steps you must follow to do this procedure are the following:

  • The first thing you should do is pay the cost of the procedure, a step that we will explain later in the section on Costs.
  • Book your appointment, so they can assist you when you go.
    • For this step you must enter miBA which you can access by clicking here. You can access with your Facebook, Google or email account; whichever you have registered.
    • In case that do not have an account in miBA, click on Don’t have an account? where you must enter an email in use and create a password so that the system can send you an email with the instructions you must follow to create your username.
  • Finally you can ask your turn in this link. You can do it by date, place or availability, depending on which one suits you best. You can also call 147.
  • Accredit the BUI, that is, the Smart Single Ballot, by clicking here or here if you need to do the urgent procedure.
  • Find the nearest Civil Registry office, select it and Bring your documents along with the pay slip.

Remember to present the duly completed documents on the day of your appointment.

In case you are not in Buenos AiresYou must go to the nearest Civil Registry to request your Certificate of Coexistence.


You can also order the Post Mortem Coexistence Certificate, if you lived with the person until their death, or the Certificate of Coexistence with a person deprived of liberty. For the first you will need the same requirements and follow the same procedure, while for the last case it is best that you acquire more information at the Civil Registry closest to your location.

Where can I obtain a Certificate of Coexistence?

As we have been repeating from the beginning, This procedure is carried out only at the Civil Registry.

If you are in Buenos Aires, some of the Offices that you have at your disposal are the following:

Only you must click in the link and it will take you directly to Map of Buenos Aires, so you know how to get there either by walking, by bus or by car. That easy!

Benefits of having a Certificate of Coexistence

exist numerous advantages in having your Certificate of Coexistence at hand, as this is used as a means to carry out many other procedures. Maybe at this moment you need it for something specific, but you will be surprised by how much you can do with it once you have it.

This is a fundamental requirement to obtain the status legal of De facto couple, through the Marital Union in Fact, which will allow you to acquire some benefits that married couples enjoy.

Let’s see what are the benefits of having your Certificate of Coexistence, or more specifically, the Marital Union of Fact.

  • The couple can enjoy all the social programs that include a married couple, such as grants, public housing, scholarships, tax exemptions, and so on.
  • Are acquired Rights for adoption and paternity or maternity leave.
  • Both parties can ask credits to the bank as a whole or to be a beneficiary of some insurance that you have, acquire one of the two.
  • It is presumed a Patrimonial Society, in which all capital, relief, aid, donation, inheritance, etc., is declared property of both parties if you want. The only thing that makes the exception are the goods and rights acquired before declaring the de Facto Union, but it must be declared.
  • Likewise, in resonance with the above, the inheritance is not direct rather, it must be declared in the will.

Do you see how beneficial it is? Now let’s talk about costs!

How much does the procedure cost?

We already know we have been talking about the cost over and over again throughout the article, but finally we are here to explain what the costs are to acquire your Certificate and how you can go about paying for it.

The procedure itself has a cost depending on whether you need the document urgently or not. In Buenos Aires, this goes like this:

  • Certificate of Coexistence: $ 585.
  • Certificate of Coexistence with Urgency: $ 1335. There is a $ 750 fee that is extra to the cost of processing, simply for declaring urgency.

The payment You can do it in two ways: online or in person.

  • Online: You can use your credit or debit cards, be they MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Cabal or Amex. You just have to enter the Payment Portal and click on Generate Ballot (BUI).
  • In person: You can also use your debit and credit cards, be they MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Cabal or Amex. This payment will have to be made at authorized offices, such as Banco Ciudad, Pago Fácil, BAPRO, RapiPago, and at the Payment Terminals that you will find at the offices (ATM’s), with the BUI printed.

If you choose to pay by Rapipago, Pago Fácil or Bapro, keep in mind that the transaction is credited after 48 hours. If, on the contrary, you do it either in person at the Central Bank or online, the payment is recorded automatically.

What’s more, in the event that the procedure is urgent, you must do check in the concept Summary Information: Coexistence and also in For each simple urgent procedure. On the contrary, if you only want to do the normal procedure, you just have to select the first one.

This, I reiterate, It is in Buenos Aires. In other places the procedure could be free. If you want to know more, you can always enter the official website of Buenos Aires by clicking on this link.

What is a Certificate of Coexistence?

A Certificate of Coexistence It is an official document issued by the Civil Registry of Argentina that attests that a couple live in the same address and that it is used to legalize the permanent union of a couple, but that it is not a marriage.

This can lead to confusion, knowing the difference between a civil marriage and a de facto couple, but the first difference is that there is no law that regulates this link. This is about a free, stable and public union regardless of their sexual orientation, whose economic regime is completely voluntary.

Now that you know everything about the Requirements for Certificate of Coexistence, will you sign up?

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